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Love the way it's going. Blueblood and Neighsay are gonna be total assholes though.

I know but they'll get what coming to them.

(been rewriting)
IF THEY GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO RACHEL IM GOING TO RIP THEM APART WITH A CHANSAW AND MAKE THEIR DEATH VERY PAINFUL !!!:flutterrage: and also its a good start keep up the good work:twistnerd:

Why is the second half of this chapter in black text?

I have NO idea. What do you mean by that?

Dragon + Pony = Kirin
Dragon + Griffin = Basilisk
Dragon + Human = Natsu (Dragon Slayer)

Nothing to do with the story, I kept thinking about the hybrids...

Once it passes the point where Spike is reading Rachel's messages, the text turns black. I can tell because I'm reading it on night mode

I agree with some Chancellor Neighsay thing (now it's going to be shit asshole), mankind sucks, but should have a proposal for a better fitro to bring humans to Equestria. Since Rarity was a victim (and something I said she's going to be a lightning rod for this problem)

This is one of the many reasons I hate Blueblood.

what? I wanted to do it, and its a very good story ..



Same here, it's completely grey after the blue text shift and is illegible in Night-Mode.

I don't know how to fix that. but i'll do my best to do it so it's readable

At the end of the last bit of text in Rachel's message, there's a [ / ] with text in it. I'd look for that at the end of the chapter.

Im getting some serious Assasin's Creed vs the Templars vibes right now.

Yeah a bit but I know Spike and crew are gonna pull out in the end.


funny thing, I have only played assassin's creed once, a year ago. But it's only for five minutes with a friend. I haven't played since lol I didn't realize it has that vibe till it was mentioned :rainbowlaugh:

I really hope that you have some sort of fitting and ironic punishment for Blueblood and Neighsay when the time comes.

It kinda does with Blueballs and Neighsucker acting a lot like the Templars.

They will be killed very slow while I hear their screams of mercy I show no mercy to the genocide they will suffer FROM Me!!!

I've been hating on Blueblood, but more than ever to Neighsay! But Rachel with the soundcard from Pinkie Pie, awesome! But what i I'm afraid of is Rarity taking that potion. I have a feeling that it's not gonna go well. Great chapter, though.

Blueblood grinned at that. “Welcome to the White Mantle, Chancoller.”

Fuck once and for all.

when he really got into pounding her, the nun doll ended up on his shoulder. Beforehand, Rachel had put all of her creepy dolls in her closet in a box on the other side of the bedroom cause she knew some of them made him uncomfortable and the twins were busy that freaking night.

I understood the reference

That nun doll somehow ended up crawling on Spike shoulders. Total fucking turn off! Spike ended up screaming, pulling out of Rachel and ran into a wall.

:twilightoops: :twilightoops: imagine a Twilight chapter and her friends with this doll from the fair at the castle, giving a screaming show.

That nun doll somehow ended up crawling on Spike shoulders. Total fucking turn off! Spike ended up screaming, pulling out of Rachel and ran into a wall.

to feel fear

Twilight sighed. “Trust us, Rares, getting rid of the rest of the potion is a good thing. There have been ponies who took the potion get addicted to it and things just go bad. Best to take that tiny bit and go on with it.”

Twilight was not supposed to show and give her the potion, this is going to suck.

“ Yes! Since they learned that I was moving out, they installed bars and replaced the door with reinforced steel that i can’t break through!” Rachel snarled. “ What they don’t know is that I got a freaking chain saw and I will cut a damn hole right underneath floor and escape from Pon-E!”

Rachel has some kinship from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Next thing Spike heard was the sound of wood being cut. All Spike was doing was sitting on his log and listened to everything. “My girlfriend is more insane than Pinkie.” Spike muttered.

You know, if she's in those days, just RUUUUNNN.
RUUUNN to the mountains

Oh that doll is so going to make a come back XD

Rachel nodded. “I was talking to King when some ponies ganged up on me, saying that i have no right to be in the bar. That it was a pony establish bar or some shit. What was worse, I served them drinks all the time and they told me that.”

the campaign against humans has already begun.

Where's the demon doll, to play terror in the castle with six main and friends?!


Does anyone else get reminded of the movie "The Greatest Showmen" because of the title?

Lol its kinda the theme song of the two when it comes later. I plan on doing an animatic with the song and the characters

OK, let's start:

Fluttershy was pure white from head to toe, AJ, and Rarity were hiding behind pillars, Pinkie was laughing, Starlight was leaning back in her chair and Twilight ran to a corner in the room.

Seriously, what's in her head?

“You ditched Guys night for her,” he points at Rachel. “You've been missing many game nights because of her. So yes the first time was at Rachel's apartment.”

Discord is sure to have the right day is already difficult everyone plays table rpg O & O (Equivalent to D & D), respects the day for Spike plays.

Just checking up on you. We heard some assholes attacked ya, we took care of them for you.” Gem said with a giggle. “But something was weird.”
“What was?” Spike asked with a raise brow.
These asshats were following some video that was leaked onto the internet.” Ruby said. “It’s pretty fucked up.”
“Video?” Rachel raised a brow at that. “What video?”
Just some video.” Gem said. “We tried to get the dudes to tells us, we even used our sex magic to get them to talk, they didn’t give it up!”
“Calling us Human Loving whores. Now that is really the first time we heard those words in the same sentences.” Ruby sighed. “We took their phones to find this so called video but for some reason we can’t find it. They wouldn’t even tell us what it was called.”
“Well, one of them did mention something.” Gem said.
“What?” Spike asked them, standing up from the bed and walked over to the phone.
“Does the name White Mantle mean anything to you guys?” Gem asked them.

I have three things to say there:
1- in any multiverse will always have assholes.
2 - The plan already shows a very fast radius of action nor do I want to imagine other humans already suffering this. I know humanity does shit.
3- The video that is in him someone who came from our world, and is revolting the ponies, this reminds of the avengers the era of Ultron just look at the internet to want to destroy humanity. There is another theory that may be the video more will turn Spoiler and I do not want to one of Sherlock Holmes.

Fair doll case was funny the Spike reaction. Does that solve or does it not?:rainbowlaugh:

Today I was recovering from an influenza, so without much joking.

I noticed that dragons and humans are exactly alike

when I finished reading


Does this story have anything to do with Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger?

Don't even know what that is lol.

That potions gonna make Rarity have feelings for Racheal isn't it?

I see welp i going to rewriting my comment right now thanks for pointing it out mate

first you are alive hey!!!
Second, the same that goes shit and one of the biggest, will take, that goes wrong (case of rarity).
still keep cute Rachel and Spike.

Just a small spoiler, the next chapter is mostly rarity, that's when shit will hit the fan, just having a bit of fun with the pony for a bit.

just read the other story and i really liked it, i hope this one gets complete.

:pinkiehappy: rarity will do shit.

Rarity, have you not learned from what happened from the last story?!?! Starlight is probably still pissed at you for what you did to Spike. And now you wanna steal the potion from Twilight's castle? I smell an friendship ending in the next chapter.:rainbowhuh:

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