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Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle preen Scootaloo after she gets her wings in a bit of a mess. (Rated T for a moderately sensual description of preening. The characters are slightly aged up, but not adult ponies yet.)

Cover image by newlunaticrepublic. This story was written for ScratchnTavi's preeny-weeny contest-wontest. (That's the official name of the contest, by the way.)

Featured Box, 11 Mar 2015!
I won third prize in a beauty contest!

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Yessss, the time has come.

Woaw, your Author note :rainbowlaugh:

Great story by the way.

I wonder if Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle noticed the damp patch where Scootaloo had been sitting?


I never called the contest like that...
Revenge shall come :moustache:


I never called the contest like that...


Revenge shall come


And that's when Scootaloo began researching threesomes.

5725980 I like the name. You should use it.

Revenge shall come

In the form of a first place medal?


We'll see about that. There are other entries as well:twilightsmile:


Uh...very suggestive, right down to the author's note.

But at least there's always an explanation within the story / author's note to dissuade OUR DIRTY FRIGGIN' BRAINS CELLS! :pinkiecrazy:

*Ahem...* Right. Enough of that. Story is well written. Thank you for not overpowering us with too much showing. I did not encounter any imagination-interrupting error at all.

Overall, a well-written short.

PS: I had to make a new shelf, just for this story. "Light Suggestive - Short, light, and slightly suggestive."

5732429 69! Now everyone must stop voting!

This story got to around 63 thumbs up before it got its first thumbs down. (Which I am both pleased with and surprised by.)

5732443 God damnit someone ruined it. Either way amazing story!

5732254 I have absolutely no idea what you find so suggestive in this innocent tale. :scootangel:


5732620 Yes, me neither. :derpytongue2:

Hello. I just finished reviewing your story for the goodfic bin, and whilst it certainly wasn't anything bad, it didn't quite manage to make itself rather memorable either. I've explained my reasoning here.

Sweet story. Love :fluttershyouch:

Aw! Very cute! I envy the patience you have for explaining the detail of the actual preening act. I'd probably be a terrible preener irl.

5974139 The best thing is I can make up any old crap about preening, and it sounds like I know what I'm talking about because none of us have ever preened a real pegasus. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though, I did research wing anatomy, feathers, etc. In my other big preening story I even mention the supracoracoideus muscle in an erotic context. :pinkiegasp:

First, mistakes:

An orange pegasus sped though the streets


Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were standing over Scootlaoo.


but it proved to difficult.

Word missing. (Either that or it should be "too")
Second, Sweetie Belle is an idiot.

5990782 Thanks. I've fixed these. (And, yes, I meant "too".)

Oh hey, I remember this! You did well. ^^

Thanks. I have no idea how this got so many views.

6387615 Like I said, you did good. ^^

want sequel now

I don't know what would even happen in a sequel.
I have written a couple of other preening stories though. There's an Parties, Preening and PTSD, and I also wrote a chapter for ScratchnTavi's preening collab. They're both M-rated so site rules prevent me from linking to them directly.

Still want sequel? When it happens, please tell me I want to preread even if its a year from now.

D'awww this is so cuuuute. Please write more when you have the chance. :yay:

I don't plan a sequel to this, but you might like:
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