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How did Applejack and Rainbow Dash meet? I hope everyone enjoys this story.

Big Thanks to MIKEANTHONY321 for proofreading and editing! Your awesome

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This was really sweet:twilightsmile:
The dialogue was a little choppy at parts, but it was a good idea, not to mention pretty adorable. A lot of times I wish there were more stories about the mane six when they were younger

Thanks :twilightsmile:. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Yea.. it'd probably go something like that. Great work, I loved it! :pinkiehappy:

Great story, I would like more. No more?

I think that I will continue this. I have some ideas of what I could do with it

Edit: A very slight chance I will, if I do it won't be for awhile though

on behalf of the brony community... D'AWWWWW


If you know what I mean.

Okay I will continue this, there are two more chapters to go

Ah think we could be best friends!” 

Finally! I've always knew they were best friends!

Why didn't you finish this beautiful story?!:raritycry:

Always wondered how they met, :rainbowderp:this is now my head canon.:pinkiesmile:

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