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After a strange Unicorn stallion with a knack for fire magic crash lands on the outskirts of Ponyville, Twilight takes him in to help him cope with the horrors of his past. Will this stallion ignite the flames of passion for the scholar? Join Twilight and her friends as they tackle an ancient foe that has awoken from it's slumber. Will their friendship survive, or will the bridges they've worked so hard to build go up in flames?

This is part three of my series.
Check out 'The Dreams We Share' and 'Spellbound Apples' to get more info on Storm Chaser and Hex Swirl.
Art done by: jewlecho.

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Does our mystery stallion have a name?
Inferno, maybe?

Interesting. keep going :)

Hmmm...You have me curious, I'd like to watch where this goes.

Pony controlling fire? Evil foe returning? Hmmm, sounds similar to my story with twilight :rainbowhuh:

:rainbowlaugh: just messing. I am curious where this will go. I haven't read the other fics so not familiar with the past events

Rhahahahaha!....This is quite interesting.


See, I keep seeing your stories, but your love of Tragedy and Sad tags keep me away. Might have to finally give it a chance though.

Too short a chapter for a review.(this is more like a prolouge.)

Since this guy is on fire, then wouldn't all the oxygen in the bubble be burned away which would cause the stallion to suffocate?:trixieshiftright: Also the way it looks Twilight is somewhat shallow. She only gets romantically interested with stallions that possessive great magic.:twilightoops:(She as shallow as Rarity.:raritywink:)

4 words...


This has caught my attention.... I demand more. And even when there's more I shall still demand more. Even when you finish this fic, Even then I will demand more....

GIVE ME MOAR :pinkiecrazy:

I will Favorite this... for now, I don't know why but I don't like ship fics with twilight :ajbemused:, they usually sink in my mind. :pinkiecrazy: and there are never any survivors

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Good chapter, now hurry up and post more.

i didn't get a notification that this updated.
loved it.

natsu fairy tail

Not bad chapter, Backdraft was very heroic and he has a sense of humor. Kind of reminds me of Spiderman.

4330913 huh, I never would have figured that. I just thought he was one of those people who were like dark humor. you know, funny at first but then go south from there .... hey since we are on the topic of characters. you think that silent Pegasus will make a character like Rurouni Kenshin from samurai X?

Up to him, although since it's been long time since I saw that series. How do we know if a character like him doesn't already exist.

4344440 that's a valid point. However I have seen the show's a few times. ( I mean series) and look at his work I have not found a character like that. or something in general like that.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics that you think a pony would have to represent Kenshi?

4344557 well, a oblivious personality as a start. Being clumsy and humble as a second. But underneath all that is a sound mind along with spirit. It's kind of hard to describe Ken. but my best analogy for him would be to look as innocent as possible while hiding your true skills. yeah sorry if it doesn't make any sense.

That's sounds more like Superman.

4344617 what no! That's how Superman perceives as human. Because you know he's an alien. he's trying to blend into society. So that's what he perceives as human would be.

4344634 Very true. And it's been years since I've seen anything Kenshin related and I don't know the character model that well.

4344694 well thank you for listening, silent. it's hard to explain to people that clark kent is the costume to Superman.

Turn his body into smoke? Kinda reminds me of someone...:unsuresweetie:

It involves someone from infamous: second son.

4354848 Oh, I'm gonna guess...Delson I think? I haven't played it.

Red vs Blue quotes seriously ? ... Nah just kidding it's great :pinkiehappy: keep up the good work I really want to know where this is going.

Sooo, man-child character Eh? well it is a change of pace.

4371737 Not really man child, he just likes making jokes and having fun.

4371763 (Cox an eyebrow.) so he's the same format as the others?

The building started to smolder and smoke the heat seemed to leave the area. Backdraft walked over to still burning piece of wood and scooped the flame up in his hoof. “Hello there.” He said as he inserted the flame into his mouth. The ponies’ jaws dropped at what they just saw.

…Best. Introduction. Ever.

4371779 Nah, he is a bit more childish and makes jokes. Although he is very serious at times.

4372064 dude, that sounds like a man-child to me.

4372078 Just beacuse he cracks jokes and likes having fun doesn't make him a man child.

4372303 you portrayed him as a man child.:ajbemused:

4372360 It's only been three chapters. I'm still flushing out his character. Give me time.:ajbemused:

4372816 hey man, I'm not saying that I hate the man-child character or anything.:applejackunsure: ( takes a bite out of my Girl Scout cookie.) I'm actually looking forward to it. :twilightsheepish:

Short chapter(can't review) but plenty of references.

I love this guy and the references

I will would happen if backtrack watch a tiny hamster eat a tiny burrito.

loving this story, cant wait for more!!!! thank you for this story! until next time... PEACEEEE!!!!

Are we the event of some cosmic coincidence, or is there really some greater power watching, listening and has a plan for us all? I don’t know, but it keeps me up at night.

I think Backdraft broke the fourth wall.

*sniff*,*sniff* is that a red vs blue joke i smell?

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