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After many, many years of no contact, Fluttershy's mother, Sky Heart, has invited her to dinner at her house in Cloudsdale. Fluttershy is reluctant to, due to her mother's past abuse towards her, but she agrees. Maybe she can reconcile with her, and things between them will be better. It's wishful thinking, but Fluttershy is hopeful.

She brings Discord with her, because if she's going to be mending long-broken bonds with her mother, she wants her to meet her friends. Yes, even the ones that are immortal lords of chaos. But, as Fluttershy finds out, things won't go as she hoped.

(This oneshot takes place at least a few months after Twilight's Kingdom, and was written before season 5 came out. Reading my other story, Teenage Angst in Cloudsdale, would help give you a tiny bit of background about things referenced in this story, but it isn't necessary. Any Fluttershy/Discord is meant to be platonic, but you can read it as romantic if you want to.)

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oh my heart! so sweet, discord! and i know the feeling, being asked to hold back your tendencies. it's practically painful.

Sugar sweet, this was. I feel a sudden urge to strangle Sky Heart. No idea why:pinkiehappy:

The sad tag isn't really that necessary, also, with little tweek it could be a really nice Discoshy

Aniway, it was good, have yourself some cookies

P.S: OP Discord creating life cause he is a freacking god is OP

5709205 Yeah, I was a bit iffy on whether it should have that tag or not, too. I think I'll remove it. But glad you enjoyed it!

“Alright, come here.” Rolling his eyes, he held his arms out, and she was in them almost immediately

I love the facade he puts on, like "oh god, I can't deal with your emotions but I suppose I must" when clearly he wants to comfort her. Very sweet.

Fluttershy's mum sounds like a nightmare.

Am I the only one that thought of Drop Dead Fred when I read this? Anyone? :heart: :heart: :heart:

5709932 Lizzie's relationship with her mother was actually one of my main sources of inspiration for my own version of Fluttershy's mother :D

Beautifully done!

5709213 I see you took care of that sad tag, nice job its better this way

I always enjoy a nice little family friendly FlutterFic.
*Takes a sip of water*

“So, in other words, she’s a bitch?”


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A reasonable response to Sky Heart's next letter might be for Fluttershy to invite her to lunch in Ponyville.

Along with all of Fluttershy's friends. A genuine (albeit new) Princess. Discord, naturally. Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack. Most especially Pinkie Pie. Oh, and Angel Bunny. And Harry the Bear, of course.

If Fluttershy can arrange for Luna or Celestia to join them, all the better (though those two do have rather busy schedules to deal with).

With Discord having permission to do magic, as long as he doesn't affect Sky Heart (or Angel Bunny) directly.

...I'm not sure Sky would ever ask Fluttershy to apologise again, after that.

5712791 Ooh, I like it. You've inspired me. :)

I actually have something written where Sky Heart visits Fluttershy to ask for a loan, but I'm not sure it would fit with this fic since I wrote it long before I even thought of the premise for this one. I was still getting a feel for Sky Heart's character at that point, and I think a different follow-up would fit better, if I were to ever write one.



Excellent :twilightsmile:

Make sure to mark it as a sequel to this one, when you're done writing it. That'll make it easier to find...

5713068 I make no promises about writing a follow-up (it depends if I have the energy/time), but if I do, I'll mark it as such!



That is perfectly reasonable. :twilightsmile:

So so sweet! Too much sugary for my taste, but sometimes it can be invigorating getting out of my usual comfort zone. And I liked it!

You imagine with a name like "Sky Heart" that she would be loving. Guess this just proves how wrong I was.

5724673 I intended for it to be a name that is ambiguous. It sounds like a sweet name, but the meaning under it is that she's loyal to Cloudsdale, or possibly that she sets her ambitions/standards too high, if that makes sense? It could go many different ways, I think.

There must be a flutterford sequel there must!

It reminds me of someone. S:pinkiecrazy:he kinda went all:pinkiecrazy:

It seems to me that most ponies would be impressed by how much Fluttershy can hold back a force of nature like Discord. Her mom is just plain frigid. I kept hoping for a fun bit where Discord goes back to Sky Heart and has some of his usual fun, but that would of course not go over well with Fluttershy.
... Maybe Discord could get permission from Luna to have some fun with Sky Heart's dreams for a night? Just as a relatively harmless way to mess with her. Hehe...

Lovely. Just plain lovely.

This was better than what we got in canon.

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