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Back from a very long hiatus.


((Mostly unrelated and random one-shots of varying lengths))

Some things, like kissing, hugging, and smiling, translate well in any world. Other things, like hand holding, nuzzling, and cuddling, however, can have different meanings in different civilizations.

Twilight Sparkle is determined to take advantage of this, or at least that's how it seems to poor Sunset Shimmer...

((Oh yes. It's time for the SunLight! May also contain: Fluff, kissing, cliches, coming out stories, and other fun things.))

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This chapter was just so adorable :rainbowkiss:. I love seeing the differences between human and Equestrian society addressed. This story has most certainly earned a track.

I caught a few typos though.

with many generation
Her and Sunset Shimmer
Sunset had her back flush against
such physical displays weren't necessarily as much as they were in the human world
"Was a wing?

-I feel like we're missing a word somewhere in here.
-Should that really be capitalized?

"A human being a fillyfooler would be a totally different thing." Sunset said, deadpan.

Yes. That is all.
Actually, the way the deadpan part was added in is kinda weird.
It's still hilarious though!

5435911 I changed it to "with a wink" but that might not be much better :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll get onto fixing those typos :twilightblush:

5437627 :pinkiesmile: I'm always happy to lend a helping hand/hoof/whatever. On the wink change, perhaps you could just say that she deadpanned and remove the 'said with a wink' part? Eh, I don't know. :moustache:

Edit: Oh yeah, and adding a cover art might be a nice touch.

I know this is more a story just to be silly, and i read it really late, so i maybe don´t have the best controle over my mind (usually a bit sleepy around this time or at least not able to make thinks to complicated), but i can say that i like it.
For a silly story it is not bad.

That was beautiful. I wouldn't have picked Sunset for an ace though, then again she never confurmed it, maybe she was just intrigued. Still, it's good to see that you make the distinction between love and sexual attraction. also, an ace may not want sex but they can be just as cuddly and kissy as anyone else.

5440278 if i understand it right, ACE just means that Sunset doesn´t want sex or that she would never want Sex?

edit: I actually prefer storys, where they not try to have sex and everything on the first date.

I just try to understand all the different words for it right now, i know other word for it.

Oh and i agree with you there, about all of your comment.

5440278 Sunset being an ace was kind of a jump, for sure, but for some reason it just seems to fit her, especially for this situation :derpytongue2:


Not necessarily. It's more like she doesn't look at people and think 'They're hot' or 'I'd tap that' or the like. Some aces don't want sex, some are interested in it, and some don't care. It really depends on the person! Some aces will have sex for their partner, some won't. It's not really a definite thing.

alright, i'm confused. amused, and confused.

do you happen to have a link to a trusted sfw page that explains any of this?

5442010 Yeah sorry, not the easiest thing to explain xDDD

This site is the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network. Most pages are sfw, just be careful what articles you click on specifically. (The site is blocked on my current computer so let me know if the link doesn't work)

Others... I dunno. I get a lot of info from Tumlr xD

5441938 hhmmmm okay, thank you, i am not sure it this word is english, but i didn´t heard it like that befor.
Sometimes even i like to learn something new :twilightsmile:

>get a lot of info from tumblr
Ohdearjesus you poor child.

5574824 ? What do you mean?

I don't know how to properly describe the hilarity of chumblur to you.

5576626 Oh, no, I'm familiar with Tumblr, no need to do that :3

So then you should understand why "getting most of your information" from Tumblr is hilarious.
Tumblr! Where the research is made up and reality doesn't matter.

5577782 Well there are these things called sources, which validate the information. Then there are the communities which put this information together and work to better themselves. If you just skim the surface and take everything at face value then yeah, Tumblr is a bad place for info. But if you actually know how to validate facts and use your own judgement, then in some ways Tumblr is better than news channels and newspapers. Especially when it comes to Asexuality.

No. Tumblr is always horrible.
That's the thing. They don't use sources. They don't validate information. What your Tumblrinas say is gospel, and don't fucking dare argue against it.

5580169 Um, no. Articles that link to outside sources are used. Articles that link to actual people who have opinions, personal experience, etc. are used. If they are not, they can usually be asked for. Now not everyone does this, but it is possible and can be done. Tumblr can, in fact, be used to gather reliable information if you know how to do so.

I LOVE this story! I must have more!!! :heart:

Do the more writey thing with this, pretty please.

Bad-Girl Attitude Sunset is best Sunset

This is great. I would by no means have pegged Sunset as asexual, but it works. Aromanticism is something else entirely, after all... and fortunately for Twilight, so is antisexuality. This entire set of shorts is wonderful, and I love Twilight's deliberate attempts at taking advantage of the differences between societies (almost as much as her screw-ups). Will we get to see behavior at some point that would be blatantly obvious to an Equestrian, but be as overlooked by humans as their forelimb-over-shoulders in the first chapter would have been back in Equestria?

I never heard of cupiosexuality/cupioromanticism before, but I'm surprised I haven't. Cupioromanticism sounds... sad, though. A desire for romance, but not actually experiencing romantic attraction.

Of all this little storys this one definetely takes the cake as the most adorable of them all,really a great serie

These are short but sweet; I love it! Make more. :rainbowdetermined2:


(of a person's skin or face) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion.
cleanse (something, especially a toilet) by causing large quantities of water to pass through it.
drive (a bird, especially a game bird, or an animal) from its cover.
(of a plant) send out fresh shoots.
a reddening of the face or skin that is typically caused by illness or strong emotion.
a sudden rush of intense emotion.
an act of cleansing something, especially a toilet, with a sudden flow of water.
the action of driving a game bird from its cover.
completely level or even with another surface.
having plenty of something, especially money.
so as to be level or even.
fill in (a joint) level with a surface.
(in poker) a hand of cards all of the same suit.
a piece of wet ground over which water flows without being confined to a definite channel.

Mute/nonverbal Vinyl head canon B)

So... what's head canon A?

6220980 I meant like the sunglasses emoji

B) :coolphoto: like this

6221064 Ah. I hadn't seen that one before. Thanks.

I like the situation with vinyl, it is always more interessting if there is something about people that can´t to everything normal, but are able to do amazing things nonetheless.
Sometimes i think i should have done a job that goes in that direction, for me it is pretty easy to learn about that stuff if it is mentioned.

Does anyone knows about more storys with disabled people/Pony?, i mean storys on this side.

The story is still to short, and i forgot what happend since the last chapter was 8 month´s ago.
I like it, but maybe you should make it longer.

6221636 I can't think specifically of any stories at the moment.

And this isn't really a story I'm putting a lot of effort on, it's just a bunch of pointless oneshots.

I'm pretty sure at this point mute Vinyl is canon.

6225306 Yeah that's what I think, since even Octavia has spoken and they have been in the same scene and such. Which is pretty cool tbh :D

I would love to read more of this, please update again soon!


I'm sorry, I don't have much else to say, but that will do, right...?

Like to see a follow up on Vinyl, maybe she slaps Rainbow dash or Octi slaps her.. Vinyl may slug her.

Hey RD, Vinyl will teach you one sign, and its called 'F*ck off!' All you have to do is raise your middle finger like what she's doing right now.
Vinyl, put the mace down.


this needs a chapter with rainbow apologizing to vinyl

knight in shimmering armor.

This line killed me.
I didn't laugh out loud, but I died a little on the inside.
In a good way.
The best thing about this pun is that it fits well. I read it as shining, thought to myself hey, that would be a good place to use a pun with Sunset's name, then I looked back and it was already there.

Anyway, great chapter, great story, and I hope you continue.


a piece of wet ground over which water flows without being confined to a definite channel.

Ohhhh that makes perfect sense now.

"Sunset had a piece of wet ground over which water flows without being confined to a definite channel, which was located on her back, against..."


You did notice that I bolded the second definition, as it was the definition that was being used in that sentence, yes? Not the fourth definition.

So it would be

Sunset had her back completely even against the wall behind her.


Spirit was messing around- it was a joke.

Spike: If they start kissing I'm going through that portal back home.

I literally squeed when i saw this book. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

Guess it got a bit, uh, lost in translation.


Spike: they get that close 1 more time I'm out

I misread this chapter’s title as “Licking Fingers”. Whoops.

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