Welcome to O.U.R. Academy

by Harms Way

Chapter Three

As Starlight stood in the pagoda, watching Double Diamond race off to sound the alarm, she felt an uneasy feeling wash over her. "There's only one person who would know how to fix this..." She thought to herself as she looked down at the staff in her hands. "I need to take this to the Headmaster immediately." She looked over towards Party Favor and Sonata, who were still standing nearby with unnatural smiles on their faces. "Party Favor?"

"Yes, Starlight." He responded in a creepy tone.

"I need you to go after Ms. Blaze! Find her before she finds a way to escape the grounds!"

"Of course." Party replied before running off in the direction that Aria sprinted off in.

"Sonata?" Starlight asked, turning her attention to the former blue siren.

"Yes?" She replied in her version of Party's tone.

"While we take care of your rebel of a friend, didn't you say there was another person who was interested in this school?"

"Yes, Starlight." She replied. "Adagio would love to be here if she could, but she's working right now."

"Why don't you go meet her back at your house while we get everything under control." Starlight said in a calm voice. The blue one merely nodded in response before skipping away. "Go through the main gate before it closes!" Starlight commanded as she started to walk slowly towards the Headmaster's office.

"I gotta get out of this nightmare of a school!" Aria thought to herself as she ran as fast as her legs could take her. Suddenly, alarms started to ring out as the loudspeakers crackled to life.

"Attention all students and faculty members..." Double Diamond's voice could be heard over the speakers. "Please be on the lookout for an individual with violet and aqua hair in two ponytails. This individual has chosen to rebel against our philosophy and must be shown the error of her ways. If you see Ms. Aria Blaze, please detain her and bring her to the Detention Hall immediately! I repeat. If anyone sees Ms. Aria Blaze, detain her and bring her to the Detention Hall immediately! That is all."

"Oh fuck!" Aria said to herself as she soon found herself out in the open, with many students casting their gazes upon her. "Gotta get out of here....NOW!!!!" She thought as she immediately took off in another sprint, only this time, she had pursuers who were slowly gaining on her. Rounding a corner, she saw Sonata happily skipping her way through the main gate just as it was almost closed. "Shit!" She thought as she watched the gate close behind Sonata. "If I'm right about where she is going, I need to warn Adagio! I doubt she needs an even more messed up than usual Sonata after what she must be going through at that food place."

Adagio stood behind a cash register at the Hay Burger, taking customers orders while also trying to keep her tight uniform in check. Occasionally, she'd catch a co-worker with pimples on his face staring in awe at her curves. Each time this happened, she'd flash him a death glare that made him jump each time. "Why do I always seem to attract nerds?" Adagio thought to herself as she turned around to take the next customer's order. "Welcome to The Hay Burger. May I take your....." She stopped herself from completing her question as she looked at the customer standing before her. "Must be quite funny seeing your former enemy having to stoop to this to get by. Am I right, Sunset Shimmer?" She asked in a sarcastic tone.

Sunset simply stood there in shock as she realized who was standing behind the register. "Well... I wouldn't really call it funny." She replied. "But I must say, seeing you in that uniform isn't really doing any good when it comes to hiding..." She pointed at her own breasts as Adagio looked.

"Tell me about it." She replied. "I've been catching that guy staring at me all day!" She yelled slightly as she pointed towards her unwanted admirer.

"I know what you mean by that." Sunset replied. "I've been catching guys staring at my ass ever since people started liking me." She giggled at the memories of having to shoot glares at guys who stared a bit too long.

"You know, I wouldn't even be in this uniform if it wasn't for you and your friends!" Adagio blurted out.

"Hey!" Sunset said. "You and your friends tried taking over the school by hypnotizing the students with your powers as sirens. What were we supposed to do? Let you win?"

"Would have been nice." Adagio replied as she rolled her eyes. She then sighed as the memories of what happened that night flow back into her memory. Slowly, she reacquired eye contact with Sunset as her hands took their place back on the register. "What can I get you?" She asked in a suddenly depressing tone.

"Well..." Sunset paused as she looked over the menu above Adagio's head. "Can I just get a #4 with extra fries and a medium drink?"

"Is that all?" Adagio asked as she pushed a few buttons on the register.

"Yes, that'll do."

"That'll be $5.98." Adagio said as Sunset reached into her jacket pockets.

"You know..." Sunset started to say as she reached into her jacket pockets. "Maybe I can help you adjust to this new life of yours."

"Well, I'm not sure how you'd be able to make me feel better about losing my powers and my immortality."

"Hmm... well, maybe I can help take your mind off of it for a while. How about you and I hang out at your place after you get off work?" Sunset asked. "Maybe watch a movie, go for a drive, play some games...."

"Well... it would be nice to have someone else at the place other than those two nitwits." Adagio replied softly. After a few minutes in thought, she looked back towards the person in front of her. "Alright, Sunset. Meet me here in 2 hours." She said as she gave Sunset her food.

"Thanks and will do." Sunset said as she started to walk away. "Oh! And by the way..." Sunset said as she turned her head around. "That outfit, in my opinion, looks great on you." This caused the former siren's cheeks to blush slightly as Sunset walked out of the restaurant.

"Hopefully those two won't be back at the house when we get there." Adagio thought to herself as she turned her attention back towards the next customer.

Aria tried making her presence less known by hiding behind an empty dumpster. She held her breath as she heard students rush past her in pursuit, not knowing she had hidden herself. Just as she started to get up, a hand was placed firmly in front of her mouth. Aria tried yelling, but the hand clenched tighter around her jaw.

"Shh!" A voice from behind said, making Aria stop. "I'm here to help you."

Aria turned around to try and see who the person was. "Party something?" She asked in confusion as the hand moved away from her mouth. "What the fuck are you doing?!"

"It's Party Favor." Party said as he motioned to Aria to keep her voice down. "Listen. If you want somewhere to hide for a little while, follow me."

"Why should I trust you?" Aria asked. "You're one of Starlight's goons sent out to catch me!"

"Am I trying to bring you to the Detention Hall?" Party asked.

"That remains to be seen."

"Look. If you don't follow me, you risk bumping into any student who will turn you in without hesitation!" Party whispered. "Plus, Starlight is speaking to the Headmaster as we speak. She's trying to get the staff fixed. That way, if you get caught, she can just zap you into compliance like she did with your friend!"

"And why are you telling me this?"

"To let you know that I am here to help you avoid that fate. Now come on!" Party said as he got up. "I know of a special place where we can hide. I also have some friends that can help you out as well." After saying that, Party walked out from behind the dumpster. Aria rolled her eyes slightly as Party motioned for her to follow.

"Well, I guess if things go the way I think they're gonna go, I can always just kick his ass later." She thought as she begrudgingly followed Party Favor.

Starlight approached the main door leading into the Headmaster's office. She stood motionless for a minute, gripping the staff in one hand as she balled up her other hand into a fist. Slowly, she reached her fist forward, lightly knocking on the door.

"Yes?" A low voice asked from behind the door. "Who goes there?"

"It's me, Headmaster." Starlight replied. "Student Body President, Starlight Glimmer."

"Enter." The voice commanded as the door slowly opened on it's own. Starlight gulped as she stepped inside. Once in, the door closed by itself as the room was immediately lit up by a purple colored fire in the stone fireplace. Starlight scanned the room, spotting the desk of the Headmaster, glowing in the light of a wall of tv screens placed behind it with his chair turned towards them, facing away from Starlight as she hesitatingly approached. "So..." The Headmaster began in his low voice. "What brings you to my office today, Ms. Glimmer?"

"Sir, one of the students that we were showing around the campus... damaged the Staff of Sameness." She replied as she laid the staff on his desk. "It won't function properly anymore. And the one responsible is running loose on campus."

"Yes." The Headmaster replied as he pointed at the screens with his remote, making all of them show one view. "I've been watching her attempts to evade the students. I've also seen that she has picked up an ally." He said as the camera zoomed in on Party Favor.

"Party Favor?!" Starlight yelled. "That traitor! I will make him pay dearly for this!"

"Now..." The Headmaster said, slowly turning his chair around to face Starlight. His coal black hair and grey skin was illuminated brightly by the purple fire. "Lets see what is wrong with my creation." He slowly reached out and picked up the staff. "Hmm..." He said as he looked it over. "The damage seems minor, but it will take a few hours to fix." Starlight nodded as she listened. "Rest assured..." He continued. "I shall have this back in running order soon. In the meantime, here is what I want you to do..."

"I'm listening.... Headmaster Sombra." Starlight replied as she leaned in to hear his plan.