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Hello I've been gone awhile, but now that i have some free time i thought i'd continue my stories. Anywho if you have a question or suggestion just lemme know


Return of my first story · 7:32am Jun 23rd, 2020

Hey everyone i got a really important announcement, my first ever fic i wrote for the site will be returning. So in case your confused my first story was not Eternal Shadows it was the predecessors of Defenders of Equestria. ESDE: The Exam and ESDE: Year One.

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Comment posted by Chaotic Flier deleted Sep 10th, 2018

Yeah, great, thank you.

Bit of random news; enjoying my last month in Boys' Brigade, before getting discharged in May this year. Currently Corporal and Commander of Squad 2 of my Company. Reached maximum age, 18.

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