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Rip in pieces Cheerilee:fluttercry:

If this is based on Left 4 dead, does that mean we'll get Witches, and Tanks, and all that other good/gross stuff? :raritystarry:

I didn't see any spelling errors or any kind of mistake.

The only thing that bothers me, is that Twilight doesn't even contact Celestia or another one of her friends after she is attacked or at least instructed Spike to do so. I understand she is worry for Sunset, but I expect her to be more methodical in her approach. With the others warn they could have examine the infected or prepared something for Twilight when she goes on the other side since she is vulnerable as a human.

Anyway nice start. Waiting for your next chapter.

Oh and R.I.P. Cheerilee :fluttercry:

sounds like a very interesting plot will add this to my favorites then read it when I get home from work.

Perhaps, my friend. You never know. :raritywink:

Yeah. That would make much more sense. Now I regret not putting something like that in. But thank you for showing support in this first chapter.

No sure I will track and hope for the best.

Phoenix, huh? Gee, I wonder who that could be? But things seem interesting, so I'll continue.

Yeah. I suppose she could've gotten a better nickname. Considering I use "Anon" for my stories, I'm not really that great when it comes to creating names for characters.

Thank you for the fave though. And for introducing me to Highschool of the Dead with that scene, even though the guy in it can't seem to hit the broadside of a barn.

I literally just finished playing all the campaigns of Left 4 dead and Left 4 dead 2 today and this just made those memories better.:heart::pinkiecrazy:

Hmm, similar starting point as Fallout : Equestria girls:duck: hope it doesn't mainly revolve around the the OC.

I think twilight would be more in disbelief about the zombies. It seems like zombies have happen before by the way she talks about it. But besides that, this story is very interesting and I can't wait for the next one:twilightsmile:

Great chapter. But!

WHY!!!!!!!!! POOR ARIA AND SONATA :raritycry:.

Rip in pieces Sonata, and Aria. Rip in pieces.

For some reason, I'm reading Bull's lines in Rick's voice from Rick & Morty.

They may be infected, but Adagio never mentioned them being dead. Who knows. They could show up in a future chapter.

"Well yes and no." He said before she gave it back to him. "By itself, it might as well be a overpriced paper weight. But put it in the hands of someone who knows how to use it and then it becomes something that kills. But in this world now, it's kill or be killed. Survival is the number one priority."

Huh, looks like someone finally managed to go back to the Ruins during the True End.

"I'm afraid not." He said before a large factory came into view. "She just showed up at the factory by herself one day, seeking shelter. She said that both of them became infected with the virus and she had to run to save herself from joining their fate."

I can guess which one's the tank and which one's the witch. How about you guys?
In any case, two things.
1. At least this isn't as messed up as Story of the Blanks.
2. I wonder... will Bulls Eye get a harem by the end of this?

If the cure is friendship I'm gonna cry...

Why Sunset Shimmer didn't asked for help? I think she understands the difficulty of the situation they’re in. Also Twilight is stupid pony.

No. I can say right now that Bulls Eye will not be in a harem.

There is no way that friendship is the cure, my friend. That is way too unbelievable.

7353508 Oh, I was saying that Bulls Eye would be the one to have the harem, but alright. It was all in jest, anyway.

7353508 But Friendship is magic. Wait, maybe magic is the cure. I'm really into this story. Mostly because it was the first thing I read today. I had a really long flight...

To be honest, I haven't even thought about a possible cure yet.

Anyways, thank you for the fave and for the follow as well. :twilightsmile:


Have you turn them into special infected? or are you slightly hinting us they somehow survive? :ajbemused:

Anyway nice chapter, short, but seems necessary to put the situation into context. Nice to hear the humane six and Sunset are okay. Adagio and BigMac are confirmed safe, now we would like to know who else survive; notably for me, a certain pair of sisters. *wink wink nudge nudge*

7353544 twilight must have sniper rifle and sword

Who would that be?

Yo weres my main girl pinkie at tho.:applejackunsure:

Shouldn't there be a crossover tag?

"Wasn't meant to be." He replied. "She may be loud, but I have yet to meet anything she couldn't push out of her way!"

Yes, just invite the Tank, why don't you. >.>

Hey hey hey... I found something amusing now... Me watch.

"Kill all sons-of-bitches." *Cocks shotgun* "That's my official instructions." - Ellis


I hope Spike gets the message in time, and none of the ponies get bitten. I'm also sad to hear about Aria, and Sonata, they were my fav sirens. Will we get to see any of the Shadowbolts like lemon Zest or Sour Sweet?

Shotgun is actually a terrible zombie weapon.
You need something with high penetration and accuracy while also reliable and will shoot when you pull the trigger.

But since they were not quite zombie...It is acceptable.

Correct thing for the survivors to do now:

Group up in their doomcar and convoy to the portal, take refuge in Equestria. Close portal. Bam. If need be do reopen portal under extreme guard, wait for one zombie to stumble through, snatch & grab it and close portal, then try to research a cure.

This is the logical course of action. For that matter, why did Sunset & co never once write to request exactly that?

7354282 I disagree. Not my first choice but at close range great weapon. The human skull is not as hard to penetrate as people think. For most apparitions under 100 yard I would use a suppressed Ruger 10/22 with a high cap mag.

7354340 And the pelleds completely missed the part of the brain that need destroying even if they did penetrate. You would have much better luck using slug with shotguns. They can actually be compared to rifles then.
Though, what kind of pelleds/shots?

I had a feeling you were gonna say that, but I wasn't sure considering there's more than one set of sisters.

7354364 Why would they do that? But anyway #2 and lower. Slugs even modern ones are not that accurate . In less you have a shotgun or barrel made for slugs. Stick with shot and short range 50 yards or less.

I take it that this is loosely based off of the new series The Trotting Dead, right? If not, my bad, nice premise, though

So is there a reason why the human 6 just didn't leave the human world for Equestria instead of staying in the zombie apocalypse?

7354440 No The fact that they mentioned the Green Flu mean that this is based on the game Left 4 Dead

7354408 The shots spread...And I don't know about you but I prefer staying about 100 meters (about 300 feets, i think) and above from any sort of monsters with an assault rifle or semi auto rifle or even light machine gun like the RPK (heard RPK actually is more accurate and hit harder than AKs) with a bayonet attached for melee range (Using it as a sort of spear. Spear is an underrated melee weapon).
Bolt action rifles are more for sniping work from really far away.

...I'm curious. Favoriting! Keep up the good work

7354487 Oh I see you are talking about the game. Plus I know what meters are. You know a RPK and AK shoots the same (7.62x39mm)round?

7354470 Sorry. Left 4 Dead, at least for me, didn't mention a green flu, in game

It's in the story, my friend.

Yeah in the first and second games, if you take the time to look around, you will see some story written all over the place.
EDIT: Also there is a free comic book on on one of steams sites. Likely the L4D site

Reminds me of Equestria Girls Fallout story...

oh right. This story is good too. I like this new genre popping up of Twilight arriving in the world to find her friends only to find that the world had gone to waste or something

It's funny I had an idea like this a while back... glad to see I wasn't the only one!

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