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Hey hey! My name is Alexandria but most call me Lex. And this is my story of how I got stuck with a certain purple unicorn.

So me and my friends were just hanging at San Diego Comicon, get some merchandise, taking photos, and meeting some voice actors. The three of us were each missing something from each of our outfits. We ended up walking around the booths and found our missing items. To bad we didn’t think to look for them elsewhere.

Now I soon showed up in some town filled with weirdly familiar equines and now I help teach some new friends new magic.

All characters from MLP.FiM and Fairy Tail belong to the copyright holders. I take no claim of ownership.
Some chapters inspired from Equestria’s Stongest Wizard

Chapters (13)
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And Thus our third newcomer has arrived. What will await for her in her journey in Equestria and to finding her friends?

I like Fairy Tail, I am intrigued by this story, you have my attention now :moustache:

Yep. is an interesting fic, hopefully you don't abandon it XD.

i like the story please continue but take your time

I'm surprised they didn't overreacted when Lex demonstrated the "Dark Ecriture" to the main-six, I assumed that they would've call it "Dark Magic" based on the name, what it can do and the fact that it's forbidden in Equestria. I guess this one gets a pass, until the princesses appear and gives their Judgement.

It would be perfectly ironic for Spike to learn Dragon-Slayer magic.

This looks good, and since its a girl this time around it interests me more, since its hard to find Displaced stories like this with a good OC. Keep it up!

Also, I agree with the guy below me, Spike learning Dragon Slayer magic would be priceless :rainbowlaugh:

9160814 Yeah, Garble and his goons are screwed, and Ember will share Spike with Rarity.

he does in one story, buuut... that story been put to the wayside for a long time, until the authors second story is done.

loving this. can't get enough fairy tail.. most are discontinued, without ever being marked as canceled.

I shrug to her, “All I did was use my Solid Script magic on them. It ain’t rocket science.” I tell her, the others looking confused, while the purple unicorn smiles a bit.

Careful Lex, you have the purple one's curiousity :moustache:

Interesting. OP as all heck (always fun, if handled right), but at least they don't seem to have knowledge of a certain show.

At least that avoids the whole "ooo, can't mess up the timeline thing." (And why do such people always seem to think their mere presence won't do it, or that the similarly-OP enemies (or the ones from their own character's franchise!) that would not have been beaten without their help would not have changed it?) I mean, it's up to the author whether it's an AU or not, so why does the character need to have angst about it? :D
So, like I said, glad to see that avoided.

Though, I think there was one fiction where the residents found out that they WERE a TV show, and had amusing reactions (i.e. arguments about most popular princess, etc).

After reading that last bit...
Look out! The purple one's gaze has been attracted to you! :P

Maybe later on if lex makes her own fairy tail branch some of the originals make a appearance and i'm not talking ponyfied versions but the real deal.

I think that would make a interesting story arc, especially wen the original levi is coming as well.

hmmm... smart as lex is, she could be the GM

Hm. I would have thought that the ominous-named ones would be corrupting, but then I don't really know the source material for that.
Also, didn't he say that he knew the death magic...?

Dark Ecriture does have a death spell, but it has only been used as a last resort by Freed in Fairy Tail and even then, it isn’t a corrupting spell

What was the one he learned then? He just mentioned that the Dark Death spell was corrupting, but he (or was it she?) got one from the scroll from the Merchant.

She and Death magic is entirely diffrent from the Death spell for Dark Ecriture. The scroll she got actually held info on wester and eastern Solid Script as well as Dark Ecriture

seems like celestia is.. biased, toward dark magic.

it also means ponies only encountered corrupting type of dark magic, and completely ignored the fact luna used dark magic.. hmm. i knew ponies were oblivious but gee

So far I’m really enjoying this story. Keep up the great work!

Especially when considering that Celestia specifically questions on the types of NON-corrupting dark magic in that very chapter, after refusing to believe such exist. Yet she seemingly knows that there are a few, otherwise how could she ask for a certain number of kinds?

exactly. she knows full well that luna' magic is a type of dark magic.

this gives you options however. like, she knew sombra's magic was dark type naturally? what would this imply, seeing as she has been in 'control' of the 'joint decisions' between her and luna the whole time. let's not forget, knowing there are non corruptible types, and lo and behold- twilight doesn't know this. which means celestia is outright choosing not to teach twilight all she could in such a way, that makes twilight growing up to think dark magic is inherently evil.

control is the point here. (i may be a little biased at this concept, as i have a theory celestia did all this as a plan to be in 'absolute control' of luna, under the guise of a loving sister)


You see that kind of attitude in her a lot in some fanffics.:ajbemused: For example in thedarkitty's cracks in reality, twilight shows that she is more than capable of controlling her self and even helps stop night mare moon but Celestia comes within an inch of killing her when she's unconscious.:flutterrage: As well in clockworklich's the beating of my heart she tolerates it sent's Ren can't use anything ells but it's still stated that she hates it. Even thou its said in that wold its possible to use safely and even Luna is shown using it in the beginning.:ajbemused:

in 'going back home' the ending makes it clear, in that version- celestia is manipulating twilight to keep her from her destiny in truth. cause it goes against her ideals (order) twilight breaks all the seals that celly put on her own mind, releasing celly' other half, forcing her to get along with daybreaker. sealing her made celly a 'order' type ruler.

“Also, I don’t really trust you not to start freaking out as soon as you get on the train.”

You are wise Lex :pinkiecrazy:

Plus, it is set to only lower through the magic of an Alicorn, making it so only the princesses can teleport in and out, as well as any who are in the radius of their spell.”

How does she know how to do that ?
She hasen't meet an alicorn yet and should not know how to alter it to allow an alicorn to teleport past it... unless the Books she read earlier had information on the magical signature of the three only known alicorns written down, which just seems unlikely :trixieshiftright:

“Wrong.” I interrupted her. “His magic appears to be naturally dark, meaning these crystals he is making would be normal for him. Something has corrupted his magic itself causing him to go nuts with power.” I say and two princesses look to me in confusion.

This makes a lot more sense than "Dark magic" driving someone nuts :moustache:

“Says the one who uses night and dream magic, which can fall under the category of dark magic.” I say back without thinking

Especially when you consider that Dream Magic involves invading someone else's mind and altering it however you please when they sleep :pinkiecrazy:

“For the first part, maybe it is just how thing work in Fiore, but magic is separated into large spectrums from one type of magic to another. For example, you could have one person who specializes in Fire Dragon Magic, and another who specializes in Purple Flare Magic. They are both fire magic users, but the spells themselves are very different. The same goes for Dark Magic.” I tell them.

Yeah, they don't seem to have that many variations of singular categories in this world and they have probably labeled things that are harmful or corrupting as "Dark magic"

The princesses are curious and Twilight looks like she would be drooling if she weren’t in the presence of royalty.

Careful Lex, you have the purple one's obsession :facehoof:

I can feel Celestia’s gaze on me the entire way out the room.

Heh, she dosen't like it when her "perfect" view of the world is called into question does she :ajsmug:..... and Lex is teaching her student so there might be some jealousy there :moustache:

looking good, and nice lore too.

Where can I read Equestria’s Strongest Wizard?

good choice. that's a great story... too bad it's on hold until 'star eater' is done

Okay, so TvTropes tells me that his mother was actually poisoned. :P

“Yes. And who are you? Also, why aren’t all of you freezing?” He asks as we begin to walk. The others soon get close, keeping together as to not get sperated.

Because enchantments can be OP in the right hands :twilightsmile:

Their happiness was not to last long. When the prince was seventeen and a half, the queen began ill with an unknown disease that the could not cure.

When dealing with royalty an nobilty, "Unknown disease" becomes a codeword for "Poison" :moustache:

[INFORMATION: Stall King Sombra while Twilight & Spike find and retrieve the Crystal Heart!]

“SOMBRA!” I rush to him in adrenaline induced anger and pin him with a hand on his neck, the other pulled back. I go to punch him in the muzzle, but I remember every one of my friends. Twilight, Rainbow, AJ, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Spike...Nat and Sora, Adam. I stop my fist mere inches from his face and freeze, panting. I remember the time Adam went to find that bastard that took me, and how he said not to hurt anyone if you can help it.

This part is a Reminisce of the aftermath of Mira vs Freed.

seeing Mavis was cool but that power up feels a little out of left field and OP at this point in the story but there's a difference between "knowing" how to use magic and "mastering" it. Lex has a lot of training to do if she want's to fully master her new powers.

oh please give me more. i want to see sunbutts face when she see's Sonbāsutā

I sigh and look to Sonbā. “Looks like you and I are more alike than I thought.” I say, earning the gathered creatures attentions.

There's so much bulding material for this ship :pinkiecrazy:

“So, you have knowledge of every type of magic from Fiore?” Twilight asks in shock.

Lex... you're doomed :moustache:

Although, I wonder how they even heard about me, considering Equestria and the Empire didn’t have a reliable means of communication with one another at the time.” He says in thought. I wonder about that as well.

As do I :trixieshiftright:

Eh just give Twilight archive and memory make magic and she is set for life

so... she has fairy law now as well as fairy glitter? sweet...and that sheild will come in handy.

unless they had a spy in the empire that COULD communicate... and seeing as they were 'narrow minded' towards dark magic.. they may have marched before it was too bad, but it took them time to march their. what with no trains

fairy law would make the invasion too easy though... probably why our fem fatale is there AFTER it.

The past it something we


was because he tracked down Adam and beat the ever living crap out of him.

You meant that "he" (Adam) tracked down Ray and beat the crap out of him.

Ah, yes. There's the OP!
I do wonder if her friends are going to show up at any point or they got banished elsewhere? I'd kinda dislike if this were like the other Displaced stories where it has continual crossovers with other stories and then dies after a month and a half, but I've seen no sign of the others, so that implies multiverse after all. That said, I don't object to the first part of that idea so long as it's actually a real enemy that needs fighting (and isn't nearly every chapter) -- I am firmly of the opinion that with the level of OP that quickly accumulates on MCs in such crossovers that they really should be able to handle most goings-on. Perhaps if it's a really difficult one like buffed Tirek it would work.


I never saw all of fairy tale, i know of fairy law and fairy glitter but what was the third master spell?:rainbowhuh: And for that mater what dose fairy glitter do, i never saw beyond the s rank tests when ti was first introduced.:applejackunsure:

fairy law is a wide scale bombardment of allwho the caster thinks of as enemies.
Fairy glitter is a shot of magical power that destroys a target
Fairy sphere uses the bonds between people to make a protective sphere.

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