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I am a senior in college with a love of all things animated, be that MLP, anime, or video games, you name it, I'll probably enjoy it!


New Artwork For MYHBYGK! · 9:37pm May 3rd

WOO! May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key now officially has proper cover art!

Big thank you to HoodwinkedTales for making it, and making it look absolutely AMAZING!

Chapter 7 is currently in the works, and hopefully will be done within a week or two.

Until next time!

May Your Heart be Your Guiding Key!


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D's Thoughts On... (31/8/15) · 1:38pm Aug 31st, 2015

Persona 4 Golden

OK, the first thing you all need to know, is that I went into Persona 4 Golden blind. I had never played the original PlayStation 2 game, I'd never watched the anime, heck, the most exposure to the Persona franchise I had at the time was Persona 3 Portable! However, going in blind, for me, was probably the best decision I could have made, because I had no expectations going in; just a burning curiosity to see what happens in a sequel to Persona 3.

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D's Thoughts On... (1/12/14) · 5:36pm Nov 30th, 2014

...Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Have you ever been told about an anime that someone really enjoys, thought it was extremely girly, check it out anyway, and then go "huh, that was a heck of a lot darker than I thought it was going to be"? These were my first thoughts on Puella Magi Madoka Magica. My thoughts, obviously, have changed on this series, and you will soon see why I and many others believe this show to be a master piece.

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D's Thoughts On... · 5:01pm Nov 23rd, 2014

...Big Hero 6 and Attack on Titan.

Hey guys! So, I decided to do something I never thought I'd ever do. A review column... Blog... Thing. Anyway, for this first entry into this new thing I'm doing, I thought I'd post my thoughts on something new, and something old. Lets start with the old, and take a look at the popular anime Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan

The Story

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Status Update · 2:04pm Nov 19th, 2014

Hello, hello! Hope you're all enjoying the new chapter of PMTM! There are two things I'm gonna talk about in this blog. First, I have a bit of a preview for the next episode. Below will be a short little snippet of whats to come. Second, and I'm a bit wary to do this, but below, under the preview, you will find a link to song I did a cover of. Word of warning though; if you do not like Christian music, rap music, or anything by the group Manafest, you will not enjoy the song. However, I

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New Chapter of PMTM Nearing Completion! · 3:26am Oct 22nd, 2014

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates, I've been extremely busy with college classes, work, helping to write jidbrony's An Equestrian Girl Needs a Doctor, and life in general. But, enough with apologies, I'm sure a lot of you are eager to read the new chapter of Puella Magi Twilight Magica. I am about halfway done writing it, and I thought you all deserved a little reward for your patience. So, here is a little preview of the next chapter. Enjoy!

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Announcement · 7:01am Jul 21st, 2014

Hello everybody! As those of you who are reading Midnight Blaze5's "MLP: The Story Retold" knows, Midnight is using two OCs I came up with for a new story that I'm planning. Now, that means that I will be writing this alongside PMTM and its sequels/prequels. Plus, unlike PMTM, this will be a totally original story, though it will be using elements of both Sword Art Online, as well as elements from a show called RWBY (pronounced 'ruby').

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Think about it · 11:18am Jul 8th, 2014

So get this. I was having an average conversation with my family, when the topic of My Little Pony was brought up. Now, let me make one thing clear: my parents have never given the MLP fandom a chance and have always been opposed to me being a Brony, so they have no idea what sort of people are on here. So, as I was saying, in our conversation, the topic of MLP came up. It turned into this long winded speech about how, judging on the original demographic for the show is little girls, there is a

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Question: Am I alive? Response: Yes, yes I am! · 5:27pm Jun 21st, 2014

Hello everypony! Man, its been a while since I last posted a blog here, but, I do have an excuse. IB exams and graduation. Thats all you need to know. Anyway, thought I'd give a progress report. So, first of all, I'm gonna be putting all my stories, except for Puella Magi Twilight Magica on hold until PMTM is done. As for Kingdom Hearts: The Key to Harmony, I'm still trying to decide is I should permanently cancel it, or continue it when PMTM is done. Any feed back on that would be appreciated.

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Updates and Announcements · 7:47am Feb 4th, 2014

Hello everyone, first off, I'm sure some of you noticed my avatar change briefly, don't worry, that was my fault. Anyway, updates! Puella Magi Twilight Magica has now gotten into the dark phase of the story, so expect the first death next chapter.

Announcements, I'm cancelling Pushing Daisies: Pie-lette until further notice.

Thanks for your time
Onwards and Upwards!

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