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Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete.


Sunset Shimmer watches Frozen and really enjoys it. Her friends don't quite understand her new obsession.

This story is a birthday present for MLPFan234. If you liked it, you should also check out her SunLight story Practice which is awesome sauce.

Featured Box, 13 Nov 2015!

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I love it! I really do! It's my favorite things! Thank you!!! :raritystarry:


Fandom obcessers in general.

I'm so happy you liked it. It just seemed the perfect combination. :pinkiehappy:

Is she gonna write some smutty fanfiction now?

:flutterrage:WHEN THE HELL WILL FROZEN 2 COME OUT!?:flutterrage:

I don't normally do sequels. But if I ever did, then that would make a lot of sense.

I'd be surprised if it were before 2019.

Freaking adorable. You rock.

6628119 If you ever do, I'd definitely read it.

Brought back my love of Frozen, full force! Love it!

Also, Hans is adorable. Pony Hans, well...



I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Sunset shrugged. "Well, I've never heard of it. When did it come out?"

Nobody seemed quite sure. "2010? 2011?" people muttered.

................... it came out in 2013...

So....... I've never actually seen Frozen.
In my defense, I was working at a movie theatre at the time. YOU try hearing that song over and over again for 8 hours, 5 days a week, for a MONTH! Because half of my co-workers were singing it CONSTANTLY! And most didn't know the words except for the chorus, so I got to hear just that. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and. Over! Yes, I know, I get it, it's a great song! But seriously people, you need to...
Let it gooooooooo~
Let it goooooooooooooooo~
I can't take this song anymooooore~

Do you think Sunset Shimmer would be into anime like hardcore

Hmmm… right you are. I was thinking of Tangled. :facehoof:
But that's kinda okay for this story. They're supposed to be uncertain.

Honestly, I was expecting references to "My Past is not Today", but glad you didn't go there, this way is much more funny.

Now Sunset just needs to introduce this movie to Twilight (and possibly the rest of Equestria).

I honestly don't think you need to censor the lines to the song. It's only two lines, after all, and not the whole thing.

That said, as someone who likes the film but isn't a crazy fan, I approve. Especially as I'm going to be referencing that film in my stuff for a while.

It was rejected and I was told to remove copyrighted song lyrics.

6628266 Don't worry, I know a few people who haven't seen the movie for similar reasons. Like working in the electronic aisle in a Target when the Blu-ray came out.

I love the film, and love (and at the same time ABSOLUTELY DETEST) Let it Go, but I do admit it was a bit...overdone with how fast it spread everywhere.

In case it was not clear from the author's notes, I am a raging Frozen fangirl too. :pinkiehappy:

Though not, strictly speaking, a girl.

I honestly loved it the first time through and desperately wanted more. Then my two little sisters got ahold of the dvd release... you can guess what happened from there.

6628393 Really? I've seen other 'fics on this very site with lyrics from other copyrighted songs. Maybe it's just a straight copy...I know I got away with adapted lyrics for "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" in one of my stories...

"Urgh!" Rainbow sighed. "I can't believe we've all just watched Frozen three times back to back."

Just wait till you have kids; 3 times will seem like a mercy.

This . . . wasn't good.

I don't get "Frozen" either...

So many plot holes... especially where and how that annoying snowman came to life. He just showed up. No showing, not even telling, of why he alone out of all the hundreds of identical ones they made came to life.

Just... ugh... so much bad storytelling.

I am Sunset Shimmer. Once I got a hold of the Blu-Ray, there was no stopping me. I watched Frozen at least twelve times in a row one day, non-stop. No, I am not crazy!

That was adorable. I like how in the end Pinkie broke

Me too. Besides the fact i'm not a fan of Disney.


Simply to get my opinion out there on this film I think it's decent. If you think about it, it loses it's luster but it's still a nice story with some good characters.

One thing that bothered me about it though, Hans being evil is so completely out of left field. I mean I get that they didn't want to make Anna choose, but... it's so completely forced as the first 2 acts he is an upstanding sensible guy.

3rd act... totally evil sociopath that would let a woman freeze to death over a title.

I've always found that completely jarring.

Sunset, I know Frozen might've been good but please...
Let it go.

Okay, it was too good to pass up.


Regardless of whether it qualifies as good writing, Hans actually acted a lot like a real life psychopath would. Charming, but totally interested only in what benefits themselves.

It's honestly kind of scary how normal & friendly they can seem at first before they reveal their self-centered uncaring empathy lacking true selves.

I totally just had to imagine reading the time intervals in the voice of the SpongeBob Squarepants narrator :rainbowlaugh:

Happy Birthday!

There are hints. For example, Hans' first line in Love is an Open Door is "I've been searching my whole life to find my own place".

Sunset shrugged. "Well, I've never heard of it. When did it come out?"
Nobody seemed quite sure. "2010? 2011?" people muttered.


Well, Elsa is shown creating him. He didn't just spontaneously form.

As to why she re-created Olaf rather than another snowman from their childhood. I'd guess it was because he was the one they'd built on the night she'd almost accidentally killed her sister as a child, so many years later when she argued with her sister and fled her home, Olaf happened to be the one that sprung into her mind.

I may not be a Frozen-aholic or watch it every single week or whatever, but I do love Frozen. I know it's overhyped and I can understand how that can ruin a movie for anyone. But bite me, I still love it.

And as a fan, I approve this fic!

Damn it, Sunshine! No need to be such a fixer upper! For The First Time in Forever, you really need to Let It Go...

*puts on aviators*

Sirens are better than ponies~

As a character, I think Rapunzel beats both Anna and Elsa, but as a film, I prefer Frozen.

That was kind of an abrupt ending there, wished there was more, but not bad

I might do a sequel… In Summer.

Or maybe I won't. Maybe I'm just being a troll.

"You can't ship Anna with her sister."

Watch me.

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