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I'm just a guy with a love of all things animated, be that MLP, anime, or video games, you name it, I'll probably enjoy it!


Word of advice, don't buy things from shady booths at conventions. I was originally just a guy, annoyed by circumstances beyond my control. Now I'm a butt kicking girl from my favorite video game franchise! How could this possibly get any weirder? Oh, how about originally being male, and now being female?

This is gonna shoot the continuity to pieces, isn't it?

Special thanks to HoodwinkedTales for the fantastic cover art!

Warning: The sex tag is in place due to gender bending, just to be safe. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn around and keep browsing.

Crossover chapters with (In order of appearance):

Spider in Equestria by DarkSpider
Solid Script Equestria by Garnet Naturea
The Golden Eyed Sage by Alvasa
Diclonius Queen of Equestria by Garnet Naturea
Something From Nothing by shagohad12 and Voldine

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 117 )

You just had to reference prince of bel air. XD

Couldn't come up with anything better for the short description

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!

This could get interesting. Let's see where you take this story.

You have my interest. I always had a weakness for KH. I'll give it a read. :moustache:

Interesting start, love how it starts.

As a Final Fantasy fan and KH fan I shall keep in eye on this :twilightsmile:
I have a Dissidia/FF9 Zidane displacement so if you want to do a cross let me know :twilightblush:

Didn't like the music fight but eh that's just me, ever way keep up the good work, I just really hope your story doesn't go down the stupid hill like most other KH X MLP fics.

I got a Xion fic with a similar premise if you ever wanna talk a crossover

I was actually gonna approach you after the first crossover chapter I had planned. Nice to know we had the same thought. :)

Well, pm me and we can start hashing out details.

I awoke to the feeling of a spike being driven through my forehead. “Ugh, did anyone get the license plate of the car that obviously hit me?” I say as I sit up. ‘Wait a moment,’ I think to myself. ‘That’s not voice.’

Do you mean 'That's not my voice.'?

Ahh, thanks for spotting that. I'll just go and fix that

Was that the real Xemnas or a cosplayer? Also like the story so far.

Like this, reminds me on my old displace story, first chapter with a scene like this:

I still like this, when's the next chapter?

Naw, its the Merchant. He can look however he wants to look.

Next chapter will be up either tonight or tomorrow, whenever I finish typing it out.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up fellow keyblader.

with the description alone, (as well as title) you had my curiosity. After reading the first chapter, you have my ATTENTION:twilightsmile:

So, the next chapter will be a crossover chapter with another Displaced. Who's it gonna be? Tune in next chapter to find out!

I wonder if anyone not in the server will be able to tell.

I seem to have been turned into Kiari, specifically the Kingdom Hearts III incarnation of Kairi.

You have a minor typo in the first instance of Kairi's name there lol. great chapter btw!

Yeah, I noticed that, though it seems I missed one. Thanks for pointing it out

This is pretty damn cool so far, keep it up!

quite welcome!:twilightsmile:

Btw, I recently finished KH3 on PS4 and managed to get all the trophy's and man I tell you it was NOT easy to get some of em :rainbowlaugh:

Oh I know, I managed it too, but it was that damn Synthesist trophy that caused me the most amount of grief...

I'm quite happy you're enjoying the story so far, and I'd actually like to hear what you thought of Celestia's explanation, specifically how I used Scala ad Caelum.

I thought the Scala ad Caelum story you came up with made a LOT of sense. Even Master Xehanort canonly said (if i remember right) that all words spawned from Scala ad Caelum so what happened in this actually fits quite well. I think Kairi should also probably mention a few things about Master Xehanort to Celly and the crew though just in case they dunno about him.

Also the trophy that pissed my off the most was the verum rex game, By Lunas blessed moon it was a pain!

You're right about Master Xehanort saying that about Scala ad Caelum. In fact, the line about how Scala ad Caelum is the nexus from which all worlds spring was a direct quote from him.

I'm glad someone else who played KH3 gets my reasoning for the so-called nexus from which all worlds spring being a massive library. I'm gonna be honest here, I didn't think anyone would like that.

Well to me personally it was kind of obvious after all in the KH universe there's probably millions of worlds maybe billions after all it was once said (I think in KH1) that each star was just another world. And theres a LOT of stars in the sky hehe

So we are getting a Spider-Man aren't we. So if we are getting Disney crossovers I wonder if Star Wars or one of their other properties will be showing up?


Crossovers from Disney properties. It isn't worded very i think.

I can safely say we didn't plan that when we made the agreement.

Personally I'm still surprised we did this so fast.

That was a fun chapter! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

Kairi is in a big boo-boo now.

“Wi-Fi access? Able to communicate between dimensions?” I whisper. “How is that even possible? Unless you have a Time Lord on hand, it really shouldn’t be!”

Pretty sure a certain Time Lord is said to be trapped in Equestria. The writers of the show don't exactly deny the idea either.

I know of that theory, and believe it wholeheartedly! In fact, the Doctor will be making an appearance at some point, not sure when. Kairi, however, doesn't know about that theory. As I wrote, her knowledge doesn't go beyond episode 100 of the show.

Actually the writers were flaunting it in episode 100 as a shoutout to fans. The scarf he wore in a scene was the iconic Doctor scarf and the reason Ditzy went to him in the first place was to use his "time machine." There were probably a few other things but the writers just couldn't say it out loud because of copyright laws.

Oh yeah. It's been a few years since I saw that episode, so there are a few details I can't remember. Meh, go figure.

Actually she came to him for help in general, not specifically the time machine. Pretty sure she brought up going back in time as a simple wish that many people do when they wanna fix a mistake

I like this I shall read more.

Links to said Displaced stories? You could place them in the Author's Notes.

Ugh, can't believe I forgot about that...

Just fixed it now.

The words imply that you will hit the continuity, instead of missing via the many plot holes.

Um, could you please explain what you mean? I'm kinda lost...

Wait, Darkside is a 'Pureblood' Heartless, they don't have/release hearts. Only 'Emblem' heartless does that.

I'm aware, it was a good way to end the fight though, so I'm keeping it in.

Thank you! I really appreciate hearing that! On another note, I can't wait for the next chapter, since we'll actually be trying out the training facility, and Kairi starts training her Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic!

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