• Published 2nd Apr 2015
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Hunted - Harms Way

After an awkward moment in the cafeteria, you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation as the Dazzlings look to make you fall under their spell.

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Unexpected Formality (Original)

"Can't even drive my own car now." You think to yourself as Adagio drives your vehicle down the highway. Adagio didn't want you to drive since she thought you'd just try going to the police. After that, you wanted to at least be able to sit up front. But after some intense "negotiations" with Aria, you were stuck sitting in the back seat with Sonata who looks like she still has her head messed up from being rammed into Principal Celestia's door. "Umm... is she gonna be alright?" You ask as you catch her staring at you with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. A small trail of saliva could be seen dripping off of it onto your seat.

"Oh she'll be fine." Adagio replies as she looks at you both through the rear view mirror. "All she needs is a taco and she'll be back to normal in no time." While trying to comprehend in your mind how a taco could make anyone stop acting like how the blue siren was acting now, you feel something warm and slimy moving its way up your arm. You look over and find Sonata licking your arm very slowly.

"Don't worry, giant popsicle. I won't let you melt!" Sonata says before continuing to lick your arm. Part of you wanted to quickly pull it away, yet another part was secretly enjoying the feeling. The soft, warm touch of her tongue going back and forth on your arm felt very relaxing after what you've went through this day. Pretending not to be enjoying it, you look out your window as your vehicle passes by a few apartment complexes.

"I wonder where these girls even live." You think to yourself as the feeling of Sonata's tongue on your arm keeps you relaxed. That all changes when it turned into an few seconds of agonizing pain. "Fuck!" You yell out loud as you yank your arm away from Sonata. Looking at it, you notice teeth marks across your wrist, along with a slight cut that started to ooze blood. "What should I do if she bites me?" You ask out of curiosity and fear because she is now looking at you with a look of hunger while licking her lips. You try to cover the blood with your other hand.

"Well, usually when that happens, you have two options." Adagio replies while not even looking back towards you. "You can either let her keep biting you or you can knock her out."

"Umm... one problem with that. I don't hit girls." You say as Sonata slowly creeps toward you.

"Didn't seem to stop you from smashing my foot with that door." Aria said while taking off her boot to rub her foot.

"Hey, that was your own fault for putting it there." You reply as you lean back while pressing your shoe against Sonata's forehead to keep her from getting any closer to you. Her arms started waving frantically at you as you hold her back. "Can you please do something about her?"

"Ugh.... fine." Aria grunted as she turned around in her seat. "Nighty night Sonata." She said before pinching the back of Sonata's neck. Sonata let out a little yelp before collapsing onto the seat, her head resting on your lap as Aria turns back towards the front.

"Woah!" You say in surprise. "Very impressive. How'd you do that?"

"Don't ask." Aria replied sternly. Not having really anything else to do, you start running your hand through Sonata's light blue hair as she buries her head into your lap.

"Wow, this girl's hair is really soft." You think as you play with her pony tail. Just as you finish that thought, your car comes to a stop as Adagio parks it in the driveway of a large house. "Wait, you guys live here?" You ask while a look of amazement appears on your face.

"Yep, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hot tub on the patio out back, and an 85-inch plasma screen tv in the living room." Adagio replied as she got out of the car.

"How the hell can you guys afford this?"

"Its better not to ask questions." She said while helping Aria drag Sonata out of the backseat. As you step out of your car, a loud grumbling noise could be heard coming from your stomach. "Hungry I take it?" She asked after giggling slightly at the noise your stomach was making. Aria quickly went inside while Adagio dragged Sonata onto the lawn.

"Well, I haven't had anything to eat since lunch and all that running took alot out of me." You reply while still trying to figure out how these three could afford to have a house this nice. Aria soon came back out with a bottle of water and dumped it all over Sonata's head to wake her up. With her hair now dripping with water, Sonata slowly got to her feet. Much to your surprise, she started acting somewhat like herself before being used as a battering ram.

"Ohhh.... my head is killing me." She cried out as she rubbed the top of her head. "Did we catch silly willy?"

"Unfortunately.... yes." You reply while leaning against your car. The Dazzlings then started walking up to the front door of their home. Upon noticing you not making an attempt to go inside, Aria walks over to you, grabs you by your arm, and yanks it behind your back. "Ow! What the hell?! Take it easy on that before you break it!" You say while fighting not to show any other signs of weakness in front of her.

"Oh believe me..." Aria said as she held your arm tight behind your back while also leaning close to your ear. "When I'm done with you, you'll be lucky not to have any of your bones broken." She whispers into your ear, making your eyes widen in horror. "Now get moving!" She yells as she pushes you forward. Not having much choice, you do what she says and start walking towards the house. Adagio walks up beside you and wraps her arm around your waist.

"Well, seeing as how this will be the first time we'll be doing something like this at our home, how about a meal first? I'm getting rather hungry myself." Adagio said as she pulled herself closer to you.

"So you guys still have to eat normal food like we do?" You ask as you all walk inside the house.

"Well yes, we do have to eat food like your kind does. But our primary source of sustenance is the negative energy of others. A second source would be their lust if the one in question is immune to our songs, such as in your case."

"And I'm a tad curious to know." You say as Aria keeps yanking your arm behind your back, making you look back at her. "How am I immune to your songs while so many others aren't? I'm not really that special."

"From previous experiences, most of the people like you, who are able to resist our songs, usually have had some kind of traumatic experience in their lives in which most of their negative energy has been replaced by positive energy. So I must ask, what happened to you that caused so much pain and misery in your life that you are so happy to have survived it?"

"I'd rather not talk about it." You reply as the unwanted memory of a past shop class accident comes back into your mind. "It's kinda personal."

"That bad?"


"Okay, I'll stop asking about it then. Wouldn't want to spoil the fun we're about to have anyways. But first, could you please sit in that chair over there?" Adagio asked as she pointed towards one of the chairs in the dining room. "I'll have Aria order some pizza for us and fetch some tacos for Sonata."

"What?!" Aria said after suddenly releasing your arm. "Why do I have to go get the food?"

"Well someone has to stay here and watch these two." Adagio replied. "Plus, the guy at the taco place keeps trying to flirt with me and I'm not interested." Aria rolled her eyes as you sit down in the chair Adagio pointed to. Without warning, you hear the sound of metal gears clicking together below you. Looking down, you see Sonata putting a light blue fuzzy handcuff around your ankle with the other end clamped to the chair.

"Is this really necessary?" You ask as you try moving your leg. "You already have my car keys, not like I'm going anywhere."

"Better to be safe than sorry." Adagio replied before turning back towards Aria. "Now hurry up and get our food!"

"Alright!" She said as she put her hand on the doorknob. "But I get first crack at the weakling after we eat."

"Who you calling a wea-" You start to say before Adagio puts her hand over your mouth.

"Fair enough. Just leave some of him for me and Sonata after you're done." She replied as Aria stepped outside. You then heard the sound of your car's engine being gunned into reverse before Aria floored it down the road.

"Take it easy on my car!" You think as you look toward the direction the sound was coming from. "Just fixed the damn thing!" Adagio noticed your expression from Aria's driving and walked over towards you.

"Hmm... I will admit Aria has had her share of car accidents, but I can assure you, 99% of the time, it wasn't her fault." She said as she sat down on your arm rest.

"Oh I'm sure of that." You reply as you look down towards the floor.

"Tell you what, why don't I slip into something a bit more comfortable and give you a little sneak peek at what is in store for you." Adagio said as she slowly got back up. Looking back up in time to see her giving a little seductive swing in her hips toward you as she walked away, a feeling down below was beginning to take place.

"Well, this is going to be an interesting night, to say the least." You think to yourself before noticing Sonata sitting across the table from you with her feet up, twirling a set of light red fuzzy handcuffs on her finger. "So uh.... what you got those for?" You ask as she stops twirling the handcuffs around.

"You'll find out soon enough, silly willy." She replied before giving you a wink.

"I have a name ya know."

"I know, its just that silly willy rolls off the tongue better than Anon." She said before getting up and walking out of the dining room.

"Hmm.... she may have a point there." You think as you hear a door open from down the hallway. You then see Adagio walking slowly towards you wearing nothing but a very revealing purple bikini. The tiny purple top was just barely managing to contain the siren's breasts.

"Well, what do you think?" Adagio asks as she turns around to show off her stunning body. You're left speechless with your mouth wide open for a moment as she walks over and sits down on your lap. The feeling you had down there before instantly grew out of control as her body sat down on you. "Hmm... judging from this poking that I'm feeling between my legs, I'm just gonna say that you adore it." Snapping yourself out of being mesmerized by her attractiveness, you nod your head in response, which in turn made her smile. She then leans down and gives you a soft kiss on your lips. Slowly, that kiss turned into multiple kisses, followed by her tongue slowly making its way into your mouth. Adagio seductively pulled away while teasing you by licking her lips. "Mmmm.... I can tell you and I are going to have lots of fun later on. But until then, enjoy seeing this while you can." She said while sliding her hands down her body. "I'm gonna go change before Aria gets back home." Before you knew it, she was back in her room, changing into her regular clothes just as Aria came back to the house with pizzas and tacos.

"Here you go, pipsqueak." She said as she tossed a paper bag over to Sonata.

"Yay! Tacos!" She said before starting to devour them all. Just like Adagio mentioned earlier, the moment Sonata ate that first taco, you notice she immediately started acting like her old self again. Adagio soon came back into the dining room, taking a seat next to you while Aria and Sonata sat on the other side of the table.

"Well... lets dig in, shall we? Adagio said before grabbing a slice of pizza.

Author's Note:

Events happening after this chapter will appear in a sequel to this story. First chapter of it is already in the works. Hope to have it up in 1-2 days. Thank you all for the support of this story.

- Harms Way