by Harms Way

Let The Chase Begin (Revised)

The bell of Canterlot High rings as you look down at your watch. Lunch time is now and today, the menu is saying hamburgers will be served. You eagerly place your textbooks from the previous class in your locker and start walking down the hall towards the cafeteria. Your stomach growls as the thought of those delicious hamburgers enters your mind. "Damnit." You think to yourself. "Why did I decide to sleep in rather than get breakfast?" You decide to quicken your pace a little, adding a bit of speed to your walk. "I just hope the line isn't too long." You think as you begin jogging down the hallway, passing by students as they carry their textbooks.

Jogging around a blind corner, you run head first into a massive fluff of orange hair. Not even a second later, your momentum carries you into a collision with the body of the person that the hair belongs to. You unexpectedly fall backwards, landing on your back. "Oww...." You say while rubbing your head. The sound of someone clearing their throat brings your attention back as the girl you collided with is now facing you with a glare that seems to be looking directly into your soul. The two other girls, one on each side of the poofy-haired one, look down at you with their arms crossed.

"Why don't you watch where you're going!" The girl in the center yells as you get back up on your feet.

"I'm sorry." You say. "I couldn't see you around the corner an-"

"Anon?" A familiar voice behind the group of three calls out as the girl in the center looks back. "Is that you?" The sound of one of your few friends at Canterlot High makes your trembling body calm down as she walks around the trio. As you see her standing a few feet away, the memory of when you two first met floods into your mind.

It was your first day at Canterlot High after transferring from a school located several hundreds of miles away. Your parents thought it was best for you to get a fresh start in a new location, free from the distraction of a freak accident in shop class that would hamper your studies. You were by yourself as your parents had jobs that they needed to keep in order to pay bills, but they managed to get you a small apartment under the condition that you get a job within the first few months. The moment you set foot onto the school grounds, you felt a wave of positive energy wash over you as you now had a clean slate, a new opportunity to make friends. "Okay." You thought as you walked up the stairs of the main entrance. "Time to move on from the past." With that said, you pushed the doors open and walked into the school.

As you walked inside, you were instantly greeted by students smiling and waving at you. But seconds later, those same people gave rude looks towards a girl with fire-colored hair wearing a leather jacket. They whispered to eachother as she passed by, making her eyes fill with tears before she ran off. Upon seeing that, you instantly thought that this girl must had done something to warrant this behavior from her fellow students, so you decided to approach one of them to ask. The closest person you could see was a girl with spiked blue hair who wore tinted goggles and had earbuds in both of her ears. "Umm... hello. My name is Anon." You said as the girl passed by, her music too loud for her to have even heard what you said. You were about to go find someone else until a calming voice from behind got your attention.

"You must be Anon." The voice said as you turned around to see two people standing in front of you. "I am Principal Celestia and this is my sister, Vice Principal Luna." She extended her hand out to you. "It's nice to meet you. I've heard from your previous Principal that you were one of the nicest kids in his school. I truly am sorry for what happened back there. Rest assured that here at Canterlot High, we take pride in the safety and well-being of our students."

"It's nice to meet you as well." You said as you shook both her's and Luna's hands.

"Here is a schedule of the classes you'll be taking." Luna said as she handed you a paper. "This schedule reflects the one that you used to have at your old school, minus shop class. We figured you wouldn't want to be in a similar environment as the one that your... accident took place in. So you have a choice to make for that time slot. You can either take Advanced Algebra or Parenting."

"Parenting? You mean the class that makes you take a plastic baby home with you to give you a preview of what it'll be like if you have kids in the future?"


"Well... I'm not exactly great with kids... so I guess I'll sign up for Advanced Alegbra."

"Splendid." Luna replied. "I'll let Mr. Whooves know that you will be joining him for class."

"Now, do you have any questions for us?" Celestia asked.

"Well, actually, I do have a question."


"Why are the students being mean to that girl?" You asked as you pointed towards the girl as she continued to run down the hall.

"Oh." Celestia said with an embarrassed look on her face. "Well umm... how do I say this. Her name is Sunset Shimmer. The reason as to why the other students pick on her is a bit hard to explain to a person who wasn't there. Lets just say she did some really bad things and now the students have made it their personal mission to make her pay for all of her bullying and humiliation of others."

"I see..." You replied. "Well, thank you for answering."

"You're welcome. Now if there is anything else you need, our doors are always open." Celestia said as she and Luna walked away.

"Yoohoo... anybody home?" Sunset asks, waving her hand in front of your face as her voice brings you back to reality.

"Oh! Right! Sorry about that. I kinda spaced out for a moment." You say as your cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

"Does he do that alot?" The orange-haired girl asks as you remember the situation you were in before the flashback occurred.

"No. This is the first time I've seen him do that. Must've hit his head on the floor or something." Sunset replies as she stands by your side.

"Heh heh." You chuckle. "Again... I'm terribly sorry for bumping into you. My name is Anon." You say while extending your hand out.

"The name's Adagio." She replies as she shakes your hand. "These are my friends, Sonata and Aria."

"Sup?" Aria grunts in a low voice.

"Hi!" Sonata blurts out as she grabs your hand after Adagio was done shaking it, moving it up and down repeatedly within the span of a few seconds. Once she gets done, your hand aches for a few seconds.

"Damn!" You think. "She's got some grip there."

"Anyways..." Adagio says as you look up from your hand. "I suppose I can forgive you, seeing as how we just met. Just, make sure you watch where you're going, because next time, I might not be so forgiving." She turns her attention over to Sunset. "Thank you for the lovely tour. Now if you'll excuse us, we'd better go find our lockers." She says before the trio walk away.

Sunset turns her gaze to you after the trio turn a corner. "What happened back there?" She asks as you both start walking down the hall towards the lunch room. "You don't normally zone out like that."

"Yeah, sorry about that." You say while rubbing the back of your head. "I kinda had a flashback to the day you and I met."

"Ohhh." She replies. "That day was one of the best I've had here in years. You came out of the blue and treated me like a normal person, rather than an enemy. I was so happy to find someone other than my other friends who treated me normally."

"Well, I figured you deserved a second chance, even though technically in my case, it would have been a first chance." You say as you and Sunset enter the cafeteria. A smile appears on her face once she hears what you said. You open your mouth to speak again, but the smell of freshly cooked hamburgers makes your stomach growl as if it was trying to communicate with you.

"Hungry?" Sunset asks as she stands in front of you in the line.

"Yeah... kinda skipped breakfast in favor of an extra half hour of sleep." You reply. Sunset giggles at your response.

"Late night at work I take it?" She asks as she receives a tray with a hamburger on it.

"Nah. Only got about 4 hours of sleep. I really need to stop with the late night gaming sessions." You reply while taking a tray as well. You both then walk over to the salad bar to pick up a few sides to your meals. "So you were giving those girls a tour of the school?"

"Yeah. They were acting kinda strange around me though, especially when I tried reaching out to Adagio's little necklace to try and get a closer look at it. She grabbed my wrist and held it with some vice-like grip."

"You alright?" You ask as you approach the cashier to pay for your meal.

"Yeah, I'm okay now." Sunset replied.

"That'll be $5.00 from each of you." The cashier says before you and Sunset give her the money for your trays. After paying, you both look for a place to sit.

"Oh look." Sunset says as she points over to a table. "There's my other friends." You look over and watch as the one with messy pink hair waves at you both. "Darn, only one seat left open though." She says as she looks at the table again.

"It's alright." You say. "I don't really know your friends as well as you do. I'll just go find somewhere else to sit."

"You sure?" She asks. "I wouldn't want to make you feel left out. I could always just sit on your lap and eat." The thought of Sunset Shimmer sitting on your lap triggers a feeling down below. For the sole purpose of not embarrassing yourself, you suppress the urge to think about it any longer.

"I'm sure." You reply. "Lets just meet up at your locker after lunch. Sound good?"

"Sure. See you then." She says as she walks away to join her friends.

"Now where would I be able to sit..." You think as you scan the lunch room. Due to you not really having other people you could call a friend other than Sunset, you settle for a empty table in the corner of the area. Reaching into your pocket with one hand while holding the tray with the other, you pull out your iPod with some earbuds connected to it. You then decide to sit down with your back to the wall so you'd be able to see if Sunset was walking over. "Nothing beats having a burger while listening to my favorite song!" You think as you select one of the many songs you have on the small device. As you start to eat, you notice the doors to the cafeteria open and see the trio of girls you met earlier enter. They appear to be singing something, but you can't tell over the sound of your song. You turn your attention back to eating your hamburger while turning the volume up to 100%.

The meal didn't last long though. You devoured the delicious food within minutes of sitting down. "Damn! Thats what I get for skipping breakfast." You think as you stare at the empty tray. You look over towards the serving line. The staff are already wiping down the surfaces with their rags. "Too bad I can't get a second helping." With music still blaring into your ears, you stand up and take your tray over to a small room. Once you set the tray down on a conveyor belt that leads into the dish room, you turn around and walk across the cafeteria towards the doors.

"Okay, now off to wait by Sunset's locker." You think as you place your hand on one of the many doors leading into the main hallway. But as you start applying force to push the door open, a feeling as though you're being watched crosses your mind. You turn around to look at the lunch room before your eyes catch something odd. You turn your music off but instead of hearing normal lunchroom chatter, the room is filled with the sound of arguments about the upcoming band competition that you've chosen not to participate in. Looking down at the floor, you notice a green fog around the ankles of the students. "That's.... odd." You think as your eyes wonder around, noticing that Sunset and her friends aren't arguing with the others, just looking at the crowd with the same amount of confusion as you have.

You then hear a familiar cough that makes you turn to your right. Your eyes widen as you spot the same trio of girls you bumped into earlier as each of their necklaces' crimson jewels glow. Looking closer, you see the green fog is being absorbed into the jewels. Your eyes glance up as you catch Adagio staring at you from your head to your feet. Her hand is placed against her chin as if she is in deep thought as she looks at you. "Well... this is getting a tad too awkward and creepy for me." You think as you press against the door, opening it slightly. You look back, noticing Adagio hasn't broken her stare towards you. "Maybe this will get her to stop staring." You think as you flash a smile in their direction. The trick works as Adagio's eyes blink before she looks away slightly. You chuckle and wave towards them, not expecting one in return. But to your surprise, Sonata returns the favor, smiling and waving until stopping immediately once she notices the other two's scorn.

A small laugh escapes you as you walk out of the lunch room. "Okay.... that was probably the weirdest thing I've ever seen." You say to yourself as you walk down the hall toward Sunset's locker. Upon arrival at her locker, you put your earbuds back into your ears, lean against the wall across from her locker and close your eyes to try and rest up for the remainder of the school day. After roughly 5 songs, you feel a tap on your shoulder. "Good... Sunset's here." You think before opening your eyes. What you see though isn't your friend. You find yourself surrounded by the same trio of girls that seem to be wherever you are. The sudden surprise of them makes you jump as they step back in surprise. "Whoa. Uh... sorry about that." You say. "You kinda startled me."

"Oh it's alright. We just umm... thought you were sleeping. Anyways, we'll see you around." Adagio says before she and the others walk away. As you watch them walk away, you feel another tap on your shoulder.

"You saw what happened in the cafeteria, right Anon?" Sunset asks as you turn around. "Those girls are definitely in possession of dark magic."

"How can you tell its magic?"

"Trust me. I know this kind of stuff." She replies. "My other friends and I are gonna go talk to Principal Celestia about them. Wanna tag along?"

"I can't." You reply. "I gotta get going to class. If I'm late one more time, Ms. Cheerilee will give me detention."

"Oh yeah." Sunset says. "I forgot you had class right after lunch instead of a little free time like I do. Well, I'll see ya later then." With that said, she turns around and walks away to join the rest of her friends. As you turn to walk down the hallway, you catch a glimpse of Sunset and the others going off towards Principal Celestia's office.

"Hopefully, something good will come from all this." You think as you walk towards Ms. Cheerilee's classroom. "Now if only I could figure out what the hell was up with the way that girl was staring at me." Once you arrive at the classroom, you enter the room just as the bell rings.

"Cutting it close, are we?" Ms. Cheerilee asks as she sits at her desk.

"Sorry." You reply as you take your seat in the back of the room.

"Don't make a habit of it." She says as she turns her attention to the rest of the class. "Now then... originally I was going to give you a test on the history of Canterlot... but instead, I'm just going to give you all a chance to study your notes and papers about it."

"Oh boy..." You think. "Just what I needed to stay awake... a study session." Once you open your textbook and start reading a few paragraphs, it doesn't take long for you to find yourself on the express train to dream land. The sound of the bell awakens you from your nap as the rest of the class leaves the room. You look down at your watch. "Holy shit!" You think. "I slept through the whole class!" Ms. Cheerilee could be seen sitting at her desk grading some papers as you try to quietly sneak out of the room.

"Anon..." She says without looking up from her papers.

"Y-Yes?" You say as you slowly turn around.

"You really do need to stop with these late night gaming sessions."

"Yeah... I know. I just lose track of time and.... wait a second. How did you know about that?" You ask as she looks up from her papers.

"Tell me... does the username "Cheery Pie" ring a bell?"

"Yeah. That player is always beating me whenever I play....." You say before you slowly realize what you've heard. She raises an eyebrow as a smirk appears on her face. "Wait... this has to be a joke. You expect me to believe that you're the player who kicks my.... you know what....?"

"Perhaps I should remind you of an incident involving a helicopter and a heat-seeking missile locked onto you?" Your eyes widen as the memory of that comes into your mind.

"It is you." You say as you step back. "I can't believe it. The mighty Cheery Pie is my history teacher!"

"Yes." She replies. "To be honest, I'm surprised you didn't recognize it until now. But... I can't keep pretending that I don't see you sleeping in my classes. So please, do knock off the late night gaming. Otherwise, I'll have to start dropping your grade for failing to participate in class."

"Okay okay. I get it. No more late nights." You say as you turn around and walk towards the door. "But you know..." You say as you put your hand on the doorknob. "I will have my revenge on you for all those times you've blown me up."

"Yeah... we'll see about that." She replies as she stands up. "Now... you better get going if you want to be on time for your math class."

"Alright, see you on the battlefield." You say as you leave her classroom. Once you close the door, you see Sunset waiting just a few feet away. "Hey Sunset. How did the talk with Principal Celestia go?"

"Terrible." She replies. "They've gotten to both Celestia and Luna. I don't know what we can do about this." She then starts getting a look of depression on her face, causing you to put your arm around her in a comforting way.

"Hey... cheer up. You'll figure something out." You say as she looks up at you. "After all, you're incredibly smart and talented."

"Aww...thank you Anon." She says as she gives you a friendly hug. "That means alot coming from you. I gotta get going to class now. So I'll talk to you later."

"See ya later!" You call out as she runs down the hall to her class. You get to your locker a few minutes later to grab your textbook for Advanced Algebra. "Ugh... why did I choose to take this class again?" You say to yourself as the memory of your shop class accident floods back into your mind. The memory of the searing pain makes you shudder as you close the locker door. "Oh right.... that. I'll never forget that day." You look down at the scars on your fingers as you walk along, the intense agony of what happened that fateful day is playing through your mind until the sound of a trash bin falling to the ground snaps you out of it. "Hello?" You call out while turning towards the tipped bin. "Who's there?"

You walk cautiously over to the bin before the sound of a person sneezing makes you look at where the bin was standing. You see one of the girls who has been constantly bumping into you all day. "Excuse me umm.... Sonata? Is that right?" You ask. She simply nods her head in response. "Okay, two questions. First, what are you doing back there? And second, what is going on here? Why are you three now appearing to follow me wherever I go?" Sonata stands up, flashing a nervous smile towards you while her eyes look left and right repeatedly. "Well... you gonna say anything?" You ask, getting slightly annoyed. Upon hearing that, Sonata starts humming a tune that you've never heard before. "Okay...." You say as you step back. "Well, I'm gonna go to class now. So umm... see ya later." You say as you turn to walk away towards Mr. Whooves' classroom, stepping inside just as the bell rings.

As the final bell rings, signalling the end of the school day, you walk out of Mr. Whooves' classroom with a packet of questions that'll be on tomorrow's finals. "Great." You think. "If I fail this, I fail the class. Maybe I shoulda chose Parenting instead." Once you get back to your locker, you put the books inside as you get ready to leave.

"Excuse me Anon." A voice from behind says, making you jump in surprise. You hit your head on the metal coat hanger on the inside of the locker.

"What the fu-" You quickly stop yourself from completing that statement as you recognize the person who's voice you heard. You turn around to find your suspicions correct. "Vice Principal Luna!" You say as you stand up straight while rubbing the back of your head. "What brings you around here?"

"I wish to speak with you in private for a moment." Luna replies as she starts walking away, motioning for you to follow.

"May I ask as to why you need to talk to me in private? Did I do something wrong?" You ask as you walk alongside her.

"No. You've done nothing wrong." She replies. "Just wait until we arrive at our destination to find out."

"Okay...." You think as she and you walk down the hall. Soon, she directs you to enter an empty classroom instead of taking you to her office. Confused at her request, yet not willing to take a chance to ask why, you enter the classroom. As you step inside, the sound of the door leading into the room closing behind you makes you spin around instantly. The sound of the lock on the door turning freaks you out slightly as you try opening the door. "Oh haha Vice Principal. You got me good." You say as you continue to try opening the door. "Umm... you can let me out now!" You yell while pounding your fist on the door. Once it seems clear that the door isn't opening, you try knocking on the windows to see if you can get any student's attention. After a few minutes of seeing no one, you see Sunset walking across the parking lot.

"Sunset!" You yell as you pound on the window. "Help!" But she doesn't seem to hear you as she keeps walking away. "Damnit!" You think. You take your phone out to try texting her. "What!" You cry out. "No signal!" The indicator in the corner of the screen doesn't lie. The walls of Canterlot High have a special layer of insulation installed that blocks all cellphone signals. "Fuck!" You say out loud as you walk back towards the door. "This had better be some kind of cruel joke." You think as you look back to see Vice Principal Luna giving a key, presumably the one to the door that you're trapped behind, to a person who is obscured by the lockers next to the doorway. You then watch as Luna walks away before the person she gave the key to comes into view. "You gotta be kidding me." You say as Adagio unlocks the door and enters the room, followed by Sonata and Aria.

"Well hello there Anon." Adagio says as Aria closes the door behind her. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Bullshit!" You shout. "You trapped me in here!"

"Moi?" She says in an innocent tone. "I've done nothing of the sort. It was Vice Principal Luna who trapped you in here, not I."

"Oh really? Well then, I'll just be on my way then since you unlocked the door for me." You say before proceeding to walk towards the door, only to be stopped by Aria.

"Really now?" Adagio says as she strolls up next to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. "Because I thought we could use this opportunity to... get to know eachother better." Her fingers running down the length of your arm, sending chills down your spine. "You see... you appear to be rather different than your fellow classmates. You are a special kind of person."

"What are you talking about? I'm not special." You say as you move your arm away from her touch.

"Well... it's kind of hard to explain." She says as she steps in front of you. "So bear with me for a moment, if you would be so kind. If you want, go ahead and sit down because I think we're gonna be in here for a while." You roll your eyes as you turn around and sit on one of the desks in the room. "So Anon, what do we look like to you?" Adagio asks.

"This some kind of trick question?" You ask. "You look like normal women."

"Exactly." She replies. "We may look like normal human females to you, but we are in fact anything but normal." You raise an eyebrow as Sonata brushes up against you. "In fact, we aren't even from this world." Adagio adds as she walks up to you, putting her hand back onto your shoulder.

"Wait.... what do yo-" You begin to say before being cut off by Adagio as she puts a finger to your lips. She then looks into your eyes as her other hand moves across your shoulder.

"I wasn't done talking..." She says softly as she keeps her finger on your lips. "You see Anon... we are sirens. Banished here from a land known as Equestria. Over time, we've realized that our singing can make your kind fall just as easily as the ponies we once had adoring us." Her hand brushes across the back of your neck, sending a shiver across your body. "Men would especially fall to our feet in admiration. Yet, you're the first man we've seen not adoring us in years."

"Now wait a freakin' second." You say as you move Adagio's finger away from your lips. "You seriously expect me to believe that you three are sirens? Umm... are you girls insane or something?"

"Hmm... hard telling sometimes." Adagio replies before giggling. "I'm just curious to know how you've managed to not fall to our singing."

"To be honest... I haven't heard you guys sing. I've been listening to my music for most of the day." You say as you pull out your iPod. Upon doing this, Sonata immediately snatches it out of your hand. "Hey!" You yell. "Give that back!"

"You'll get it back once you've heard us sing." Adagio says as Sonata gives her your iPod. You roll your eyes again as she and the others start to sing. As they sing, you notice that nothing unusual is happening. No green fog, their jewels aren't lighting up, nothing.

"Well, they sure do sing like sirens, I'll give em that." You think as they stop singing. Adagio grabs her jewel as a look of surprise appears on her face. She glances at you, then down at her jewel, then back at you before a smirk appears on her face.

"Interesting..." She says. "Normal people would have been on the floor, bowing at our feet by now. Yet here you are, not even phased by our song. This means only one of two things." She walks back towards you, placing a hand under your chin. "You're either not from this world... or you're one of those rare humans who needs a more... personal method to make them fall." She proceeds to walk around you while still making sure that her hand is touching you. "I'm not sensing anything different about you from your fellow classmates, so I think we can rule out the first option. So that leaves us with using a more hands-on approach just for you." You notice Aria and Sonata starting to walk towards you with seductive looks on their faces, causing you to get up from the desk and start backing away.

"What are you going to do?" You ask as Adagio stops them from coming closer.

"Oh you'll find out." She says with a wink. "However.... lets make a game out of this, shall we?" She says as she walks over to the door leading into the classroom. She opens the door and walks away from it. "I don't really like just ganging up on people like you when we first discover that they need special tactics used on them. I prefer making a little game of hide and seek of situations like this. So I'll tell you what, we'll give you a five minute head start before we start chasing after you."

"What?" You ask. "You can't be serious."

"Oh I am serious. And by the way, that five minutes starts... now." She says as she looks at the clock on the wall. You look at Sonata and Aria who walk over to stand beside Adagio. You slowly walk over to the door as they continue to stand still. "Oh and also... here you go." She says as she tosses your iPod back to you. "Now you better hurry and run, your head start is being wasted." You look around again before stepping outside the room.

"Well then... I guess I'll just start running now. So... see ya!" You say before instantly breaking into a sprint down the hallway.