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Darkness Moon

Hey Guys! I'm Darkness Moon, but my friends call me Illiow (I know, weird name XD) What I love is the SunDagio! It is my favorite couple of all! I love horror, and the adventures, and romance


This story is a sequel to A New Year, A New Beginning

It's been almost a year since Sunset and the Dazzlings began their friendship. So they decide to take a trip. But things get complicated when their plane crashes on a deserted island and they find themselves looking for a way to survive, but that will be the least of their problems.

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This is pretty good so far

Crazy Shenanigans and Cannibals ahoy!

Never say nothing can go wrong that's just testing fate also great chapter

Nice story so far, with great buildup. I'm loving the character development that you've given the Sirens. I'm not that into shipping, but you have made Sunset and Adagio's relationship believable, even if it felt a little rushed. Nevertheless, you have succeeded in grabbing my attention; I'm very intrigued to see where this goes. Well done, Darkness. :moustache: Well done.

Also, is this inspired by Stranded Deep? Because it looks a lot like it's inspired by Stranded Deep.

8077190 Thank you very much, I appreciate it very much. :pinkiesad2:
I like the couple of Sunset and Adagio, and I think Adagio could not agonize for so long without having Sunset. :twilightsheepish:

But well. I'm glad you like the story, and I hope it continues like this. :ajsmug:
And about Stranded Deep, I've never played that game. Say it's very similar to The Forest game. That is based on my story. I used to play it a lot.

I was digging it but not réalistic enough. They should be overly injure.

8206610 I mean they got into a plane crash. Most people usually die. Imagine you're hundred or thousand of feet in the air and you fall. You'd surely end up dead or so injured you couldn'T even move.

Now for THe sake of THe sTOry having the characters TOo injured could be bad, buT someone could have broken a leg or something. You cant have a plane crash and survive with only scratches...

But at the same time, I've never had one, thanks celestia.

8206618 Incredibly, there are people who survive a plane crash.
And there are people who do not suffer serious injuries, including me.

Quite the intriguing chapter as always, Darkness. Personally, I really like the way you write Sonata – innocent and a little ditzy goofy, but not stupid. You hit, at least in my opinion, the perfect way to write a ‘cute-and-stupid’ character. I should’ve given this sooner,you but you have earned yourself another mustache. :moustache: Use it well; use it wisely.

ok my friend. :twilightsmile:
thank you for your words :pinkiesmile:

Another very interesting chapter, even if the katana felt like a bit of a cliché. Then again, that’s just me.

If you’d be willing to accept a little criticism, I was a bit disappointed with the portrayal of the cannibals. Now, I haven’t played the game and don’t know how tough they are, but they kind of felt like pushovers – especially with that ending. Grr.

After five hours of confronting the cannibals, the girls made it to the cliff. The fight against so many cannibals had stained their clothes with blood and dirt.

This didn’t have any sort of satisfaction because I didn't experience the fight itself. At all.
Truthfully, it felt like you just went, “Alright, these guys are terrifying, but we can handle them. Attack!”
“Well, that was a challenge. Let’s go home!” They were just brushed aside like nothing.

Sorry if this seemed overly harsh, but I could think of no better way to get my message across. I did truly enjoy the chapter, as well as the story as a whole so far. I just felt the girls handled the cannibals a little too easily.

It's okay. I get it.
thanks for your words.

After a few moments, the plane took off. The four girls were happy to travel together on vacation. It was going to be a great trip. Everything was fine, nothing could go wrong.

:pinkiecrazy: Now you've done it...

"I like that idea, could you cook Sonata?" Sunset asked.

Don't cook Sonata! I like her. :rainbowwild:

"I think so, I mean, what could go wrong?" said Sunset, nervous.

Oh no, Sunset, now you've done it!:rainbowderp:

Awesome chapter~~! I love it 😁😁

"Mmmm ... Ari?" said the little mermaid.

You did that on porpose....

Hey, thanks for the update. I only recently found this group of stories you wrote. I think they are cool, and I am happy to hear that you can now finish. Its always better to finish, or if you can't, tell why. I speak from experience. Keep up your good work.

thank you for you words :twilightsmile:

The cover art is so dark I can barely make it out. What's it suppose to be a picture of?

It looks like the crashing plane in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Well, we come to the end. Of one story. Hopefully, these four friends have more adventures, but ones with less risk of death or serious injury. Will we read about those adventures? Maybe. But you can be damn sure that they will happen.

Ps: Author PM me your reply to this. Its supposed to be a surprise for everyone else. I dont care either way.

10080546 Thank you for comment in this story, I appreciate:twilightsmile:

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