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Nathan Blake was your average college student. He was smart, rather athletic, and all in all a good guy. But he was also a huge nerd, especially for a certain indie game. Undertale.

One day he gets invited by a friends of his to tag along to a gaming convention after his brother got sick. He was going in hopes of getting some Undertale memorabilia and to meet the creator. If only things went according to plan.

Now he helps a certain group of colorful characters in controlling their SOULs and aids in protecting their world. This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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Hey there. The names Adam. Adam Taurus. And this is the story of how I arrived in Equestria.

So there we were, just me and my two/three friends just hanging out at San Diego Comicon, intent on making the best of our visit. We took some pictures, met some amazing cosplayers. But it all changed when we met The Merchant. I have heard about him but I though he was just the Comicon boogeyman. Boy, was I wrong.

Now I am stuck in Equestria as one of the best swordsmen and also the most spiteful character in RWBY.

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