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Back from a very long hiatus.


Inspired by something that happened in this story, but the rest is of my own creation.

A trip to the mall leads to a series of strange events with our main group and a few sirens.

Think, think, think! Pinkie pulled at her hair, You've got to help Sonata!

Sonata seems to be stuck in a sticky situation, and only Pinkie can help her. Will the party girl be successful, or will she fall flat?

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it was really funny. just like fluttershy to suggest to look into the pet store first.
it was also short. though it didn't need to be long, every chapter made you want to read the next, but never really fulfilled the desire for more.

also, i recognised this one:
"flaming issue = hot topic"
maybe i'll get them all tomorrow.

5431927 Yeah, I realize it's a bit short. At first I wanted to make it all one chapter, but then the flow was really funky and it just didn't work.

Thanks for the comment! And yup, that was Hot Topic xD Probably the easiest one on there.

I feel like this story is underrated. It's short and silly, certainly, but it's so tightly contained and everything connects so well it feels like an intricately-woven little ring of laughs, mischief, laughs at mischief, and friendship. :pinkiehappy:

This is pretty good so far but I kinda wish it was a bit longer but hey to each his own right? Lol, also I'm gonna guess that Flaming Issue is supposed to be Hot Topic right?! And hazard O'clock is adventure time? I could be wrong tho lol and I have no clue what fortunate idol is supposed to be

So I'm guessing that Too Many Games is supposed to be GameStop and that Distorted Tour is Twisted Metal? Also I noticed this little mess up I don't know how to do that weird post thingy that people usually do to show errors or sections that they liked so I'm just gonna copy and paste it lol "Wait wait wait." Rainbow looked to Applejack, Fluttershy, and Adagio. "What have you three been doing this whole time?"
I didn't know Aria's name was also Adagio lol or I might have read that paragraph wrong, still though I laughed a bit harder then I should have lol

5448858 :O Oops. Wrong siren! (To do that copy the section you want to quote and then on the bar in the comment the button right next to YouTube is what you should push; then paste the section between the quotes)

Adventure Time and Hot Topic are correct! But Distorted Tour is actually Warped Tour and Too Many Games was actually a mix between FYE and GameStop, so only half a point there ;) Fortunate Idol is Lucky Star, an older Shoujo Anime/manga!

XD what "real fun" is sonata referring to?

This was a fun little read, thanks!

5467170 I left that up for interpretation ;)

And you're welcome!

My three favorite EQG ladies all together in one chapter. Very much yes. ;)

This is the second time I've seen Sonata "stuck" on an escalator. The first was in Code Blue.

6186652 Eeyup, that's where the inspiration for this fic came from!

I'm an idiot! I didn't even see that link in the description. Loved that story, loved its sequel, loved this story. They're all just so random! But they're also not random. Oh, they're "organized chaos"!

6188246 Ah don't worry about it! And I think "Organized chaos is a great way to put it.

I can't figure out what Too Many Games is, but I was pretty sure Distorted Tour was a play on Warped Tour. Poor Sunset Shimmer, always left out or victimized... I feel bad for her but why do I love it so?

Hah, just straight "Bacon" (notice Sunset not denying being human. hmm...) for all of their fuss, not much seems to happen.

wait. it's coming to me now. Pinkie had to throw Sonata the life preserver because she was stuck on an escalator? okay. I've wrapped my mind around it. and I love it.

and I love Aria slipping away immediately. take my like

"Wait. What about the life preserver?" AND THEN GOES ON TO EXPLAIN IT. you are awesome. keep being awesome.

6207428 Hehe thank you! If you liked this you may like my other story Nightlight of Friendship <3

"Flaming Issue"

This is the best alternative Hot Topic name ever.

"Please don't use the term "Idiots", it's not very nice." Rarity frowned.

I really like that she called Adagio out like that.

"I have a feeling one of our idiots is behind this." Adagio frowned.
"Please don't use the term "Idiots", it's not very nice." Rarity frowned.
Sunset felt a bit left out, so she frowned as well

This really makes me laugh. What a reason to frown! XD

They were all a bunch of loosers

Losers, I presume?

I think a lot of authors become a fan of Adagio and Sunset friendshipping once they start writing it. There's something about their dynamic that just feels right.

Well, this was a lot of fun to read! Love the reference to Code Blue (One of my favorite scenes and stories), and the way you transitioned the chapters was a lot of fun. It is made even funnier when you realize that Sonata and Pinkie are freaking out the whole time everybody is casually talking about what happened xD

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