• Published 5th Jul 2013
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Heart of the Ocean - Silentpegasus

When Twilight Sparkle is kidnapped by pirates, Princess Celestia and the other elements have no choice but to put their trust in an infamouse pirate in order to get her back. What happens when a certain cyan mare falls for the captain?

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Chapter 4: Cast Off

Chapter 4

Cast Off

Rainbow Dash landed in front of her parents cloud home with her saddle bags on her back and her pet tortoise under one arm. She knocked on the door and let out a sigh. The cloud door was opened by a light blue Pegasus stallion with a short Rainbow mane.

“Rainbow? This is a surprise.” He said as a cyan Pegasus mare with a white mane trotted up next to him with bags under her eyes and a messy mane.

“Who is it dear?” She asked with a yawn.

“It’s Rainbow.” The mare blinked twice and looked at her daughter.

“What are you doing here dear? It’s four in the morning.” She said as she rubbed her eyes.

“Sorry for waking you guys. It’s just that...” She bit her lip as she thought of an excuse. “The Princess is sending my friends and I over sea’s on a vacation and I need you guys to watch Tank while I’m gone.” She said as she looked at the tortoise tucked under her right hoof. The adults looked at her in surprise.

“Sure, when will you be back?” The stallion asked.

“I’m not sure.” She said in a weak tone. She hugged the tortoise and handed him to her dad.

“We’ll be sure to keep an eye on him for you dear.” The mare said with a smile. Rainbow held back the tears and hugged both of her parents tightly. The two pegasi returned the gesture in surprise and smiled.

“Thanks, you’re the best parents a mare can ask for.” She said with a sniffle.

“Rainbow what’s wrong?” Her father asked. The mare quickly wiped the tears away and regained her composure.

“Nothing, just the morning air. I gotta get going or I’ll miss my boat.” She said as she took flight towards the small town. As the mare flew away a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Rarity trotted through the small town with her younger sister asleep on her back. She approached the apple orchard and let out a sigh as she saw the orange mare through the kitchen window packing her bags. The white mare knocked on the door and waited. The door opened to reveal the orange Earth Pony mare with a blank look on her face.

“Come on in Rarity.”

“I can’t thank your family enough for watching Sweetie for me.” She whispered as she looked at the sleeping filly on her back. The white mare trotted over to the green couch and gently put the filly on it.

“No trouble Rarity. Applebloom was ecstatic when I told her.” She said in a hushed tone.

“Have you packed?”

“Eeyup. You?”

“Yes, what did you tell your brother and grandmother?” Rarity asked in a hushed tone.

“That the Princess was sending us on vacation.” The mare said as she threw some rope into her bag.

“Likewise.” She said with a sigh. “I still can’t believe that we’ll be on a boat with a crew of....pirates.” Rarity said in disgust.

“So that’s what’s really going on.” The mares froze as they heard the familiar deep voice. They turned towards the doorway to see the large red earth pony stallion leaning in the doorway with a piece of hay in his mouth and a blank look on his face.

“Mac....I...” The orange mare began.

“Mind telling me what’s really going on?” He said in a flat tone.

“Long story short. Some pirates took Twilight hostage and the Princess is sending us after her.” Rarity said.

“Alone?” Mac asked as he cocked an eyebrow.

“No....She made a deal with another pirate to bring her back and we’re going with them to make sure he does.” Applejack said in a strong tone. "Ah don't like it either, but it's the only way to get Twi back." The stallion let out a sigh and glared at his sister. “There ain’t nothing you can say or do to stop me.” The mare said as she continued packing.

“Ah know that.” He said with a blank expression on his face. “I kept my mouth shut ‘cause ah didn’t want Applebloom to know in case it was something as crazy as that.” He said with a sigh. “Can you trust him....the pirate?”

“No, but if it means we get Twi back then I’ll risk it.” The mare said as she gulped.

“Who else is going?”

“Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow and Pinkie.” The sound of their names put Mac’s mind to ease. He walked over to the mare’s bag and removed the rope.

“This rope ain’t gonna do much. I bought a new roll of braided rope, should be strong enough for your journey.” He said as he trotted over to a closet and removed the roll rope and handed it to his sister. The orange mare felt tears form in her eyes as the stallion put the rope in her bag. Applejack wrapped her hooves around her brother and cried into his chest. The red stallion wrapped a hoof around his sister’s shoulder and kissed her on the forehead.

“In case I don’t-” The orange mare began.

“Ah won’t hear none of that. Granny’s gonna bite your head off when ya come back.” He said with a tear in his eye.

“Never thought I’d be looking forward to one of granny’s lectures.” She said with a sigh. Rarity wiped the tears from her eyes and threw her bag on her back. The mare trotted over to the sleeping white filly and brushed her mane out of her eyes.

“Sweetie.” She whispered. “I just want to let you know that I love you and I always will.” The small filly stirred and rubbed her head into the pillow. “Make sure you eat right, look after Opal along with mother and father.” She said as she kissed her sister’s forehead. Big Mac put a hoof on her shoulder.

“Ah’ll bring her upstairs once the two of ya are gone.”

“Thank you Macintosh. Please take care of her.” Rarity said as a tear rolled down her face.

“Take care of mah little sister.” He said as he gave her a reassuring nod. Applejack walked over to her friend and tapped her on the shoulder. The farmer pointed to the clock signaling it was time to go. The mare looked at her sister one last time and followed the mare towards the port. Big Mac watched as his sister and her friend walked into the darkness and he prayed to Celestia that she’d come back out in one piece as a single tear rolled down the stallion’s face.

Pinkie finished packing her bag and trotted past the twins room. She stopped and gently opened the door to look at the two sleeping foals. She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek as she closed the door. The pink mare walked down to the kitchen and looked around her home. She walked over to the oven and let out a sigh.

This is where I made my first cupcake. She thought as she ran a hoof over the cool surface. She trotted over to the cash register and scribbled some lettering on a note pad. Pinkie took the piece of paper and laid it on the main table in the kitchen and looked at the kitchen one last time before leaving the bakery shop. The sound of the door closing caused the yellow stallion to rise from his bed.

“What is it dear?” The light blue Earth Pony mare asked as she looked at her husband.

“I think I heard something downstairs.” He said as he got to his hooves. He walked over to the closet and pulled out a two foot wooden rolling pin.

“It’s probably Pinkie getting a midnight snack.” The mare said as she stood behind her husband. The two descended the staircase and checked the register. “It’s all here.” She said as she finished counting the bits. The two made their way into the kitchen and looked into the refrigerator.

“Doesn’t look like Pinkie’s been here.” The stallion said. He heard his wife gasp and spun around to see his wife pointing at a piece of paper with tears in her eyes. The stallion walked over and started to read the note.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cake.

I’m going away for a while. I’m not sure when I’ll be back or that I’ll even come back at all. If that happens then I just want to let you know that I’ve spent the best years of my life working, playing and laughing with you and the twins. I love you all like a second family and I want nothing more than to see you all again.

Love, Pinkie Pie.

P.S. I took a few strawberry cupcakes for a snack.

The two ponies looked at each other in confusion as they re read the letter. The stallion put an arm around his wife who had tears running down her face.

The timid yellow mare finished putting her belongings into her bag. As she walked towards the door she was stopped by a white rabbit tapping it’s back foot and crossing it’s front paws.

“Sorry Angel, but I have to go.” She said with tears in her eyes. The rabbit pulled on her long pink tail and started to yell waking the other animals in her house. Fluttershy put her hoof on the door and started to cry.

“Angel....look after everyone else until I get back.” She said in a saddened voice. The animals all let out a whimper as she left the small cottage and took off towards the small town.

The grey stallion was leaning against a barrel by the sea port waiting for the mares to arrive. The stallion pulled out his pocket watch and read the time. 5:45am.

They’ve got fifteen minutes. He thought as he closed the watch and put it inside his pocket. He felt a gust of wind blow into his mane. Razor looked to his side to see the cyan mare land on the dock with a saddle bag on her back. “Where are the others?” He asked.

“On their way.” She said as she sat on the dock. The two heard hoof steps approach and saw the pink pastry chef approach the docks with a sad look on her face. “You okay Pinkie?”

“Y-yeah. I’ll be fine.” She said as she sat beside her friend. Their ears perked up as they saw the fashionista and the farmer approach the docks.

“Just waiting on one more now.” Razor said as the teal mare levitated a barrel and sat beside the captain. He pulled out his pocket watch. “She’s got five minutes. Then we leave.” He said with a shrug. The ponies saw a bright yellow dot approach them. Fluttershy’s eyes were bloodshed red and the fur on her face was wet with tears. “This everyone?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Rainbow said as she looked at her friends.

“If you want to back out now, then this is the time. Once we get on that boat there’s no going back.” He said as he and the teal mare got to their hooves. The mare put the barrel next to her and her horn flared. The mares didn’t move an inch. “Very well then. Welcome to the Sea Hawk Pirates.” The unicorn’s horn flared and a massive seal appeared on the dock. The six ponies vanished in a flash of light from the dock.

The mares found themselves standing on a wooden deck surrounded by a group of pirates. The mare gulped as the grey stallion walked up to the helm of the ship and whistled in a high pitched tone. “Morning everyone.” He said with a smile. “Allow me to introduce our five guests. The Elements of Harmony.” He said as he pointed to the five mares.

“But sir-” A green earth pony protested.

“No buts. Like it or not these five, along with our target are the key to our freedom.” He said in a flat tone. The crew let out a grumble. “Now then, let’s cast off!” He said as he turned the wheel of the ship.

“All hooves, claws and what ever it is you have to your posts on the double!” Breeze yelled. The crew instantly scrambled and started tying the riggings and re positioning the sails. “Weigh the anchor! Double check those knots and someone get this barrel below deck.” The mare yelled. Rainbow and the others looked at one another in confusion as the crew hurried about the deck. Razor smirked as he turned the wheel of the ship and an ocean wave splashed over the side causing the spray to hit his face.

“Honey, I’m home.” He said as he gazed into the sunrise and the light reflected off the water. Rainbow took to the skies and looked at the ship. It’s outside was painted jet black with a white stripe going through the center. The ship had three masts each with it’s own sail. The sails were snow white and were imprinted with a grey hawk symbol on their center. The mare landed back onto the deck to see concerned looks on her friend's faces.

“Now then.” Razor said as he hopped down in front of the mares. “Time for the tour.” He said with a smile.

“Who’s steering this thing?” AJ asked. Razor pointed to the teal mare who was on the helm.

“First thing on the list; that is Sea Breeze, my second in command and is in charge of the crew while I’m away.” He said as he walked by the griffin. “This is Ace, he’s in charge of cannons and artillery.” The griffin snarled at the mares. “Yeah he’s not much of a talker.” He said as he walked below deck. The inside was lined with hammocks, some bunk beds and a few tables were stood up. “This is where we sleep, eat and chat. I’ll find some hammocks for you guys to use.”

“I cannot stand these conditions!” Rarity whined.

“Listen here Rarity, only the sick and injured get special treatment on my ship and since your neither I suggest you suck it up.” He said in a flat tone.


“It’s either this or the brig.” The mare quickly shut her mouth. “Good choice and a word of warning; if you continue to complain like that then there will be serious repercussions. My crew doesn’t like any of you to begin with, so I suggest that you don’t give them any more reason to dislike you.” He said as he walked towards a curtain with the red cross symbol on it.

Razor pulled it aside to show a light green unicorn stallion sitting at a desk reading a medical journal. The stallion had a black mane and dark brown eyes behind a pair of thick rectangular glasses. His Cutie Mark was a pair of crossed scalpels in front of a red cross. “This is Stitch. He’s our medic, if you have any medical problems come see him.”

“Nice to meet you all.” He said with a smile.

“Since we’re here. Scan them.” The green stallion got to his hooves as his horn flared and a horizontal line appeared on the mare’s bodies. The line moved up and down their bodies twice and vanished.

“They’re clean.” The green stallion said.

“What did you do?” Dash asked.

“I ran a scan to see if any of you had any diseases. We can’t have some pony infecting the crew.” He said in a flat tone.

“Stitch, the white one is Rarity. The seamstress and your new apprentice.” He said in a flat tone.

“I see.” He said as he looked at the mare. “We’ll talk later.” He said in a calm tone as he turned back to his reading. The stallion led the mares to the other end of the ship where a bar stood along with a tan Earth pony stallion with a blonde mane and handlebar mustache standing behind it holding a clip board.

“This is Hazelnut. Our crew cook.” He said as the stallion checked off another box on the list.

“Bonjour.” The stallion said with a nod.

“I hope that none of you are picky eaters. Haze here hates ponies like that.” He said as the stallion started to sharpen a large meat cleaver. The mares all gulped at the action.

“Ah Captain.” He said in an accent. “Thank you for getting those apples. They are quite ripe.”

“Thank the mare in the Stetson. They came from her farm.” Razor said as he looked at the farmer.

“Madam you must be quite the farmer. The apples seem to be fresh off the tree.”

“Thank ya kindly.” She said with a smile. Rarity took a step forward.

“That accent sounds familiar. Are you from Prance by chance?” Rarity asked.

“Oui, mademoiselle.” He said with a bow.

“You two can talk later. Now on with the tour.” Razor said as he walked back on deck. He approached the center mast and pointed up towards the crow’s nest. “That is the look out portion of the ship. Say hello to your new job Dash.” He said as he looked at the cyan mare. “You’ll help Breeze look for islands, enemy ships, sea monsters and all the above.”

“Sea monsters?” Dash said as she raised an eyebrow.

“You’ll see soon enough.” The ponies then approached a dark green Unicorn stallion with a brown mane. The stallion wore a brown cloak with a hood. “This is our resident insect expert, Swarm.” The dark stallion stayed quiet and nodded. “Swarm here has the ability to talk to most insects and call them in for confusing enemies.” He said as the yellow mare perked up.

“Oh that’s really interesting!” Fluttershy chimed. The dark stallion continued to keep his mouth shut.

“Yeah, he doesn’t talk much. Isn’t that right Swarm?” The stallion still held the expressionless face. “See. He’ll talk to the dragon flies all day long, but is quiet when it comes to ponies.”

“Oh, I see.” Fluttershy said in a timid tone. From the deck the crew went towards the back of the ship to see a massive desk and a series of maps and books strewn across the walls.

“This is where the crew and I plan our routes for our voyages. It’s also where we keep our books.” He said as he pointed to the bookshelf. The mares then saw a red unicorn mare with a jet black mane and piercing green eyes take a book from the shelf and walk over to the Captain. “Ah yes.This is Mirage, she’s in charge of information gathering.”

“Sup?” She asked as she walked by the group of mares and out onto the deck. The grey stallion walked back onto the deck and up towards the helm where the teal mare was steering.

“What do you need boss?” She asked.

“Get the crew here.” He said in a flat tone. Breeze nodded and let the stallion take control of the ship while she rounded up the crew members. Five minute’s later Breeze and Ace stood at his side as the crew members looked up at them in confusion. “Now that I have your attention. We have an urgent matter to discuss.”

“What matter would that be sir?” An orange Unicorn stallion asked.

“We have a rat among us.” The crew members started to converse with one another in shock. “I’ve had a hunch for a while. No one except for a few of us knew where Twilight Sparkle was.” He said in a flat tone. “Luckily I planned ahead and treated all the food we’ve eaten in the past week with special magic dust. If you lie then your tongue will turn blue.” He said as he hopped off the helm and onto the deck in front of his crew. “Did you tell Black Sun where Twilight Sparkle was living?”

“No Captain.” The crew said in unison. The crew all stuck their tongues out to see who the liar was. Razor walked over to the orange Unicorn stallion who kept his tongue inside his mouth. The grey stallion glared at the Unicorn who was shaking in fear. He stuck his tongue out and breathed a sigh of relief.

“See.....It’s not blue.” He said as sweat formed on his forehead.

“I know, I was bluffing.” The stallion’s face turned from relief to that of pure fear. As he looked around the crew had taken a few steps back and formed a circle around the Unicorn. Razor walked forward with a cold expression on his face. The orange stallion gulped and hung his head in shame. A small tear formed in his eye and rolled down his cheek. “All I want to know is why?”

“I didn’t have a choice!” He yelled. The stallion looked at the Unicorn in confusion. The stallion’s horn flared and a pin stripe shape formed on his tongue. “They got me in Fillapore. I couldn’t say a thing or else it would activate.” He said in disgrace. The grey stallion let out a sigh and put a hoof on his shoulder.

“When we dock, I want you off my ship. You’ll be paid what you’ve earned.” The crew looked at him in confusion. The orange stallion looked at him with a smile and nodded.

“Thank you Captain I-” The stallion stopped moving and cried out in pain. Razor looked in shock as the pinstripe started to expand and wrap around his entire body.

“Oh no! Breeze, down here now!” The stallion barked. The teal mare jumped down and looked at the markings. “Is this-”

“Yes, I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.” She said in a low tone.

“It’s alright sir.” The orange stallion said as he whimpered in pain. “I have no regret’s. Sailing with you all has been the highlight of my life. If I could ask for one more favor.” He said as the markings started to turn bright red. The Unicorn pulled out an envelope and a picture of a white unicorn mare and a small red filly. “I want my cut to go to my family. If it’s not too much trouble.” He said as he coughed up some blood.

Razor took the items and nodded. “Consider it done.” The orange stallion collapsed as the red markings spread across his face. “Breeze.” The teal mare nodded as her horn flared and the orange stallion was sent flying off the deck above the ocean.

Thank you, everyone. The orange stallion thought as he was launched off the deck and above the ocean. I’m sorry Coral. It looks like this is the end. He thought as his mind was filled with the images of the white mare and the small filly. Back on the ship Rainbow jumped next to the grey stallion and stared at him with daggers in her eyes.

“Why in the name of Celestia did you just-” She was cut off as she saw a massive explosion where the orange stallion’s body was flying. The crew all lowered their heads as the force created a large wave that crashed against the ship’s hull. The crew stood unfazed as the five mares laid flat against the deck. After the wave had passed Razor looked back to his crew with a blank expression on his face.

“Bring the ship to full sail and double time it to the Raven’s Nest.” He yelled.

“Yes, sir!” The crew said as they took their positions. Razor ran up to the helm as the sails opened and the ship lunged forward. As the ship picked up speed the three mares walked up to the grey stallion who was steering the ship.

“What happened to that stallion?” The farmer asked.

“He was cursed. By the pirate we’re hunting.” He said in a flat tone. “That spell was designed to self destruct when his cover was blown.” The mares let out a gasp. “That’s the type of pirate we’re dealing with; one who would use a living pony as a weapon.” He said in an anger filled tone.

“Do you think that he’d use something like that on Twilight?”

“Probably to keep her restrained.” He said in a flat tone.

“Then we’d better get after them! That’s where we’re going right?” Rainbow yelled.

“No. We need to stop in port and resupply.” The orange mare grabbed him by the coat and bore holes through his eyes.

“Why you no good snake in the grass! I knew you’d try something like this.” She bellowed.

“Look cowgirl. You may be ready to go on a war path, but my crew and I are still recovering from our last voyage and we need food, water and ammunition.” He said as he narrowed his gaze on the farmer. “We don’t even know where Sun is going yet, plus we won’t even make it halfway across the sea with the supplies we have now.”

“Why don’t you have the supplies?” Pinkie asked. The stallion deadpanned at her.

“Blame Shining for that one. He interrupted my shopping spree and I was arrested. Remember?” He said in a flat tone. The mare’s backed off and nodded. “Besides we need to get you guys some weapons and gear.” He said as he turned back to steering.

“Why can’t we just use the ones you have on board?” Dash asked.

“They’re all taken.”

“Oh come on you’ve got two swords for crying out loud!” She yelled. Razor smirked and unsheathed the blade. He pointed the handle towards the mare.

“Fine. Go ahead.” Rainbow scoffed and picked up the blade. As he held it in her hoof she felt a small tingling sensation form in her hoof. Suddenly a huge shock of electricity shot through her body causing her to drop the sword. Razor walked over to the blade and put it back in it’s sheath. “Each one of my crew’s weapons are enchanted so that they only work for that individual.” He said with a sigh. “We’ll get you each one when we dock.”

“Just where is that?” The farmer asked.

“The place where piracy was born, Coltuga.” He said with a smirk.

Twilight awoke to a loud banging on her cell door. The mare looked up to see a pair of stallions. One was dark brown and the other was light blue. “You’ll be eating with the captain this evening.”

“I’d rather eat a rat.” She spat out.

“He figured you’d say that. It’s either with the captain or with the crew.” The stallion brown stallion said with a smirk. Twilight gulped and followed the pair of stallions up to the captain’s quarters. A large table was set with all types of different food.

“Ah, Ms. Sparkle. So glad you could join me. Leave us.” He said as he looked at the two stallions. The deck hooves left with a grunt. “Please make yourself at home.” He said in a calm tone.

“Let’s just get this over with.” She said in a cold tone. The mare took a seat at the far end of the table and started to eat. “Mind if I ask a question?”


“What do you need me for? You obviously don’t want money so what value am I to you?” She asked as she sipped her drink.

“Sharp as a sword.” He said with a smile. “I won’t bore you with lies so I’ll just say it; We need your help.”

“With what?”

“There’s a lock that needs opening and I need a very powerful Unicorn to do it.” He said with a smile. “And who’s more powerful than the Princess’s personal protege?” He said with a grin.

“What makes you think I’ll just open this thing up?” Twilight said in a challenging tone.

“You’re forgetting that you’re in the middle of the sea with no magic. I am your only hope to ever see home again.” He said as he sipped his drink. “Once you’ve done as I’ve asked I’ll bring you back to your home and you’ll never see us again.” He said with a smile.

“I doubt that.” She said with a scoff.