• Published 4th Jun 2014
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Flutterbat's Return - Raidah

After being cured by Twilight's spell and creating the bat sanctuary in the apple orchard, Fluttershy learns that she still has some bat blood inside her. And that the bat side of her is thirsty. So thirsty...

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Chapter 1: Not Completely Gone

She checked her teeth in the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time that day, still not wanting to believe what she was seeing. Two long, thin fangs sprouting from the top of her mouth. Each two teeth from the centre on either side. She sighed and closed her mouth, concealing the bat-like fangs from view. She closed her blue green eyes as she drew in a deep breath through her nose, and her light pink mane fell over her face as she drooped her head down.

"And I thought that Twilight's spell had completely worked." She muttered to herself. Looking back at the light yellow mare in the mirror, she looked into her bloodshot eyes, which begged her to sleep. She considered doing just that, but she knew that it would only bring nightmares of when she was Flutterbat. How she had frightened her friends and how she had almost killed Rainbow Dash, she couldn't bear it. So she stayed awake for another night. Only bothering to feed the animals and, occasionally, herself when her stomach begged her for sustenance.

She also had this thirst. She didn't know where it came from, but she was always thirsty. And no matter how much she drank, nothing seemed to quench it. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, the pain. So much pain. She felt her wings seizing up as they became leathery and bat like. Her ears started to elongate and her eyes glowed red. The two fangs in her mouth grew longer and the rest of her teeth became sharp and carnivorous. She then fell to the ground and landed in a heap where she stood. Only to get up several seconds later as the vampony side of her took over. She spread her wings, and took flight. Headed for Sweet Apple Acres.

She looked through the window of the farmhouse to see the two mares sleeping on the bed inside. One a pegasus, the other an earth pony. She could see that they were holding each other tightly, and that they were still awake. Flutterbat hissed at this, eager to feed on her victim like she had been able to for the last few nights. She licked her lips at the thought if the sweet taste of the mare's blood. She almost burst through the window and drank from her right then and there it was so alluring. But she contained herself. Hunters are patient, or so goes the law of nature. So she sat by the window, peaking just high enough from below that she couldn't be seen, and waited. An hour passed. Two, three before she finally decided it was safe to enter the moonlit room.

She silently slid the window open, and crawled inside, careful not to make a sound. She crawled to the pegasus's side of the bed, and stood up, looking down on her cyan prey with hungry eyes. She opened her mouth, revealing dozens of sharp fangs inside, along with the two extra long ones. She lowered her head to the pegasus's neck, and quickly dug her two longest fangs into her neck. From there, she began sucking the blood from the punctures, savouring the metallic taste in her mouth. She went on sucking the blood from her prey for a good five minutes until she was sure that the mare wouldn't die from blood loss, and carefully withdrew her fangs from her neck. She layed her victim down slowly, and fled through the window, making sure to silently close it behind her, and disappeared into the night.

"Are ya sure ya don't know where these came from?" She asked her marefriend, examining the two small wounds on her neck.

"I'm sure, Applejack." The cyan pegasus replied. "I have no clue how they got there and it's starting to creep me out."

"Well," Applejack said, looking into the magenta eyes of her pegasus lover, "I'm not sure what to say."

"Oh come on, AJ. You gotta have some idea of what could have done it." She pleaded.

"Sorry, Rainbow. I ain't Fluttershy. I'm not good with determining what kind'a critter must'a bit ya." Applejack replied sincerely, wrapping her fore legs around Rainbow Dash affectionately.

Rainbow returned the hug, and rested her head on Applejack's shoulder. She inhaled the scent of her marefriend's blonde mane, which smelled like straw and apples. Or, to Rainbow Dash at least, a second home since their relationship kicked off. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Every day since those bite marks appeared, she was feeling weaker and weaker. It came to the point where she could no longer fly, and was grounded like the rest of the world. But today, she could barely stand without Applejack's or somepony's help. Applejack was beyond worried about her, and she had to admit that it was starting to scare her as well.

"It's probably nothin'." Applejack said, though she wasn't even convinced of that.

"Yeah." Rainbow agreed, though she didn't believe it either.

Applejack felt her eyes watering up as she said; "At least... I hope it's nothing." She tried to hold back sobs. "I don't wanna lose you to somethin' we don't even know."

Rainbow held her marefriend tightly as she stroked her mane, trying to hold back tears of her own. "It's okay, AJ. I'm not gonna die without giving you one hell of a night first."

"Heh, yeah." Applejack agreed.

They separated slightly to allow room for their muzzles, and kissed each other lightly, Rainbow stroking Applejack's mane whilst AJ had her hooves wrapped around Dash's back. Rainbow Dash licked the edges of Applejack's lips lightly, asking permission to enter. AJ smirked beneath their kiss, and parted her lips slightly, allowing Dash's tongue to enter her mouth.

The lovers' tongues twisted around each other, wrestling for control over the situation, and Rainbow tipped them over onto the bed. She adjusted herself on top of Applejack, not once breaking their kiss, and pinned her forelegs to the bed. Only then did she break the kiss to look into Applejack's eyes with a determined stare.

"I thought you were too weak to stand? What makes ya think you can win here?" Applejack asked, flipping them over so she was on top.

"Damn you, AJ..." Rainbow said dully before Applejack pressed their lips together in a fierce but loving kiss. Their tongues sliding around each other as the two lovers had their hooves all over one another.

Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes, but shut them tightly as the bright sunlight poured through the window and onto her face. She held up a hoof to shield her eyes and tried again, her vision focusing on the small, white bunny in front of her.

"Oh, hi Angel." She said. "What's the matter?"

His face was showing a mix of anger and fear, which could only mean one thing; something was wrong. He pointed to her mouth. She put a hoof to it, which came away with a sticky, brown substance partially covering it. She licked her lips which tasted like copper. Her eyes then went wide as she realized the gravity of the situation. Angel held up a mirror, knowing what she was going to ask, and let her look at her reflection.

Blood was covering her muzzle. Brownish-black, sticky, dried blood.

Author's Note:

And thus, a new adventure begins. Hopefully this'll be a half decently popular story, since I put a lot of thought into this and it's actually the first time I got right on it once I came up with it.