• Published 6th Nov 2014
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The Evening Sonata - Daniel-Gleebits

When Sunset Shimmer hears strange sounds outside her apartment, she finds an old enemy who seems down on her luck. Can Sunset Shimmer help Sonata Dusk to cope with her life as a normal teenage girl?

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The Evening Sonata. Part 2

The Evening Sonata Pt2

Much like coaxing her down from the roof, convincing Sonata Dusk to take her couch proved to be a lengthy process. Sonata wished very much to be allowed back to her shed, for what reason Sunset could not understand, and literally almost cried at the suggestion that she sleep in Sunset’s bed whilst Sunset slept on the couch for the night. Eventually, Sonata agreed to sleep on the couch.

Her time in the shower made such a difference to her appearance it was almost startling. Her hair had bounced back to its bright blue and purple, her face was paler, and thank Celestia she no longer stank. Sunset privately hoped that she never became homeless if living for a few weeks in a shed made someone smell like that.

“You look nice.” Sunset smiled as Sonata pulled on one of her old shirts and trousers. The orange and red clashed terribly with her natural blue and purple colouration, but somehow she seemed to pull it off. Sonata played with a sleeve absently.

“Thanks for the clothes,” she said, quietly. Sunset’s inside squirmed faintly to see her like this. Empty headed though she had been, she had also been outgoing and unafraid to speak her opinion, despite being evil for all intents and purposes. Now she was diffident, quiet, and hesitant. In many ways, she’d become more like Fluttershy. Except that she wasn’t afraid of her own shadow.

As Sunset closed the door to her bedroom, watching Sonata lay down underneath her blankets, she dared to hope that her plan would work.

The next day, Sunset awoke to a cacophony of noise. Before she properly awoke, her bleary and sleepy mind thought that Sonata was singing again. But then her sleep dissipated, and she realised that Sonata was snoring. Loudly.

Sunset looked down at Sonata with a little smile. Her mouth wide open, spittle running down her chin, Sonata’s snores filled the apartment. She looked so relaxed and at peace that she almost looked like her old self. Sunset wasted no time. It was 7:30, and so she proceeded to make breakfast.

When Sonata snorted herself awake a few minutes later, she was met by a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. “Thanks,” she said, sitting up in her pink pyjamas.

They sat munching Power Pony Puffs for a few moments, Sonata looking happier than she had done since Sunset had seen her again in the cafe.

“Hey, do you have any plans for today?” Sunset asked.

“Saturday morning?” Sonata said, sipping her coffee. “Usually I beg for money over by the shopping mall. That is if that big security guy doesn’t chase me off.”

A sharp pang stabbed Sunset in the chest like a scalding dagger. Dear Celestia, how could she have ever been evil?

“Well then,” Sunset said, brightly. “How about instead we go to Sugarcube corner? I’m in the mood for cake today, you know?”

Sonata’s face twisted a little. “I don’t have any money. It wouldn’t be fair to let you buy me everything.”

“Oh come on. That’s something friends do.” Sonata looked at her in surprise.

“Are you saying we’re friends?”

“Oh, well,” Sunset said, suddenly feeling as though maybe she’d crossed a line or something. “If it’s okay with you.”

“It’s okay,” Sonata said hastily. “It’s just that, well... I didn’t know we were.”

After a short pause, Sunset suddenly burst out laughing. It was so in Sonata’s air-headed nature to say something like that, and for some reason it was really funny to Sunset Shimmer. Sonata seemed mystified by Sunset’s sudden outburst, and looked at her with the familiar look of uncomprehending vagueness. After a few moments however, she cracked a smile, and began to chuckle a little as well.

Sunset didn’t plan to go to Sugarcube Corner until 10:00, and so for the next two hours dragged Sonata to the mall to shop for new clothes. Sonata thought at first that Sunset was going to let her beg for money like she said. Sunset squinted her eyes at her like a schoolteacher might to a child who’d just espoused a plan to climb a high tree. She shook her head, jabbing a thumb at the enormous security guard on duty. The man glared at the two of them, and then made an I’m watching you gesture.

“Oh look, he remembers me,” Sonata mumbled as they walked passed him.

As Sunset had anticipated, Sonata protested volubly against having clothes bought for her. Quite exactly why Sunset was not sure of, since as Sonata had told her last night, the Dazzlings had been used to making people give and get them whatever they had wanted for years. But then she remembered how the Dazzlings had done that, and Sonata’s tearful declaration of her own uselessness the previous night.

“I don’t care how much you don’t want to impose, if you don’t get in that changing room, I’m going to start imposing. And I’m not going to be nice about it either!” she hissed, shoving Sonata into a changing room.

Reluctantly, Sonata tried on several combinations of shirts, skirts, trousers, tailcoats, jackets, and jerseys. Some of the combinations were just horrible, and Sunset glanced around surreptitiously just in case Rarity’ uncanny ability to detect threats to fabulocity was speeding her their way. Sunset knew what it was; Sonata was trying to spend as little as possible, but she wasn’t getting away with that.

“Now that’s more you,” she beamed, as Sonata opened the curtain. In many ways it was similar to her original attire. A dark magenta jacket over a bright, bubblegum pink shirt and pink trousers, she wore bright blue boots rather like her old ones. She seemed genuinely uneasy, and opened her mouth to say something. “If you say one word about not wanting me to pay for those clothes, I swear to Celestia...” Sunset let the threat hang, but eyed her balefully.

Despite herself, Sonata smiled. An honest, happy smile.

“Well,” Sunset said as they left the shop. “Come on then. I hate clothes shopping.”

“What?” Sonata gaped. “Then why did we-?” she stopped herself. “Oh yeah. I was wearing your clothes, wasn’t I?” she gave a self-conscious laugh.

The journey to Sugarcube Corner allowed for Sunset Shimmer to consider her plans. As they trundled along on the bus, Sonata looking out of the window, she hoped that all of her friends had made it to the cafe by now. It was almost ten, and the bus would be arriving soon.

As her friends didn’t know about Sonata, she had asked them to meet her at Sugarcube Corner at 10:00am to meet a friend she wanted them to get to know. And to be honest, she had mixed feelings about her plan. Considering how her friends had treated her when she’d been transformed back from being a demon, yaddah-yaddah, she thought her chances of getting them to accept Sonata reasonably good. But she didn’t have the clout with them that Twilight had, and frankly Applejack and Rainbow Dash nagged at her in her mind. Of the five of them, those two struck Sunset as being the least likely to accept her right off the bat. Rainbow too tactless, and Applejack reasonably suspicious.

Whatever the case may be, it was too late to turn back now. As they stepped off the bus and up to the shop door, she looked at Sonata, who looked back with a grateful look in her face.

“Hey, um... thanks, you know?” she said, stumbling over her words.

“Yeah,” Sunset said, opening the door.

As hoped for and expected, her friends were sitting at their usual table, noisily goofing around. Fluttershy and Rarity were leaning back from the action at the centre of the table, where Pinkie Pie was sucking on three smoothies all at once, her face turning bright red with the effort, egged on by Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

“Go! Go! Go! Go!” they chanted, shaking their fists.

“Really,” Rarity grumbled. “Do have some self control, girls. Oh, Sunset,” she said, noticing Sunset Shimmer for the first time. “Over he- Oh!”

Pinkie Pie noticed Sunset too, and upon seeing who was with her, spat out all three straws along with a good amount of smoothie. Applejack and Rainbow Dash leapt back in alarm, whilst Fluttershy looked around curiously to see what Rarity saw.

“O-Oh,” Fluttershy stuttered. “I mean, uh, hello there.” She grinned, but it had too many teeth and came off awkwardly. The rest of the table just stared.

Sunset glanced sideways to see colour rising in Sonata’s cheeks.

“I’m suddenly not so hungry,” she said, turning to leave.

“No wait!” Pinkie cried before Sunset could. Having been perched precariously on the seating, throwing out an arm overbalanced her. She toppled onto the table, executed a perfect forward roll off the end of it, and landed with her arms raised like an Olympic athlete. Rarity clapped.

“Well done, darling.”

“You don’t have to leave. Come sit with us!” Pinkie announced, gesturing to the table. Sonata hesitated some more, but if Sunset Shimmer was insistent, then Pinkie Pie was absolute. She grabbed Sonata’s arm in a good-natured sort of way, and steered her to the table before plonking herself down opposite her, leaning forward with an expectant smile. Sonata seemed almost speechless, as though she wasn’t quite sure what had just happened. Pinkie smiled widely. Sunset rather thought it was too wide for a normal human being. Then she registered that she had just used a sentence with the word ‘normal’ in it in relation to Pinkie Pie, and thought no more of it.

“So,” Applejack said with a small laugh. “Um, whatcha been up to? Sonata Dusk wasn’t it?”

Applejack’s eye was caught by Sunset, who had sat herself next to Sonata. She made frantic slicing motions at her own neck to indicate that was not a good question.

“I mean, where’ve you been?” More slicing motions.

“Where’re those friends of yours? They around still?” Even more slicing motions, Sunset grimacing her disapprobation. Applejack pursed her lips and tried not to sigh.

“Err... have a nice day?” She glanced briefly at Sunset, who smiled and nodded.

“That was a lot of questions,” Sonata mumbled.

“You can just answer the last one.” Applejack waved a hand breezily.

“I’ve got a question,” Rainbow Dash put in. Sunset’s insides sank, bracing herself for an insensitive bombshell. “Did you get new clothes?”

Sunset’s heart skipped a beat. Sonata herself looked down at her clothes, and then smiled a little. “Yeah, I did. Just today actually.”

“They’re totally rad on you,” Rainbow assured her. “Not usually one for fashion and stuff but I’m totally digging the new look.”

“For once I quite agree with Rainbow Dash,” Rarity put in, leaning across the table and lifting the sleeve of Sonata’s shirt. “Although if I had my way I’d have put a stronger hemming here.”

The meeting was going just the way that Sunset had hoped that it would. Her friends, far from being suspicious and dwelling on histrionics, seemed eager to get to know Sonata. Everything was going so well that she could hardly believe it. Sonata herself seemed to be opening up as well.

Sunset was just congratulating herself for her plan, slurping happily on the mango smoothie Fluttershy had gotten for her, when Rainbow suddenly addressed her.

“Hey Sunset, I wanted to put something by you.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“Okay listen, I had this totally awesome vibe that we should do a live stage performance from a rooftop. Your apartment has that big open plaza in front of it. Do you think your landlord would say yes if we asked him?”

Sunset was just about to stomp all over that idea with the steel-tipped boots of common sense, when Sonata stood up suddenly. Sunset looked up at her in surprise, and so did a few of her friends. Sonata smiled widely, as though she were trying to copy Pinkie, but she had a teary look in her eyes that ruined the effect.

“Sorry, bathroom,” she gabbled, almost running from the table. Sunset watched her go, startled, as she vanished into the women’s toilets. She looked back at her friends, who all looked equally stunned.

“Was it something I did?” Fluttershy asked breathily, looking guiltily concerned.

“I doubt it, Fluttershy,” Applejack said thoughtfully, frowning at the door.

“Maybe she’s just got the cramps,” Rainbow shrugged, blithely. “That’s usually how I react too.” Applejack glared at her.

“Do you know the meaning of the word decency?, Rainbow?” She and Rainbow began to argue, whilst Pinkie bobbed between the two of them, adding her own nonsensical rambling. Flutterhsy and Rarity on the other hand gave Sunset sympathetic looks.

“Go to her, darling,” Rarity pressed.

“Don’t you think I should leave her for a moment?” Sunset asked, uncomfortably.

“I think she needs you,” Fluttershy whispered. “She needs a friend.”

“Fluttershy is right, dear,” Rarity said firmly, waving for her to go. “We’ll be right here with these urchins when you get back,” she sighed, jabbing a thumb towards the argument. Sunset nodded and stood up.

The door to the bathroom squeaked. It always had done, but that was the only really bad thing about this room. The Cakes maintained their shop well, and didn’t allow their bathrooms to fall into the substandard conditions that were par for the course in most public restrooms. Spotlessly clean, the only off-putting thing was the candy-scented air-freshener, which Sunset had always found rather distracting.

As the door creaked open, Sunset looked furtively inside. Sonata didn’t seem to be in there, but once the door closed behind her, she heard the distinctive sounds of someone sobbing in one of the cubicles. Great heartfelt sobs as though someone were trying desperately not to cry.

“Sonata?” Sunset asked quietly, grateful that no one else was in the bathroom. No answer came. “Are you alright? We’re all sorry if we did anything to-“

“No,” she interrupted thickly. She choked once or twice.

“Sonata, if you need to cry just let it out, you’re going to make yourself-“ she paused as she heard an unpleasant retching noise from inside the cubicle. “-sick.”

“I’m sorry,” she moaned, her voice a couple of octaves higher than usual.

“It’s okay,” Sunset soothed, taking a few paper towels from the dispenser. “Here you go.” She held the towels under the door.

“T-Thank you.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sunset asked, leaning on the stall wall.

“P-Please stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“Being nice to me!” Sunset frowned as Sonata’s voice rose hysterically. She suddenly wished that one of the other girls had come with her, but at the same time she knew that it was best for her to do this alone.

“Why wouldn’t we be nice to you?” Sunset asked, reasonably. “I know we’ve only really known each other for a day, and before that... well, let’s not dwell on the past, eh?” she gave a nervous chuckle before muttering flatly “Oh I am so terrible at this.”

Bad as she thought she was, something seemed to work, for Sonata spoke again. However, what she said chilled Sunset Shimmer to the bone.

“I... I wanted to jump.”

“What did you say?” Sunset tried to make her voice light and casual, but a deep pit of dread had opened in her stomach.

“Yesterday, on the roof,” Sonata’s voice echoed in the small bathroom. “If you hadn’t come yesterday-“

“Why would you do that?” Sunset snapped. Her heart and blood seemed to be acting weirdly inside her as she pressed against the door. She felt cold sweat bead all over. “Why would you ever do something like that?”

“Because... because it was all my fault...”

Several weeks ago, Canterlot High park

Sonata tumbled over the gate, the other Dazzlings in hot pursuit. As soon as they were beyond a line of trees, they stopped in the shadows. All of three of them stood breathing hard, covered in the debris of thrown food, only able to look at each other, until Aria’s trademark temper broke into speech.

What just happened!?” she shrieked, slamming a fist into a tree. Sonata was too stunned and out of breath to say anything, and uncharacteristically Adagio had nothing to say. Shocked though they all were, she seemed paler than the other two, her eyes wandering this way and that as though she were looking at an incomplete jigsaw only she could see. “What was that!?

“I don’t know,” Sonata said breathlessly, wiping a splattered tomato off her dress. “It looked like a giant rainbow horse to me.”

Aria stared at her, her eyes wobbling slightly in her head. Then she step forward and smacked Sonata hard across the face.

“Hey!” Sonata cried, clutching her face. “What was that for?”

“Shut up!” Aria bellowed. “Just shut up! I’ve had it up to here with your ditzy, empty headed comments! For once in your life, just shut. The hell. Up!” Sonata reeled. She and Aria had frequently been at odds before, but this... this was scary. Aria turned away from her. “Adagio. What do we do now?”

Adagio didn’t respond at first. When Aria asked again, she looked up. “Nothing,” she said.

“Nothing?” What do you mean, nothing?”

“There’s nothing we can do,” she muttered, fingering the place on her necklace where her pedant had been. “It’s over.”

Aria seemed to have something stuck in her throat.

“Our pendants broke,” Sonata put in, sadly.

“I know that, you ditz!” Aria snapped.

“Stop having a go at me!” Sonata shouted back, feeling indignation come to her aid. “It’s not my fault we lost.”

Aria turned on her with a truly evil look in her eye. Sonata’s angry expression cracked a little beneath it as Aria advanced on her.

“Just one more word out of you,” she breathed. “Just one more. It’s always been your fault. Every single time anything important happens, you always find some way to mess it up. The time when you accidentally summoned Windigoes away from that earth pony village, the time we tried to charm the Pegasus tribe-“

“Okay, I grant that one was my fault, but-“ Aria smacked her again, if anything harder than before.

“Starswirl the Bearded,” Aria hissed, prodding Sonata’s chest hard with her finger, their noses almost touching. “If you hadn’t let him know where we were in the Badlands, we would never have been sent to this wretched world to start with! You are the most useless, brainless, talentless waste of space that I have ever had the misfortune to know. And if adding your voice to ours hadn’t made us more powerful all of these years, I’d have personally kicked you to the curb the first second that you opened your irritating, Celestia forsaken mouth. You’d be nothing without us carrying your dead weight all this time.”

“I-I’m not talentless,” Sonata whined thickly, holding back a sniff. Aria let out a bark of bitter laughter.

“Oh no? Then what can you do? Go on, amaze us.” She flung her arms out wildly, glaring down at Sonata, who felt as though she had shrunk. Sonata stared back into her eyes, at a complete loss as for anything to say as the realisation came upon her that Aria was right.

“A-Adagio?” she squeaked. “You don’t think this... do you?”

Adagio glanced up, apparently deep in thought.

“I can’t say I disagree with her,” she said, tonelessly. Sonata’s eyes filled with tears.

The situation worsened over the next two weeks.

Adagio sank into total indifference, rarely speaking unless spoken to. Sonata’s usually high spirits and ditzy good humour faded under silence and a fear of speaking. Aria meanwhile, whilst passionate, was directionless. Her own leadership qualities were lacking, and she could not rouse the group to do anything, nor come up with any ideas herself.

Adagio had been the group’s de facto leader for as long as the three of them had been together. Her malicious charisma and indomitable will had managed to harness the other two’s conflicting personalities into a lethal team. With her descent into listlessness, Aria’s passions only served to drive them apart, as she tried fruitlessly to get Adagio to think of something, whilst subsequently taking out her frustrations of failure on Sonata.

Sonata rarely spoke at all as she watched her fellow sirens collapse under the weight of their defeat and the loss of their pendants. Aria’s verbal and physical abusiveness only increased as time passed. Used to a certain level of luxury courtesy of their manipulative habits, their sudden poverty hit them hard. Aria’s temper rarely ever abated, and eventually it erupted into disaster.

Having finally been stirred to indignation by Aria’s constant insults, Adagio argued back properly for the first time in two weeks after their defeat. Sonata watched helplessly on the side, nursing her latest black eye. The fight lasted an hour, and ended with Aria leaving the group, declaring her disgust for the pair of them, and the hope that they never meet again.

Not too long afterwards, Adagio stirred herself to tell Sonata that she was leaving as well. Sonata was left alone.

As Sonata finished telling her of these events, Sunset Shimmer found to her slight surprise that her face was wet, and hastily dried her eyes.

“She was right,” Sonata sobbed thickly. “I can’t survive without them. I was nothing but dead weight.”

“Sonata?” she cleared her throat to clear out the brittleness in her voice. “Do you mind if I come in?”

There was a few seconds pause, and then the click of the lock on the door. Sunset pushed it open gently, and sighed sadly to see Sonata huddled in the corner. Clean though the bathroom was, Sunset still didn’t think it advisable to be sitting on the floor. The siren didn’t look at her, but wiped her eyes with her palm, sniffling. Without preamble, Sunset knelt down and wiped her face of the traces of sick.

“You’re not a waste of space,” she said, firmly. Sonata didn’t respond. “And no one is talentless. You just haven’t found yours yet.”

Sunset began to despair a little. Sonata seemed inconsolable. Outside the bathroom, Sunset heard the voice of some person who was apparently trying to enter, and then she heard Applejack whispering.

“We got kind of a situation going on in here, ma’am” she said in hushed, delicate tones.

An idea came to Sunset then. It didn’t seem very good to be honest, but it was all she could think of, so she thought it was at least worth a shot. She pulled Sonata up by the arm, and wiped her tear stained face.

“Come on. I’ll prove that you’re not a waste of space.” So saying, she dragged Sonata to the door, despite her feeble protestations, and shoved the door open. As she had expected, several of her friends leapt back from the door, pretending to be suddenly interested in the ceiling fan, or whistling innocent tunes to themselves.

Sunset pointed at Applejack. “Which element of harmony are you?”

Applejack seemed slightly bemused by the question. “Err, honesty.”

“So you don’t lie?”

“It puts a right awful taste in my mouth, yeah,” Applejack admitted, her mouth screwing up slightly as though recounting said taste..

“Like wasabi sauce on candy canes,” Pinkie Pie nodded, sagely. Applejack raised an eyebrow.

“Right then,” Sunset said, gesturing at Sonata, who looked as confused as Applejack felt. “Is she a waste of space?”

Applejack frowned. “No. Why on Earth would you say something like that?”

“Pinkie, if you threw a party, would you stop it if Sonata came along?”

Pinkie Pie eyed Sunset Shimmer like she was crazy, and then said in the most frighteningly serious tone Sunset had ever heard her speak in “I don’t stop a party for anything. Anything,” she hissed in a sinister whisper.

“Alright,” Sunset turned to Rarity.

“Anything!” Pinkie announced to the entire cafe.

“Yes, thank you. Anyway.” Sunset turned back to Rarity.

“I mean seriously,” Pinkie went on, as the cafe patrons all turned to look at her. “A tornado could come by, and I’d be all like Hey, I didn’t invite you. You’re gate-crashing! But that’s okay; come on in!

“I think we all get the point, darling,” Rarity toned in. “You were saying, Sunset?”

Sunset had half glanced at Sonata to see her despondent face crack slightly as the corners of her mouth twitched. Against all odds this was actually working. She was better at this friendship stuff than she thought.

“Yeah, what do you think of Sonata’s fashion sense? Succinctly, please.” Rarity spared Sunset a brief irritated look, but then proceeded to earnestly commend Sonata’s attire.

And so it went. From friend to friend, Sunset pointed out that none of them considered Sonata a waste of space.

“But,” Sonata said, after a pause. Sunset’s insides dipped a little. “But I was horrible to you all. I tried to-“

“Dear,” Rarity interrupted her politely, placing a hand on her shoulder. “We all know what Sunset Shimmer here did, and we forgave her too. No-“

“I know, I know. No offense,” Sunset grinned. “None taken. Seriously."

“Yeah, I mean she tried to blow us up,” Rainbow Dash put in. “What did you do except sing at us? In comparison that really isn’t so bad.”

“That’s what I said,” Sunset muttered for her own benefit.

“You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself, you know,” Fluttershy put in. “It’ll mess with your health.”

Sonata looked around at them all, tearfully looking each one of them in the eye, as though trying to find lies in them. When she couldn’t, she looked at Sunset Shimmer.

“But-“ she said.

“No more buts,” Rainbow Dash said firmly. “You’re our friend now. You want to cry about it and overcomplicate everything, you do it off hours. But when you’re on the clock, I don’t want to see a single tear, you got me?”

“Whatever problems you have, we’ll work ‘em out,” Applejack added.

“With frosting if at all possible. You’ll be surprised how many problems frosting can solve. Right, Fluttershy?” Pinkie smacked Fluttershy on the back. Fluttershy gave a nervous giggle.

“We’ll be there for you,” she said, earnestly.

“Absolutely darling,” Rarity assured. “They don’t call me generosity for nothing, you know.”

“Come on. We’re going for an outing. All day, no questions.” Rainbow declared.

Sonata looked around desperately, her eyes resting on Sunset. Sunset nodded, smiling.

“Alright,” Sonata said, smiling too, but got no further as the group cheered, and pulled her speedily out the door.

Sunset Shimmer followed after them, arms folded and watching the scene with a feeling of contentment burgeoning in her chest as she saw Sonata laughing at Pinkie’s jokes and trying in vain to hear what Fluttershy was saying over Rainbow’s raucous singing. She was still quieter than before, still awkward. She knew that Sonata’s demons weren’t going to be quelled immediately, or maybe not ever. But it was a start.

As the group walked on, Applejack fell a bit behind into step with Sunset.

“Y'all did a good thing with her,” she said. “Do you think they’re in the market for two Friendship Princess’ back in Equestria?”

“I don’t think so,” Sunset laughed, flushing at the compliment.

“Bein’ serious for a minute though,” Applejack went on more soberly. “I think ya’ll really did a good thing there. That girl was hurtin’ in ways I don’t think none of us know. And I think you were the only one who could have gotten through to her.”

Sunset looked at Applejack, searching her bright green eyes. She got the feeling that, somehow, Applejack knew or suspected more about what Sonata had gone through than Sunset had realised.

As Sunset and Sonata reached the door of Sunset’s apartment, Sonata surprised her friend by giving her a sudden hug.

“Oh,” Sunset yelped, surprised. “What was that for?”

Sonata smiled a little roguishly. “I’ve always liked hugs, to be honest. It’s just that when you’re part of a trio of evil magical beings trying to conquer the world, opportunities are kinda thin on the ground.” She giggled. “And also, it was for all you’ve done for me.” She paused, as though the thing she was trying to say were a little hard to articulate. “You saved me.”

They broke apart, both feeling the same contentment, the same hopefulness for the future. Sunset unlocked the door and allowed Sonata to step in before her.

“You do realise that when the landlord finds you here, he’s going to make you pay rent, right?”

“What!?” Sonata yelped, as the door closed behind them.

- to be Continued

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