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Huntress of Sacred Dream

I've never been on this website before, so forgive me if I'm not the best. I'm a 15 year old girl just trying to find her place in the world of writing - I hope you enjoy my stories!

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Well... Okay then. · 7:16pm Jan 31st, 2015

Hello, all of you pleasant lovelies who happen to follow me on this amazing website!

Wow, I never thought I'd do one of these. I didn't really think I would have anything worth your time to post/read XD. But apparently I do!

... I guess I should start this off, shouldn't I? Yes; okay, here we goooo.

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Ahah, yes! I apologize for not telling you. :twilightblush:

I hope you enjoy my stories! :twilightsmile: Thank you for reading them!

Wow! You never told me you started writing~ I just came 'round to ask how you were doing since I haven't heard from you in awhile :pinkiesmile:
And now I've got some stories to read! :rainbowlaugh:
Well I sincerely hope you've been doing well sweetheart :heart: For now, I will go get started on your stories!!

Hi (Huntress of Sacred Dream) nice name btw and welcome

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