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A Rare Sight
Group Admin

Hello all Rare here.

I'm bringing you all another Weekly Contest!

This week the prompt shall be Beauty.

More importantly what is beauty?

Beauty has so many various definitions- it means something different for everyone.

Be it the beauty of the sunset within the sky, during the twilight of the day.

The smile of a loved one.

Or The light at the end of one's journey.

Beauty is all around us, and this week I'd like to know what is it you find beautiful.

Prompt: What is Beauty?
Theme: Write about what you think defines beauty.
Genre: Any.
Rating: Everyone or Teen.
Length: 1,000 to 10,000 words.
Deadline: August 4th till midnight.

I do hope to see many wonderful works of art in this contest!

Look inside and write about what beauty means to you.

I wish you all luck.:raritywink:

Love, Rare.

4562336 Like with all the contests on Fimfiction, I'll promote this one on my user page in attempt to get you more contenders. Good luck!

I can assume that there is only one entry per person?

just wanted to ask. I will start right away.

I love it that you come up with such interesting prompts. :twilightsmile:

I wish only that I could write entries for more of them...

A Rare Sight
Group Admin

4562777 Yes just one entry per person.:twilightsmile:

4562809 Thank you, I hope you may be able to enter.:twilightsmile:

Yet again Rare you create these beautiful prompt ideas. :twilightsmile:

-scrolling through fimfiction and checks through the forum of this group, stopping on the prompt- Hello...what have we here? -reads through Rare's prompt, an idea slowly forming within his brain- ohhhh....OHHHHH yess!!! that idea should do perfectly. I thank you good Rare Sight, for this prompt just sparked a long smoldering creative ember inside my noggin. With this, I begin my entry for this contest, as well as my return to writing.

Can it be about the beauty of the night?

A Rare Sight
Group Admin

4594628 yes it can be about whatever the character you are writing about sees beauty within.- share what you think is beauty.

Okay, i believe i summited my story for the contest. First time summiting something for a contest, i hope you guys enjoy it. :)

When you say 'midnight', is that August 4th at 11:59 pm, or August 3rd at 11:59 pm? I've submitted my entry but I can't add it to the folder until it's been approved and I'm not sure how long that will take.

A Rare Sight
Group Admin

4602475 The 4th going on the 5th is the deadline.-You have till tomorrow midnight to finish the story.-hope this helped.:twilightsmile:

4602485 :derpyderp2: oh sweet bajeebus you have no idea how relieved i feel to see this post. Here i was grumbling to myself that work had taken away too much time for me to finish and i'd not be able to submit in time. Only to find out I still have tomorrow(my day off from work) to finish :pinkiehappy:

A Rare Sight
Group Admin

4602830 I'm glad everything worked out.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by A Rare Sight deleted Aug 6th, 2015
A Rare Sight
Group Admin


I absolutely loved every entry in the Contest!:raritywink:

All entries were near perfect in the scoring as well!:pinkiegasp:

Alas after reading through each entry multiple times, The winner came into light.

Tied for Second Place with 48 out of 50 points is...

Fluttershy Meets a Mantis Shrimp by VitalSpark


In The Eyes Of Beauty by Autistic Writer.

And The Winner with 49 out of 50 Points in First Place is....

Beauty? by Bahatumay.

Again Each entry was just divine!-I highly enjoyed reading them, that said I'll be doing a Spotlight tomorrow in my blog for each entry that entered the Contest.-

Thank you all for such great works of art.

Love, Rare.


I was glad to be apart of the contest. I also would like to congratulate VitalSpark and Bahatumay.
:) thanks and i can't wait for the next weekly contest :)

Congratulations to all who entered this contest. Sadly my ocd/bad brain decided last minute 'hey let's edit this whole chunk of story' thus making me lose track of time past the deadline. -shrug- oh well. i still plan to post mine later this week :twilightsmile:


Thanks for a great prompt!

Just… just…

So fitting! That itself is beautiful!

(Also Parker Brothers who make Monopoly are now owned by… Hasbro.)


Now, Miss, wouldn't that fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy?

A Rare Sight
Group Admin

4611525 :raritywink:

Indeed there is no true answers to the question, I enjoyed seeing the insight though of what our writers could interpret as beauty.

Be it a mystery of a Small creature, The Lure of something unknown, The inner light of a soul or simply something few ever notice such as the glow of the sky during dusk or the simple joy of sharing laughter with a friend.

I believe beauty is universal.- only to be found when we choose to slow down or busy lives and enjoy the simple things in life.

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