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We are the Bronies. Lower your expectations and surrender your incredulity. We shall add your fandoms and characters to our own. Your culture will adapt to enjoy ponies. Friendship is Magic.


After a pleasant day spent at an Equestrian food festival, Sunset Shimmer and her girlfriend, Sonata Dusk, return home to the human world, only to be quickly followed by an out of breath Twilight Sparkle. Once handed a mysterious crate by the flustered princess, Sunset and Sonata find that all of their deepest inner feelings are put on display.
For better or for worse.

Takes place in The Evening Sonata Universe

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Well, I'm save this for a read tonight.:pinkiehappy:

Interesting, odd and full of "WHAT".

That was beautiful Daniel hope to see more of this universe soon how's the sequel coming? What fics do you have planed for this year

Tiny little Sunset and Sonata? Adorable.

Them doing what they did, and it backlashing into proper Sunset and Sonata? Kinky and funny.

Now this feels more like a sequel. Rise of Roam is good and all but its little SoL stories like this that made me like the first story. Hope to see more.

6799144 RoR is the grand, next chapter in the story, story. This and any others like it are more or less for fun, and vary in canonicity. But no less valuable to the lore of TES

6797065 I would also add "cute". But then I find it difficult to mingle "cute" with "kinky", so maybe not :rainbowlaugh:

6796522 These stories come out as they come to me, so I can't say whether or not they certainly will or not. As to what I have planned this year, I want to finish RoR, I have a story called "The Tombstone Tourist" I want to put out, and I have another story in the works about the origins of King Sombra.

This was adorable. And hilarious.


I have no idea how i missed this. It is adorable funny and amazing all at the same time.

It was just meant to be a little funny story to go along with the picture :pinkiesmile:.

I have seen the picture before and naturally the first thing I thought was “It’s dangerous to go alone; take this!”


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