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As with any couple, Lyra and Bon Bon experience problems and have disagreements. Be it past marefriends or financial distress, the pair must confide within one another to save both each other, and themselves. Theoretically, love conquers all, but love alone doesn't put bits on the table.

Awesome fan music written by psp7master can be found here!
Beautiful art drawn by Bakki can be found here!

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Thanks for reading! The teen rating is for more adult jokes within the story.

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Cute, humorous, and Lyra/BonBon. What more could I ask for? :pinkiehappy:

Have a favorite, good sir, because I'd like to see where this goes.

I'm actually glad you did this, because my own LyraBon that I was working on has evolved into a depressing, questionable, not even LyraBon anymore.
You filled the gap that never existed. Congratulations.

This is really funny. I cant wait for a new update:twilightsmile:

There isn't enough LyraBon in the world, good job.

"Hello. Welcome to the Everfree Café. How may I help you... ... Octavia?"

And Lyra's life takes yet another downward spiral. And this will just lead to the inevitable chapter or scene where Octavia meets Bon Bon.

That will be fun. :pinkiesad2:

BROKE!! :pinkiegasp: GASP!! They're two broke mares!! :rainbowlaugh: I hate that show, but it's too good a reference!

And Lyra better bust out her doghouse kit again. :facehoof: LOL! Great story so far!!! :pinkiehappy: Looking forward to more!!

Two Broke Mares, fanimations, now! :rainbowlaugh:

Ohhhhh, shit. :rainbowderp: Why do I have a feeling that Vinyl's soon going to get involved and this fan will get even dirtier than it already is? :facehoof:

When the going gets tough Lyra makes a couch fort!

“Well,” she muttered in between pants. “I am not working for Elmer.”


Good story can't wait for more.

Yay! New Update
This chapter was awesome!

I loves me some lyrabon for some reason.

Dang Lyra, what didn't you do in college?!?! :applejackconfused:

LOL!!! Great chapter!!! :raritywink:

"Spring Skies is having a baby or something stupid like that, and won’t be able to make it. I thought she was just fat.”

Okay, that made me LOL and scare my cat :pinkiehappy:

Also -and I know this because I did some research- horses are pregnant for about eleven months, not nine.

Incomming double heartbreak or foursome.
... please? :rainbowwild:

“Lyra, tell my what it is.”

Should be "me." And you're missing a few periods in the beginning. I'm not trying to be rude- I just want your execution to be the best it can possibly be. :twilightsmile:



Thanks for pointing that out to me! It's fixed now. I tend to make the mistake of using "my" when it should be "me" far more often than I am comfortable with.


I know I do that more often than I'd like to admit, too. I can't wait to see where you'll take this!

Oh Lyra... :facehoof: Really, a couch fort? This story is awesome. Thumbs up and a favorite!

She's a mare of refined tastes.

Ya done goofed, SS

Vinyl’s eyes lit up. “On it!” She quickly darted up to her DJ plat form, throwing her glasses back upon her face.

Also: well done.

Um... Octavia, you dirty little ho. Care to explain WHY in the great country of Equestria that would come about? Other then she doesn't truly like Vinyl? (A mixture of :applejackconfused::applecry::twilightangry2::duck:)

I suppose we'll have to wait a week and find out.

Oh no. Things are getting complicated.

What is Octavia thinking?!?!?! THAT NO GOOD GIANT VIOLIN PLAYER!!! :flutterrage:

"Metallicolt and Dream Pasture" :rainbowlaugh:
I'm already loving this!

Taking my mind off of exams, find myself getting annoyed at fictional characters for being silly. Good job me.
I can't wait for more to be quite honest.

Why would you want either of those?

Here's hoping they manage to work it out in a way that does not involve bloodshed, suicide, or terrible porn cliches.


But seriously, I'm really enjoying this story and looking forward to the next chapter.

Lyra may be a terrible story teller, but you, my good sir, are not.

Things may not have worked out great, but at least Octavia and Lyra didn't get together.

Great chapter as always! :pinkiehappy:

I like this story very much.
Quick question though; how did italicizing bed suddenly change lyra's plans on where to sleep?

It's Bon Bon seductively saying "bed". I don't believe I made it clear enough within the story.

I apologize for not understanding so many parts of this story, but what is that kind of secret?

Great! :twilightsmile: Can't wait for more!!

Ditzy isn't a feather-brain:fluttercry:
She is just misunderstood.

Alright, now this is where things get real. I WANT to be mad at Octavia for pretty much destroying Lyra's relationship, but I honestly can't. Yes what she did was wrong, but I still can't be mad at her as I DO genuinely feel sorry for her. She thinks her relationship is unstable and with Vinyl that IS a possibility and just got caught up in her emotions from being around Lyra. It's really sad and I HOPE you have Octavia be able to sort these things out and maybe even help Lyra with Bon Bon.

All I can say is, ME LIKE!!! :pinkiehappy: ME WANT MOAR!!! :flutterrage:

...wow. Lyra really puts up with a lot of shit in her relationship. This story is amazing in the way it describes the rough moments the two of them have and all the things Lyra thinks about. There's no doubt in my mind from what you show us here that Lyra loves Bon Bon with all her heart, which makes it all he more painful that Bon Bon doesn't see it herself.

All my likes are belong to you :duck:

:raritycry: Noooooo, Bonnie, really, it's not what it looks like! :raritycry:

Not bad SS, but I did notice one little goof

“Just talking? Just talking?! I suppose this is ‘just talking’.” Her confusion only furthering, Lyra suddenly felt her lips attacked by Bon Bon’s. It wasn’t a loving kiss. It was an angry, loathing kiss; she could feel the pony’s rage resonating from her mouth.”

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure the quote on the end of this sentence really isn't supposed to be there.
Also, the period at the end of the 'just talking'." should be moved to before the other quotes. I think. Don't quote me on that.

Ah, yes. Thanks for the catch. I definitely blame it on the keyboard trying to trip me up. As for the period, I believe it can go either way depending on how it's read.

It was just something I was always taught that punctuation goes inside quote marks.

1950642 Gahhh! That's DERPY to you!!! :derpytongue2:

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