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This story is a sequel to New Neighbor

You see that pink-haired girl in front of the statue every day at school, and you want to go up and talk to her. But she seems far too introverted to give you a second glance. So, really, all you need to do is get her into her comfort zone. But when a string of events brings you closer than you'd expected, this shy little sweetheart may just shock you behind closed doors . . .

The second installment of "The Steam Collection". Second-person present-tense perspective set in the EG universe. Rated 'Teen' for some sexy, steamy moments.

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This story was hot and it's not even a clop story. I'm surprised that Shy could become so confident with the right guy. Know, it's time to see which girl would become lucky in the next story. RD or PP? Thank you so much for the sequel of New Neighbor.


it's time to see which girl would become lucky in the next story.

I'd be more inclined to say the guy is the lucky one here. :twistnerd:

6117591 Thanks for reading. I have ideas lined up for both Pinkie and Dash. At this point, it's a question of who goes first. :raritywink:

And thanks for the fave, Moongaze! :yay:

Another Awesome story!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

6118372 Thanks again! I really appreciate it! :raritystarry:

6118382 You are welcome!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Ooh, I can't wait to see who's next! :pinkiehappy:

6118410 To be honest, neither can I. :raritywink:

And thanks for the fave! :yay:

WOO! WOO! WOO! So, I don't get it, is the next one gonna be RD? Hope so! Otherwise, anticipation! :pinkiehappy:

6118423 I might just work on both Pinkie and Dash at the same time. Whichever one I finish first, is going up as soon as possible. :pinkiesmile: Thanks for reading, and thanks for the fave! :yay:

6118440 Both? A dream! But yeah, take your time. And your welcome. :twilightsmile:

Well... That was an... interesting read. I liked it though. I hope no one thinks me a perv for faveing this XD

6119162 I've gotten dozens of faves today. If you're a perv, then so are they. :ajsmug:

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, thanks for the fave! :yay:

Oh, I can't wait for another sequel. Hopefully Rainbow Dash will be next.

6119268 I can't decide between the two. But they'll both get one. Of that, I am sure. :raritywink:

Comment posted by SolarEclipse912 deleted Jun 22nd, 2015

A very interesting read indeed, my fine sir. Keep up the good work and for now I bestow upon you five :moustache: 's.
Cheers Mate!

6119305 Thanks, friend! :pinkiehappy: If you haven't already, be sure to check out the first installment, "New Neighbor". All the same hotness, featuring Rarity. :raritywink:

And thanks for the favorite! :yay:

Another excellent story! :pinkiehappy:

You are really good at making stories like this and the one with Rarity. It makes me eager to read the next one. Keep up the good work, my friend! :twilightsmile:

6119471 Thanks again for reading, and thanks for the fave! There will be more! :raritywink::yay::ajsmug:

No problem. I look forward to it. :yay:


2nd person,
Fluttershy cutting loose,
Just short of clop,
And the promise of sequel stories?

That synchs it! Consider yourself watched!

PS Applejack story? Puh puh please

6119742 Thank you! :raritystarry: I'm so glad you loved it so much. And thanks for the fave and follow!

Right now, I only have something loose and abstract for Applejack. Nothing solid yet. But as long as they have readers, the Magnificent 7 will each have their hot, sexy moments. :raritywink::yay::ajsmug:

6119770 Your welcome and tha so for the return watch.

As for AJ's story I am willing to wait, Pinkie and Dash's should satiate. I just hope AJ's Bo is someone not like her, visa vie, not entirely country, I like seeing her expand her horizons and get outside that genre. But just a thought.

7 then? Sunset and Twi as well? Oooooooooooooooh!

Are you going to do stories on all of the EG's?

If so, płlllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaàaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeee do Pinkie's story!

Shes my fave, along with Flutters.

Thank you!! :-)

6119859 Of course! How could I not? They look just so damn good in those short skirts! :ajsmug:

6119870 Pinkie's sexy story will be done. I don't know whether I'll do hers or Rainbow Dash's next, but it will be done. And thanks for the fave! :yay:

Been waiting for this sequel. Totally worth the wait lightning. Great story as always. :twilightsmile:

If your going to do Rianbow's story, (which would kind of make sense, because at the end of "New Neighbor", Pinkie siad they'll get Fluttershy a date, and at the end of this story, Rainbow said "Sh-Shut up!") that's fine. I can wait for Pinkie's.

BTW, I'm not usually interested in stries like thses, (escpecially with the steamy moments) so your an amazing writer for me to be interested in them! Keep it up, and thanks for the watch! :3

Your story caught my eye when I saw it on the front page. This is actually the first second-person story that I've read, and it was quite an enjoyable read too. I was a little hesitant at first, not being too keen on the concept of "you" as a character, but as I read the story, I found it quite enjoyable. Your wording was great and you kept a good pace. Nothing seemed rushed to me. The romance was also written well and was quite steamy without taking things too far. Anyway, I liked the story and would be curious if you wrote more. Especially given the story's end.

6119930 Thanks for reading! There will be more! :yay:

6119948 That means a lot to me. Thank you for holding my writing in such high regard. I hope you'll keep reading. And thanks for the follow! :pinkiehappy:

6119955 With the success of "New Neighbor", I was told that a series would be a great idea. Now that "Shy Girl" has exceeded all my expectations, this guarantees more in the series. I'm glad I got you started on these, and I'd be very pleased to have you continue reading. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

6120001 Well I'm definitely interested in a series. I'm glad to hear that there will be more.

6120263 Glad to hear it. Thanks again for reading. I hope you enjoy the next story. :raritywink:

Why do I get the feeling Fluttershy ended up killing him?

Mind, stop wandering down those paths

6120606 I promise you, no one dies in The Steam Collection. The most anyone could possibly suffer would be exhaustion or a bad wedgie. :trollestia:

I demand you make more! And if you don't I'm going to go to my room and cry until you apologise to me for braking my spirit. Their to good to stop now!

Let's see here...

Rarity was New Neighbor...

Fluttershy was Shy Girl...

I'm guessing the followong...

Rainbow Dash is "Study Buddy"
AJ is "Girl Next Door"
Pinkie is "The Girl at the Party."
Sunset "The Lonely Girl"
Twilight "The Weird one."

Just Speculation here, can't wait for the real thing.

Righty then. I'm at a loss of words from start to finish. In a good way.

~ Wolfram Alpha

6120612 Looking forward to it

6120891 No need for upset. I promise, there will be more. :twilightsmile: And thanks for the fave!

6120893 Good title ideas! But I've got some things worked out for Pinkie, Dashie, and maybe AJ. I might just work with those for Twilight and Sunset, though . . . :raritywink:

6120936 That's the kind of reaction I like best! :rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading!

6121588 I'm half-tempted to make Dash's date's gender ambiguous, just because so many fans think she's a lesbian. I have no problems with that, but I'm never written LGBT romance before . . . :applejackunsure:

“You're . . . going to love me . . . .” :flutterrage: lol, and the last part of that scene. The only thing I could say is "oh,my!" :unsuresweetie:

6121810 That was the idea. :ajsmug: Thanks again for reading, and thanks for the follow. :pinkiehappy:

The same goes to you, thanks for following! :pinkiehappy:

Wow, just... wow.

I always knew Shy has more then what she let's on. It would be really cool to see some more of it in some sort of sequel! :raritystarry:

6122352 There is a series in the works right now. If it goes well, all seven girls will have their hot, steamy moments! :pinkiehappy:

Dang, the girls are getting paired up left and right, aren't they?

6122450 Love is in the air! :heart:

Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

6122468 I'm glad you were still able to read it that way. I guess this will make writing Dash's story a little easier. :pinkiesmile:

I love it.

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