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I am a senior in college with a love of all things animated, be that MLP, anime, or video games, you name it, I'll probably enjoy it!


Word of advice, don't buy things from shady booths at conventions. I was originally just a guy, annoyed by circumstances beyond my control. Now I'm a butt kicking girl from my favorite video game franchise! How could this possibly get any weirder? Oh, how about originally being male, and now being female?

This is gonna shoot the continuity to pieces, isn't it?

Special thanks to HoodwinkedTales for the fantastic cover art!

Warning: The sex tag is in place due to gender bending, just to be safe. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn around and keep browsing.

Crossover chapters with (In order of appearance):

Spider in Equestria by DarkSpider
Solid Script Equestria by Garnet Naturea
The Golden Eyed Sage by Alvasa
Diclonius Queen of Equestria by Garnet Naturea

Chapters (9)

Listen to our story.

This is the story of how we died... Oh, but its a very fun, action filled story! And honestly, its how we died in our own world, and how we lived in another.

Our names were Dmetri Ross and Victoria Wroblewski. We are now known as Kirito and Asuna

Please, listen to our story. It... May be the last chance we get to tell it...

Chapters (1)

Ranma is now the master of the Wishbringer sword, now, after making his three wishes, he is the twin sister of Twilight Sparkle, named Midnight Aurora.

Follow along as Aurora and Twilight learn the magic of friendship, and the magic of family.

Note: This story will have a sixteen year time jump after the prologue, and is set in an alternate universe, though will follow most of the same stories as in the episodes, just with extra characters and extra episodes as well.

Chapters (1)

She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time… Twilight Sparkle, an eighth grader of Ponyville middle school, is one of many ponies who live such a life. One day, she has a fateful encounter of the magical kind. She doesn’t know if it happened by chance or by fate yet. This is the story of a fateful encounter that could change her destiny. This is the story of the Magical Fillies.

NOTE: This story is set within an alternate universe where Twilight never became Princess Celestia’s student, and unicorns don’t exist in any way, shape or form. There are only earth ponies, pegasi and alicorns.

(Shout out to Ramisha from Legends of Equestria for providing the cover image! Just keep in mind that this is not an anthro story, its all ponies!)

Chapters (11)

One cruel night, Twilight Sparkle reads aloud from Demon Heart, and an evil ruler named Blackfire escapes the boundries of the book, landing in her living room. Suddenly, Nyx's in the middle of the kind of adventure she thought only took place in fairy tales. Somehow she must master the magic that conjured up this nightmare. Can she change the course of the story that has changed her life forever?

NOTE: This story takes place ten years after the events of Past Sins, so technically, Nyx is ten years old in this fic.

EDIT: Big thank you to Ramisha on the Legends of Equestria Forums for the AMAZING cover art!

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle. Librarian of Ponyville, Element of Magic and personal student of Princess Celestia.
Midnight Aurora. Lunar pegasus, defender of the Lunar Republic and Guardian of Equestria.
Blobking. A regular, uninteresting unicorn.
Sakura Petal. Unicorn programer, master of the legendary Buster Sword and resident of the nation of Japony.
Sonic Stryker. Paranormal investigator, agent of Princess Luna and the only pony (other than Twilight) to have met the Slendermane and survived.
Flamdren D'Auteriche Lucifenia. The only pony survivor of the Equestrian Keyblade War.

What do these six ponies have in common? Why they've been chosen by the Keyblade of course! Now they must begin their journey to not only save Equestria, but all the worlds themselves.

((Shout out to Ramisha on Legends of Equestria for making the awesome cover art!))

Chapters (3)

Meet Ned, your average earth pony with a very unusual gift. Ned can touch dead things and bring them back to life. However, this gift does not come without consequences; if he were to revive a pony for longer than a minute, he risks killing somepony else. Follow Ned as he attempts to solve the murder of his childhood sweetheart Chuck.

I know, I know, this is essentially a re-write of the first episode of Pushing Daisies, but there is an explanation for that; I did this to get the ball rolling in the series of stories I plan to write about this. So please, don't crucify me for doing something to lay the groundwork for upcoming stories.

Chapters (3)
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