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Life is a story without beginning, or end. Some might say that a beginning is merely the end of a previous story, and an end, the beginning of another. The truth is that life is a never ending story, and everything, is middle.

This is the story of two people trying and failing to find peace alone, and instead find solace in friendship.

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That was a really good opening. You give enough of a glimpse into the world and the characters that their interactions make sense, but there's still enough left unstated that I'm sure it'll be slowly and intricately fleshed out. In particular, there are hints of very intriguing backstories that I'm eagerly looking forward to learning more about.

Basically, I'm hooked. Really, really hoping you keep this one going.

7629306 Well you're in luck there. I have about 10 chapters already written.

7629316 :pinkiegasp:
If they're all as good as these two are, I'm going to adore this story. That's so awesome to hear!

7629316 oh goodie! Can't wait for those then :rainbowkiss:
Fav'd and watching :raritywink:

Glad to see you're back in action. Looking forward to seeing how those little statues from the picture get fleshed out. Effigies of Gods or spirits of some sort? Sonata mentioned The Caster, but it doesn't appear to me that any of those statues is using a hammer. :trixieshiftright: *continues pondering*

“No,” the said finally. “I mean... no, I suppose not. Not yet, or—“ She stopped herself.

Forgot a "girl" in there. :heart:

Always happy to read whatever you put out Mr. Gleebits, patiently awaiting the next chapter.

7630128 I am back in a provisional sense. I've had a lot of trouble writing in the past few months. Have a lot of unfinished works that'll never see completion. This was an exercise to force myself to work.

The idols will be explained eventually, but they're not Sonata's gods. Sunset's idols are a different pantheon from a different culture.

It's always nice to see Sonata being clever, if in her own slightly simple-minded way. Her viewpoint may be more naive than Sunset's, but I think they both make pretty good arguments, even if I'm inclined to side with Sonata on this one.

To everything there is a season...

...perhaps the Light/Dark argument is tying it to Celestia and Luna. Light isn't always good, dark isn't always bad, and the Sith aren't the only ones who deal in absolutes.

Tribes of Light and Dark, and after all the Darks have left this world another is born among the Light? Interesting. I have to admit, my very first thought is that Sunset may be that child. Not because of any chosen one prophecy, but because of the name she chose for herself. "Sunset" is a time between night and day.(followed shortly by Twilight and Dusk :moustache: )
Could the whole, ". . .deepest, truest part of myself. . ." be referring to this?
Or maybe the child's identity will be revealed later :moustache:

On an unrelated note, I remember from way back that you mentioned Peridot and the subsequent smol she was afflicted with. Have you written any SU fics, or thought about it?

7632895 I've thought about doing SU fanfics, but I'm always been unsure as to whether to do the fun side, or the serious side of it. I did pen a few starter ones, but they never went anywhere, so I left them.

7631954 I'll tell you one thing. Very few other characters, if any, will show up in this story. It's one of the points of the narrative that they are alone together in the plains. Some will be hinted at, or may even speak, but won't be explicitly shown.

7631835 Sometimes you just need a different way of seeing things to have insight. One doesn't necessarily have to be clever to contribute. It's entirely possible that it's Sunset's intelligence that led her to the conclusion she did to the exclusion of others.

7631651 I'm inclined towards that view as well. Although it is accurate in the story that the followers of light were untroubled when they separated themselves from the darkness. I personally take the view that absolute good is a desirable goal, it's just that it's not the world we live in. The followers of the dark represent that reality in the story. There's no getting away from them, not forever, so one might as well embrace them and learn to live with them.

Opal? Sapphire!? Lion!? There are some Steven Universe shenanigans going on here. :trixieshiftright:
Just kidding of course. This was a nice read to wake up to ^^ Looking forward to more.

How old are they in this story? I fell that Sonata is at least a few years younger than Sunset, but I could be wrong.

More hints of tragic backstories? Another development in an endearing friendship? :heart:

What more could I ask for? By all means, keep going. This story deserves far more attention than it's getting.

7640240 They're within a year or two of each other in age. The difference between them is perspective. Sunset has dwelt in solitude for a while, where as Sonata is fairly new to it, so Sunset has perhaps a more mature way of looking at things.

7639302 Looking at your avatar whilst reading that, I kinda got the idea that Peridot was interrogating me :rainbowlaugh:

7640299 Feel free to tell someone important that :rainbowlaugh:

Sonata, did it really take you that long to register the lions? :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story, I like all the hints we get to the world they live in, and I'm becoming more and more curious as to where do they come from and what happened for them to leave everything behind like that :rainbowderp:

7647723 That's kinda the point :rainbowlaugh:
A large part of the this story will be piecing together their backgrounds from the clues in the story. Some of those clues will be narratively explained, whilst others will be up to the reader to puzzle over.

Sunset has the patience of a saint. I thought for sure Sonata would have faced a breach-in-trust meltdown for a second. :derpyderp2:

Also wanted to say I'm digging the story so far, it's really neat.:twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: I liked the ending. Oh such a silly Sonata.

7649943 Naaah. Sunset does have massive patience in this story. The reason for which I hope will become clear in time :raritywink:

You and your mysteries that make me want more!

Well shit, sounds like someone forgot to disinfect

Was torn between Zecora or maybe Starlight Glimmer (because of the staff) until the blue eyes... Starlight's are listed as "moderate persian blue," (although I'd call them indigo) but Zecora's are more piercing.

i like where this is going. initially i wasn't certain, but i definitely want to know more about where this is heading.

I like this. I hope you revive it someday.

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