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Hey! Anypony reading this? Probably not.


(Edited and improved) When Adagio leaves Aria and Sonata living alone on the streets they don't know what to do, but Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms show them that everyone deserves a second chance.

Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms show the two sirens friendship and help them redeem themselves, as well as helping them start new lives as normal humans without powers.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 70 )

Nice little story, I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

Is this Sunata?

outstanding cant wait for next chapter

For Realsies is this srsly one chapter it should be like the 2-3 chapters but I love da story a lot

This has the potential to become something great.

Thank you for all the comments! :pinkiehappy: This will be sunata by the way, but it will also include other shippings.

Oh finally a good story with them, it is hard to get something that fit all what i like, maybe i got a bit piky but this story looks really good.
To be honet, what i haven´t found yet is a story about the sirens, which is really good. Some are too short and it happen not much.

I was already sad that this is only one chapterm right now, but i like it that it is a Sunata Shipping, they look cute together, that is at least something i learned about this pairing.

I don´t know if we can maybe still ask for the other pairings, but could think of Aria and Fluttershy, because i always like to see Fluttershy with a more or less bad being.
At first i wanted Aria to be together with Rainbow Dash, but i don´t know if that would work with Rainbow Dash personality. I would suggest someone, who could try to show Aria the right way, but knows if she needs time for herself. I would not like it if they just are going to complain about everything they do, even if they did a more or less serious bad thing to the school.

Well as i said i would like Aria X Fluttershy, Aria X Applejack could maybe work ( to be honest, in the last time i saw many worse Applejacks, but i give not up on her) Or maybe even Aria X Rarity.

........Flash Senty........X.......Diamond Dogs :) Yeah well somehow i started to not like him, i could try to remember my conversation with another one on Fimfiction, about him having more or less no real personality, instant Love , him not even saying a word to Sunset in both movies if i remember it right, i mean i think he was together with her, if he even not wanted it then it looks for me like he liked the attention.
At first i liked him, but somehow i got convinced that he is not the best character.

PS: I like your story, the first chapter was awesome, i could already think about take it into my favourites. Well it is to soon to be sure it earned his place in my favourites, bute i really like it so i just do it.


Thank you for your feedback, I really love your profile picture by the way! :pinkiehappy:

I've already decided to pair SonataXSunset Shimmer (Long live Sunata) and AriaXRainbow Dash, but I'm still not 100% sure who to pair up with Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie or Applejack, so I'm completely open to suggestions when it comes to those four. I might leave Pinkie single, because she would probably scare away any potential love interests. I do have an idea of who I could pair Applejack with, but that will only happen if she's still single in later chapters. I normally ship Fluttercord or TrixieXFluttershy, but AriaXFluttershy sounds interesting so maybe I'll write a oneshot about it at some point. Actually, after reading all those Aria shipping suggestions I'm tempted to write a oneshot about each possibly pairing, so I might do that as a little side project.

I'm glad you're enjoying my story and I've almost finished chapter two, so it should be up tomorrow night or the night after.

Sonata and Aria redemption, huh? That's a nice change of pace.

Can you put about Sunset or one of her friends ask why the Dazzlings came to Canterlot High in the first place?

I want them to say "Duh! Because of you girls! We saw the rainbow magic that you shot into the sky!"

I think i mentioned it already, but Rainbow X Aria was more or less my first suggestion because, well i think about it, Rainbow would probably be more or less loyal to her and try to befriend with Aria and suddenly love her or something like that.

Honestly i don´t remember why i wanted them together, but i am ok with that pairing.
I think i wasn´t that sure about her, because i have read more then enough fanfiction, where i didn´t liked the Rainbow Dash.
I think i give you a chance with Rainbow, since i never read a story from you befor.:twilightsmile:
It would be nice to see if Rainbow maybe is able to be a bit more sweet to Aria if nobod is watching, i know her personality but if nobody is watching she could relax a bit.

Normally i saw rarely a one-shot, which keeps me statisfied but i know at least some good ones, so i would give your one-shot romances a chance too.

And thank you, to be honest i found this Avatar, it should be Tharja from Fire Emblem awakening.

Trixie and Fluttershy would be interessting for me, but i like Discord more as her friend, i can really not see him and Fluttershy together. One reason why i don´t like that pairing could be, that it would be to easy to say they re together beause Discord is more or less only friends with Fluttershy.

This are only femae pairings but that is probably because there are so many female Charaters in mlp^^ Maybe Coco Pomell and Rarity would be nice? Normally i would not like it because they have probably the same work, but i like Coco.


Sonata and Aria don't meet all of Sunset's friends until chapter three, but chapter two should be up in an hour or two. Just doing some editing on it.


Since this is my first MLP story, I can't promise I'll get Rainbow's personality right, but I'll try my best. I don't know if I could do Coco's personality right though, because I haven't watched the episode she's in enough times yet. I'm still planning for a lot of chapters, so I've got plenty of time to ship characters like Rarity a bit later on if I'm not ready now.

P.S. Fire Emblem: Awakening is my favourite 3DS game. :pinkiehappy:

5252249 it is really good and i have played both modes on normal, i struggle with classic a bit on hard mode i meam, sometimes i watch youtube if i play something and just do something in the game, but that cause death to some of my units because i am not concentrate, i have to play again and take my time because i want get throught hard mode without loosing to many units. :pinkiesmile:

Well your right, it is your first fanfiction so i just give your Rainbow Dash a fair chance. Well Coco Pomell, i think she was without much confident, her personality had a little bit from Fluttershy, but she wasn´t that feared, i think she just could not stand the bully type. I think she gained a bit more self-confidence.

Okay suprise me, i am sure i like it.

:pinkiegasp: uuuuuu this will be so good :pinkiehappy:

Their first real school day didn't start until tomorrow, it had taken the two girls a whole day to clean up the mess they'd made, luckily there was no damage to the school building or the field itself.

I was thinkin.....Celestia can think about it like she want, but i think it was the fault of the people which were trowing the things. If she was talking only about the trash, then i think it wasn´t really their fault, but it think celestia would really not care about it:trollestia:

Sunset nudged Rainbow, making her miss and throw the rainbow ball through the portal. The sound of shattering glass could be heard coming from the other side, and she was sure she could hear Twilight's voice yell her name in an angry manner.

I have no problem with that, but i think that maybe Twilight don´t have the portal always open, i think it would need to much magic perhaps.

I had to read it a second time to understand the last part right, but in the end i only can say that i am sad again that it is over already.:fluttercry: I am glad if i have work next week again, so i don´t can read everything that fast at the same day.

hmm i see some interesthing story now

That was one of only two chapters i got today:fluttercry: Good thing that i have work next week again, i mean at least that mean i have not that much freetime and can´t read all the storys i am interessted to read to fast.

Good chapter again, it really looks like it was really a good choice to try this story out.

They had learnt their names during the battle of the bands,


A great chapter! :raritystarry:

Very funny! Please continue!

Is it bad that Skittles is one of my favorite things to eat? :rainbowderp:

Rainbow and Aria just missed the majority of two classes. How are they going to make up for their lost study time? :twilightoops:

I like the story, thank you for the new chapter, i am glad if i can read something like that, befor School/work

Another great chapter! :pinkiesmile:

Thank you all for your comments! :pinkiehappy: I'm a bit busy this weekend, so I'll try to publish the next chapter on Sunday or Monday night.

She looked over to the side to see how Sonata was doing, but when she looked at her book Sunset saw that Sonata had written more than her.

Somehow i thought the only thing she had written was :
taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco taco tuesday taco taco taco taco ...... the great taco war and other things.
I knew that wasn´t what you meant right there, but i have to think about something silly if you mention Sonata.:pinkiehappy:
Or she has written about Equestria history :)

Well not bad, good chapter actually, this was just a bit more calm chater i guess. To be honest i thought you would show us that some of the people at school don´t like Aria and Sonata, i don´t need a fight but i thought they would show their hate a bit.

Lunch break isn't over yet! There could still be a fight before next lesson.

Okay we have Sunata shipping and Blazblue shipping. I approve!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by The Narwhal Assassin deleted Nov 29th, 2014


Next chapter please!!
Im enjoying this too much

This chapter could use a little tidying up, but other than that it was nicely done.

I am always sad if it is already over, i don´t know if this is your first fanfiction or not, but i can´t say anything bad about it. I just hope you plan to keep your time and maybe you could do a sleepover or two in this story, i mean a sleepover that went over two or three chapters, if every Characters is with them. They could do a gaming evening, movies, whatever they want to talk about, many silly scenes with Sonata and a few grumpy ones with Aria. I know Aria tries to change, but i hope you can make her grumpy in a way no one of her friends, or at least Rainbow Dash would recognize as bad.
If you understand what i mean, that i want an grumpy Aria which no one could be realy mad at, but Rarity or Applejack, then i hope you consider the idea at least. I like to say again, of course you don´t have to do it the way i suggest, but i guess you know that.:twilightsheepish:

Don´t think to much about it, i just wanted to say what i would like if it would happen more or less like that.

I almost forgot, good chapter i like it.

Aria is still gonna be a bit grumpy and mean in a joking kind of way. Might do a sleep over eventually. Sorry this chapter took so long, there was stuff going on at home and I couldn't finish it, but I will hopefully post the next chapter soon.

5477466 well sometimes it is hard to be patient and at the same time not to demanding, but yes i would like another chapter.
I tell you what i always say, take your time and try to write something really good and don´t rush anything, it is like with the Games, i rather see something good then fast and bad stuff.

I see you managed to understand what i mean there (i say it everytime but i am not that confident with my english)
Happy New year even if it is a bit late now.

Learnt is a perfectly acceptable spelling :twilightsmile:

Its a nice chapter, but i feel like it couldve been executed better. It seemed to be a tad bit rushed.

Needs polishing.

Now we wait months for the next one. :(

Next one won't take months, I pinkie promise.

I've just realised the beginning of this chapter is missing. Now I just feel stupid, I think I must have lost it when fimfiction kept telling me to login every ten seconds.

Awesomely adorable and all that mushy stuff. Neat chapter.

I totally approve this ship.

I'm calling it now,
Sonata has a kid.

Oh. I was going to ask why you used canteen instead of cafeteria. Good to know. Good story so far. I've read six chapters and loved it! :heart:

Hope you don't keep me waiting for the chapters after I finish the next two!

Tacos Ahoy!
Another neat chapter dude. :pinkiesmile:

Well i guess i don´t start to talk about Flash Sentry for a change, but i guess Sunset is right, Twilight would probably have not time to meet with him, if she have to take him as a Coltfriend, she has her own version of him.

"Thanks...I appreciate it. I'll just go grab my stuff." Aria got out of the car.

i would love it, if she would be still a bit difficult, i mean i thought Ranibow had to force her to stay with them.

Very nice chapter, i like where this is going. I like it that Rainbow´s Dad is somehow interessted in Sirens´s as a creature, or he just does it because he thinks too, that Rainbow likes her.
I don´t know if i asked it in this fanfiction already, but i would like Aria to be still a bit grumpy, if there is anything that could be embarrassing for her.
Somehow i believe even a normal dinner with the whole family, could be strange for Aria after the whole time, and that could be maybe a reason for Rainbow Dash´s Mom to asked her about her concern, i don´t know what kind of a person she is in your story (Rainbows Mom)

I just let you suprise me, i don´t have any real suggestions for the new chapter. Can i ask if you have a plan how often you update, and when? I don´t want to boost you, i just would like to know when a new chapter "could" be possible out.

I am not a fan of Flash but I don't hate him.
So thx for lessening his jerk factor.

It's a realy good fic. Keep up the good work. :yay:

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