• Published 15th Oct 2020
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Doctor Who: The Sci-Twi Doctor Adventures: 1st Season: Infiltration of the Cybermen - Grand-Galvatron

Sunset was just a normal everyday school-kid, until a Strange Clock, a Time Traveling Alien, and many strange alien races would change her life forever.

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Infiltration of the Cybermen: Part 2 of 7, The Awakening (Updated)

Sci-Twi as Doctor Who
Sunset Shimmer
Wallflower Blush
Episode 1: Conquest of the Cybermen
Part 2 of 7: The Awakening
Written by: Grand Galvatron

(The next day)
Wallflower Blush looked out the window of her Apartment room and saw that not only was the snow just as bad as yesterday was, but today was supposed to get even colder than it was yesterday.

Wallflower was your typical shy kid. Ever since she was little she has always isolated herself from the outside world. Always trying to avoid being in large groups of people, probably because she has severe claustrophobia. Wallflower didn't really have a lot of friends either.

"Uggh, why does it have to get even colder today. I wish I was on a tropical beach right now." Wallflower said to herself as she got her backpack ready and headed off to school.

"My day can't get any weirder...can it," Wallflower thought to herself.

Nurse Redheart, as she entered the Canterlot medical wing, she saw the girl was still unconscious.
"Hmm, I wonder how long she's going to be like that. Well, I think it would be best to check her pulse just in case." Nurse Redheart said as she entered the Medical Wing.
As Nurse Redheart was checking the girl's heartbeat and saw that it was just as it was the last time she checked, she then went over to one of the cupboard doors in the wing to find a thermometer to check the girl's temperature.

Nurse Redheart got surprised when she heard a faint murmur, "Mmmm...No, you can't win Master, I won't let you," The girl said as she slowly woke up.

Nurse Redheart, upon seeing the girl wake up, reacted immediately, and walked over to the girl.

"Well, you're finally awake, my name is Nurse Redheart, could you please tell me your name?" Redheart asked.

"C-4," The girl murmured.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't understand what you were saying," Nurse Redheart said.

"C-4," The girl said again.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what C-4 is," Nurse Redheart said.

"C-4," The girl said, this time pointing at a nearby vending machine.

"Oh, you wanted a snack, ok, I will be right back," Nurse Redheart said as she walked towards the vending machine. She returned to the medical wing with a bag of Jelly-Babies in her hand.

"Is this what you wanted?" Nurse Redheart asked, to which the girl slowly nodded her head yes.

As Nurse Redheart gave the Jelly-Babies to her, she snatched it out of Redheart's hand and quickly munched a sweet treat. After the Jelly-Babies were completely eaten, the girl licked her lips with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Ohh Jelly-Babies, the greatest sweet in the universe. Oh how I missed you," The girl said cheerfully.

"Excuse me mam, but could you please tell me your name," Nurse Redheart said.

"Wait, why are you calling me mam," The girl said before getting a surprised look on her face as she rushed to a mirror.

"Young...I'm YOUNG! YAAAAAAAY! I'M NOT OLD ANYMORE! OH BLESS YOU, YOUNG PEOPLE!" The girl said in excitement. "Wait, wait a minute...I'm too young...well, nothings perfect. I have to say though, I think the eyes are a definite improvement, but I could have done without the nose. Tell me, something Nurse, what do you think of my nose," The girl said to Nurse Redheart.

"I'm not entirely sure," Nurse Redheart said in a confused voice.

"Well of course you don't, you're a busy woman, you don't really have time to check on someone's nose." The Girl said.

"Could you please tell me your name?" Nurse Redheart said.

"I am the Doctor," The Doctor said.

"Umm...Doctor Who?" Nurse Redheart said.

"It's just The Doctor, nothing after that." The Doctor replied. "Would you like a Jelly-Baby?"

Just then, Sunset Shimmer came into the medical wing along with Principal Celestia.

“Ahh, Principal Celestia, you came just in time, the girl just woke up and is up and about,” Nurse Redheart said.

“Can I talk to her, I just have a lot of questions to ask her or him or whatever,” Sunset said, barely containing her excitement.

“Very well, I will notify her that you will be coming,” Nurse Red heart said.

Sunset responded with an excited scream, like she just won the lottery.

When Nurse Red heart and Sunset came into the room, they both saw the mysterious girl writing something on a chalk board, but when they saw what she was doing, they saw that she was writing a math equation that looked so complexing, but Sunset finally realized that she was writing the Riemann Hypothesis, a Math equation that to this day, had never been able to be solved. But somehow, this girl was able to completely solve it with the correct answer.

“She just solved the Riemann Hypothesis in about 3 minutes…b-but THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” Sunset said in utter shock as her and Celestia’s jaws dropped.

“Oh, it’s nothing really, just solving a simple math equation,” The Doctor said.

Just then, Octavia came into the room, and without warning, the Doctor snatched the cello from Octavia’s hands and started playing the entirety of Beethoven perfectly, causing both Sunset and Octavia to faint from excitement.

“Maybe we should wait for Sunset to wake up before we start asking any questions,” Celestia said.

“Ok, it’s no Biggy, I can wait, there’s just so much knowledge in this place that I need to see and expose to my mind,” The Doctor happily said as she zipped out of the emergency room and into the library.

“Oh brother,” Celestia said as she saw the girl going through every encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus in the library.

"Hey, what are you doing, unhand me right now, this is no way to treat a mathematical genius," The girl said as she was escorted out of the library by two security guards. "Oww, your squeezing my arm too tight, you are really hurting me, is this any way to treat a girl."

End of Part 2. Will Continue in Part 3 of 7: 20 Questions