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Aria and Sonata get superpowers and Adagio, begrudgingly, does not.

What happens next is a tale of glory, treachery and sisterly bonds.

Cover art used with permission by VBASTV. Proofread by ForBloodySummer.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 20 )

What powers do Aria and Sonata have?

Mongoose :rainbowlaugh:

...Interesting... idea for the other two to get powers but not Adagio, I'll be watching apprehensively to see how that goes :trixieshiftright:

8091818 Sonata can impregnate cats from a distance of fifteen metres, and Aria is basically transparent (not invisible; transparent - you can see her organs and everything). It's like, think of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, and then imagine the complete opposite of that.


cats are cute. like Sonata she's a cat.


Why didn't Adagio get powers?

Yesssss. I can't wait for more.

I want Adagio as the president not Trump.

Me thinks there gonna be a string of people being saved by a mysterious flash of light in the near future.

“Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!”


I legit thought Adagio was just gonna jump amd end it. But she finally got what she needed

Well it wouldn't have worked either way. She would have hit the ground and got up again.

Ok I can't help but think of names for Adgio the super heroine.

Gold shield was what came first.
Immortal boss, cause she where's that pinstripe suit. Love that by the way. Or maybe steel madam, or the iron maiden.

It's so nice and it be awesome if they get magic back from being hero's.

“No survivors.”

Villains being competent!? I mean it's Dagi but still, that made me really happy. Only an idiot would leave a mob boss alive after pulling something like that, especially one that knows all her secrets and her home address.

Well, this could go any number of ways. Overall, things are going a little too smoothly for them. I love a good villain ending, and I kind of hope that's what we get, but I suspect things are about to go pear shaped :trixieshiftright:

This story really deserves more attention.

This deserves a sequel with the Rainbooms teaming up with them.

Now, what names would be good for them.

Madame President is an awesome name, and give Dagi a break, it's the only thing she has left from that time.

Please stop shooting me...

I, Adagio Giovanna, have a super power and a gun!

...are we going to get a super powered fight?
Two of the Dazzlings have the same powers as the Rainbooms with their own trump cards.

I still want a super powered fight. Like CA: Civil War or X-Men vs Avengers.

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