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This story is a sequel to The Evening Sonata

Sunset and Sonata have overcome every obstacle together in their long months of love. Sonata's talent for painting has led to a huge career break, and the promise of stability and happiness for the foreseeable future. But what happens when, during this important time, the most unexpected person possible should show up to ruin everything?

Discord, Equestria's resident spirit of chaos, has appeared seemingly only to give the young lovers an ominous message coinciding with a mysterious journal entry from Twilight Sparkle. Sensing trouble, Sunset Shimmer is determined to help her friend no matter the cost. At an urging from Discord, she and Sonata have decided to return to Equestria, but find a world that neither of them recognise.

(Cover Art by Daniel Gleebits)

Chapters (26)
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Way to create dramatic tension :twilightoops:

So it begins, and in a way that already has me drooling with anticipation.

Way to start off strong with the sequel. Sonata don't leave already.

what did she see? good to have you back

:pinkiehappy:Yes! It's finally here! YAY!!!

*Yawns waking up at 1 PM* Good morning everybody, or is it afternoon? Let's see whats new
*looks at notifications*

Well, this is one way to start a story! Roamans are about, but I wonder what's in the sky that has Sunset silent with horror . . .

HOOOOLY! It's here! Great start to a brand new adventure. I look forward to the rest :pinkiehappy:

So great to see you back to writing for Sunset and Sonata. You sure didn't waste any time having thing go extremely far south.

Well, they are looking up and not to the horizon so its not eternal dusk or dawn...
My money is either on an eternal eclipse, or something eldritch related like this...

The thing staving off the rain, that Sunset is so afraid of...It's a Giant Tree. *Calling it.* ^^
Could be wrong. Just conjecture.

6193238 Conjecture as to what is causing Sunset's horror in the first chapter. I like the giant magic hole in the sky idea, but I'm afraid it's a little more mundane, if not rather more threatening.

6194376 There are far too few of them :eeyup:

6193853 Of course! You know how much I love drama and tension.

6193535 This is actually better reception than I was expecting, given the fore-warned shift from a slice-of-life like story to an adventure one. I hope you continue to enjoy it :pinkiesmile:

6193412 You win everything. Every prize that ever was or will be, you win. For evoking the Carlton Dance.

6193112 Drool is good. Lots of uses for anticipatory drool :ajsmug:

I missed you so much.


...The fuck happened?!

6196113 Nahhh, I was excited for this from the moment it was foretold in the final chapter of the previous fic. I don't mind a change in styles like this, so long as it retains some of what made the original so good (like the romace between Sunny and Sonny) :twilightsmile:

6197009 Their relationship is still the main focus, and I certainly hope my style of writing has only improved.


6196660 To Equestria. The fuck happened to it?

Mmmm.... And this the sequel begins in a fantastic manner!

6197870 Oh you'll see. Exposition is on the horizon.

6198562 Glad that you're enjoying it so far :raritywink:

Wow. Whatever this is, it is not the prequel. The voices were in latin... Equestria is being invaded by roamans. From saving Sonata's career to staving off an invasion of apocalyptic proportions in a matter of days? That just brings the shock factor up to 11. I would say more, but that next chapter is calling to me.

Well I guess siren powers are going to be much more useful in this place than an eye for art, so this is probably for the best right now. I get the feeling that Sonata's greatest challenge will be resisting the temptation to lose herself in the negative emotions of a war. She'll be forced to watch as horrible things happen that she could have stopped if she had given in to her inner demons. This is a masterpiece in the making, and I can't wait to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

6201747 Whilst I'm not going to either confirm nor deny anything of what you just said - where's the fun in that? :trollestia: - I will say this, and I want anyone reading this to be sure that I'm being quite clear


Sunset and Sonata are specifically not going to be saving Equestria from Roaman invasion. That is not their role in this story. I would never make a storyline as straight-forward and predictably boring as that, especially when the previous story had them solving real-life and relatively mundane problems.
They are not super heroes.

They are not going to single-handedly stop Roam invading.

That is all :coolphoto:

6201771 While they aren't superheroes, I'm pretty sure you could count both of them as ex-supervillians. Didn't Sonata and her sisters take over all of Equestria by themselves at one point through brute force? Their powers came from negative emotions too, and I'm sure there are plenty of those to go around in the middle of a war zone. Sirens were pretty OP with access to Equestrian magic. :unsuresweetie:

6201809 Oh certainly they were, and both whilst villains (supposedly) had the capacity to conquer the world, etc. etc., but I'm not doing that here. I'll admit that there might be a point in the story where Sonata's siren powers become relevant, but it's not going to be some be-all, end-all solution to a simple brute-force problem.
I write this story for people who I assume are a little older than the intended demographic of MLP (not for young children, that is to say), and so therefore I'm not writing a single-episode story where a glaringly obvious solution hinted at the beginning of the episode is the solution to the very obvious and world-threatening problem.
That works for the show, and is a large part of its charm, but it's not what my story is going to be like.
It's going to be a touch bit more intricate than that :pinkiesmile:

6201831 Oh I knew that, if it were that simple you would have written the whole thing in a week! It's obvious you have to nerf those powers somehow, but it's fun to speculate. My current theory is that you're going to have some combination of lack of Equestrian magic for the same reason Sunset can't use hers, and complications in the way her magic works. Siren magic could eat away at her sanity like dark magic for example, or it could be weaker after being destroyed the first time, it could only work on ponies, or maybe it even works entirely differently now to reflect how different Sonata is!

I'm going to go crazy wondering what happens next! :rainbowlaugh:

Darn! My friend guessed it would be an airship. I guessed a Tree. :rainbowlaugh:
He chose the reasonable guess, and I chose the ridiculous one.

I like that you've made time move at a different pace between Equestria and the human world (at least for now), because it helps with the complaints about The Sirens taking forever to get to Canterlot High. An entire season of MLP, might only be a couple days to humans. (There is a binge watching joke in there somewhere...)

This ought to be interesting. Loving it so far

I can think of one possible explination. They're in a different dimension?

I always hate the grouchy old recluse whose reluctant to help but he's the only one who can. I see you made use of the time travel properties of the mirror. And am I to assume that King Sombra is somehow connected to the Sirens?

When things get this convoluted and confusing, this is usually the point in one of these stories where I tend to call it quits, but because you're past writing for this pair speaks for itself, I'll keep going.

6205178 Oh please, don't read for my sake. If at any time you stop enjoying it, don't go on.
If I make something convoluted, it'd better not be confusing, otherwise I haven't done it right. It'd better be a mystery ready to be solved as the story progresses. That's the kind of story I enjoy.

6201980 The time-displacement isn't a naturally occurring phenomena, it comes from interference. This will be explained later.

6205362 I really do want to keep reading to see what happens next. And since you put it that way, I see what you mean.

6205444 Oh I'm not telling you not to read, I'm just reminding people that they shouldn't feel obligated to read. Believe me though that when I put something into a story, more often than not I explain it at some point. (unless I forget, because I'm an ignorant, fallible monkey)

I can now only picture Script as a scruffy, older version of David Tennant's Doctor

6212093 That's actually a wonderful compliment. David Tennant has perfect hair

6212145 I spy with my little eye two mistakes:

That, incidentally, is we’ll eventually be going.”

That, incidentally, is where we'll eventually be going."

Which she’d then have clubbed you to death with.”

Which she'd then would have clubbed you to death with." (This made me laugh)

6212311 Thank you, although the second one isn't a mistake. The "would" is there in the "she'd", which is composed of the words "she would".

I get the feeling that by the end of the story, somepony's going to die.


I expect many ponies to die. War and all.

6213390 I meant that either Sonata or Sunset is going to die. Would make the story interesting.


Story's already interesting. Killing off a main character/love interest is more cliche than anything I can think of at the moment, so I'm going to disagree.

Eeeh, even normal dystopias make me uncomfortable but an Equestrian one is downright terrifying. :applecry:

So im betting the rest of the mane 6 are dead either from old age or.........hmm i .....dont wanna think about it this story is rather darker than the other one you made

But id wish somebody would do a dramatic reading of the original fic other than this what other fics are you planning

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