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Beginning of rewrite has started. You may read as if this is a completely new story.

I was a human named ?¿?¿ before being reborn as Eris, Discord's twin sister and one of The Chaos Twins, and I get to live a much better life than my previous one. As soon as I get out of this blasted amulet!

Warning: Fluttershy x Discord is the ship that is supported here.

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Comment posted by Taken-By-Insanity deleted Oct 16th, 2021

I am thoroughly confused by that video.

this story is awesome and having one of TheInvertedShadow's Gmod videos in is even more awesome. it was short but who the hell cares THIS IS AMAZING. keep up with the amazing work.

i wouldn't mind more info on eris and discords past and how discord lead down the path that lead him to putting eris inside the amulet

Discord didn't put Eris in the amulet. It was a unicorn stallion.

Also I will be sure to put more info on their past.

alright and you might wanna make it a little clear about who put eris in the amulet

thanks for taking my suggestion

A window could open 3-way between Equestria, CHS, and the Chaos Dimension, leaving everyone baffled at what's happening. There would have to be a LOT of explaining done to the Human Mane 6 (or Mane 7, depending if this happens before or after Friendship Games). Then again, if it takes place after Friendship Games (of course), they could call on Midnight Sparkle (as crazy as that sounds, but hear me out read on though) and she helps fight off Eris and Discord. She did try to destroy the human world to get to Equestria at the last event of the games.

Just a suggestion! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks. It's a good suggestion but I'm going to put a few twists to it such as it's after Camp Everfree and more. You are going to be featured in the next chapter for contributing to this story so watch out!

Interesting is my middle name! At least one of them.

minor point probably should be the Human 7 not the Humane 7.. All in all interesting.

taken by interesting insanity I could see that

I'm just big on rifts, time travel, computers, just anything of that nature in general. I just... saw what looked like a request and I gave an idea. Amazing story, dude!

Is there any chance that you would put Midnight Sparkle into the story somehow? I can see, like, a hundred different things you could do with that.

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, do you think that you could take a look at my story? Just figured that I'd ask because you really have a talent at this!


Would it be okay if I used Eris in a story that I'm working on right now? I just want her to be in a side-story that I'm working on right now.

Thanks, dude! You have no idea how much this could help!


Is she weaker than him or something?, because she couldn't save herself from the blast.

It took three hours but after a flash of red and a bone crushing from Discord, it was safe to say that I'm free. "I'm a free spirit again woohoo!" I yelled in excited. I then destroyed the Alicorn Amulet since it's easy to destroy without me in it. I then sang a song to the Mane 6 and Princesses as a thank you.

IN the princesses where involved then maybe you should stop skipping scenes.

For the first chapter I can otherwise not complain.

I smiled and said in a somewhat strained voice, "Let's just keep going with the tour do you agree?" The five mares nodded and led me to a building that looked like it was made of food but it obviously isn't.

They are not reacting enough, it was strange enough that they waited so long, but then they acted as if nothing was happening at all, maybe you should show a bit more or describe more.

I think so far I'm nor really getting into it because it is just described as "this happens then that happens and now we are here". I think chapters like this are sometimes 3.500 words long so every scene I feel you maybe skipped over has something to show.

Well I still somewhat enjoy this, but right now I feel like I could be more into it if I would see more of the character or how he/she reacts in certain situations.

I told her, "I am Eris, one of the two chaos spirits of Equestria, one of The Chaos Twins, and friend to those that want Harmony and not pure Chaos or pure Order."

I often think they act as if harmony was pure order.

I enjoyed the last part of the story, that was really a good moment and this chapter already looked better. I think I even found a good way to describe what I meant so far.
To me it feels often more as if I would watch the events unfold from above, roughly seeing the majior events and missing out on the little stuff that would maybe make everything feel more alive.

nothing to bad just a little boring you seem to be jumping from one place to the next

I looked at everyone in the room to see all of them slightly worried and I just noticed this weird feeling that I have every time I looked at Thorax for some reason, it's really annoying.

To be honest I hoped Thorax would get a thing fo her and not she for Thorax. I'm just trying hard to find a story that starts out with a one sided love for the main char, just because I think this is a rare thing since usually both are in love out of nowhere and everything.

Her feelings for him came out of nowhere for me too a bit, that and I hope Cadance isn't playing matchmaker.

I was a human named Van before being reborn as Eris, Discord's twin sister and one of The Chaos Twins, and I get to live a much better life than my previous one. After I get out of this blasted amulet that uses my power to do whatever the user wants, to a certain degree, without my will and it corrupts them since they aren't made to use or hold chaos magic!!!!

... *holds out a chill pill* ...

Red = Eris
Eris. You need one.
*Takes chill pill and takes it*
You are correct. I needed that.

I tend to be crazy.
Red = All My Characters At The Same Time
Obviously! You made us after all and your name is literally Taken-By-Insanity!

seems kinda rushed in my opinion. :applejackunsure:

My suggestion is let Cadence do her thing you know princess and love let's say she notices how she is acting around him and then Cadence does her thing and tries to set them up

But Murphy being a reliable source of plot progressing/thickening(just like cake), something disastrous gets in the way at the worst possible second.
Such as right when Eris is about to awkwardly confess her feelings to Thorax.

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