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When Twilight Sparkle is kidnapped by pirates, Princess Celestia and the other elements have no choice but to put their trust in an infamouse pirate captain and his crew in order to get her back. How will the Mane six fare on the high sea's and what happens when a certain cyan mare falls for the captain? Join the Elements as they embark on an adventure filled with action, romance and forbidden magic that could shake Equestria to it's core.

AN: Inspired by 'Big Mac's Dream Journal'
One of my all time favorite fics.

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I kindaaaa like it, I'll keep reading to see how this ends up.:twilightsheepish:

In stories like this each member of the crew has something cool about them and I can't wait to see this stories perks

This story looks promising. I'm looking forward to more.

2825252 I'll get into the main crew memebers backrounds down the road.

I sense false accusations ahead.

Nice.:eeyup: and why am I getting a Pirates of the Carribean vibe here?:rainbowhuh:

Yea, something tells me there's more then one pirate out there.:eeyup: if I remember, where there's one pirate there's bound to be more.

Edward Kenway?:rainbowhuh:
Awwww man, I'm so waiting for a Capt. Jack Sparrow reference :pinkiehappy:
But anyway, interesting story:rainbowkiss:
I shall keep reading :twilightsmile:

Yeah I imagine that this story was based off of the authors hype for AC4

A "slice of life tragic romance"?

What the fuck is that? Is it slice of life, or is it tragic romance?

2828729 Sorry, got rid of the 'Slice of Life' bit.

Hmm, another Rainbow Dash ship story even though your not done with the current one. Let's give a shot:

Chapter 1:

“You new in town?”

“Yeah, just got off the dock.”

“So what are you doing in Ponyville?”

:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: Somepony gives this guy a map. In fact I have one, feast your eyes on this here map and you should see the HUGE contradiction here.

“Thanks.....How......can you.......run....so fast?” He asked as he caught his breath.

“I drink A LOT of coffee.” She said as the two trotted inside.


Chapter 2:
Too short, couldn't do shit*end*

Well this story already has started with suspense, so that's new. I'll be waiting to see where you'll be taking this. One more thing: BRACE YOURSELVES, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN REFERENCES ARE COMING!

Lol:rainbowlaugh: Pirates of the Carribean reference for the win.:eeyup:

HA! That author's note killed me! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Why is the rum always gone?:ajbemused:

Kinda wish there be some AC4 feferences there, Alast the game hasn't come out yet. :ajsleepy:

2838942 Yeah, I may put in some refrences from what I've seen through the trailers.

Pirates of the Carribean references:pinkiehappy:

swarm reminds me of shino(I think that is how u spell it) off of naruto

Great story keep it up. There isn't enough pirate fics



(Ill still read this one though ;D)

Why do I have the feeling that Celestia and Shining Armor are going to double cross Razor on the "clean slate" part of the deal.

You have my attention.

Razor reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow. Definitely like Pirates of the Caribbean. :twilightblush: :heart:

Pirates are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: I :heart: the story!!!!!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Star Trek

The Patriot.

3198904 Patriot? Where are the referances there?


When Razor said 'Hail Princess Celestia' then the pirates began to pick up weapons.

Same thing happened in the patriot where Mel Gibson yelled 'All hail King George' then the occupants brandished weapons.

And this is why you always sneak out at night so that kids are too tired to even try.:facehoof: And also, DAYUUMMM!!! :rainbowderp:

3198938 Oh shit! I totally forgot about that.

Got an OC for the crew. Rouge Naval Spetsnaz hybrid soldier who heard and respects Razor (despite his psychotic/sadistic streak). Can be picked up at the next stop of you choose to use him

The six mares sat at a table away from the other pirates on the ship and ate their breakfast in silence. They watched each other’s backs. They saw that the majority of the pirates were conversing with one another. The group huddled together and gulped.

Don't you mean FIVE?:derpytongue2:

The ship has a engine? I thought it was a just a ordinary pirate ship. you know all wood and sailed by the wind.

And it seems that you couldn't resist putting a Doctor Who reference HERE(You might as well put references from the episode, The Curse of the Black Spot, since its a pirate episode.)

And just a coincidence that the next MLP story arc is about pirates(weird)

Like and favorite. This is gonna be good, I can tell by your level.

“What’s to understand about swish, swish stab? It’s a sword not an air balloon.”

Protect me cone!

I forgot that twi was kidnapped...


DUDE you got AC4? You gotta use their weapons, like theses.
These are just Luna damn Deadly. And I beat the game and wow, consider using some Jackdaw weapons.:rainbowdetermined2:

one RvB, one Doctor Who, and probably a shitload of AC4 references that I don't know since I don't have the game.(U suck)
Can you do a segment with the other 4 when they get their first kill(just imagining Fluttershy's:fluttercry: and Pinkie's reaction:pinkiesad2:or:pinkiecrazy:)

3446073 Not that many AC4. Not everyone of the mane six will kill. They will kick ass but not kill.

Yay, new chapter! Was an awesome read. More :pinkiehappy:!

3466788 Nice to see SOMEBODY gets the Bruce Lee quote!

Reads first few sentences: Wait a minute.....

"What's so hard about swish, swish, stab? It's a sword, not a hot air balloon."

*instant fan-girl attack* OH MY GOD!!!! RED VS BLUE REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOW CHICKA BOW WOW! (Tex is a bad ass.)

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