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Applejack gets hypothermia from staying outside in record cold temperatures, and while Rainbow Dash is visiting her in the hospital, Dash decides to tell AJ something that she should have done long ago.

[A/N: decided to write this for the upcoming holiday season. It's nothing special, just a cute little AppleDash fic that I think you will enjoy. Also, if you downvote, please leave a comment stating why you did so. Just so I don't feel too bad.]

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A spelling error with the word awoke in the first paragraph, but still a sweet story with feels:pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2:

Loved it :D.

3596710 Oops! :twilightblush: fixed it!

Aw, That was cute, and very good.

I love it, I have but one criticism though.

With a dangerously low body temperature, wouldn't the nurse have tried that straight away :rainbowhuh:

Other than that criticism, it's a good piece of work, all over I'm a massive AppleDash fan. I think you may have a new follower

3597470 Meeeeh.... The things you never think about until someone points it out... :facehoof:

3597466 thank you!

3596755 :D

Hypothermia doesn't work that way!

Comment posted by Raidah deleted Dec 9th, 2013

3598468 I know that, but it's Equestria, what do you expect?

The part where Redheart used the heaters on Applejack was a little too fast paced. Other than that great story!

You also put hear instead of heart in one of the last couple of paragraphs

3599433 goddammit...

3599433 could you put a quote of where it is so I can fix it?


It's an understandable feat. I didn't realize massive flaws in my main story until someone pointed them out. Just remember, criticism is essential for the road to improvement :yay:

I'm... I'm surprised..... This is my most popular fanfic to date... Um... Thanks guys. Thanks for all of the positive feedback! I'm glad you are all enjoying it so much. I am considering writing an alternate ending, good idea or no?

3621010 :rainbowlaugh: pffahahahahahaha!!!

I liked this!:pinkiehappy: You sir have just earned a green thumb and a mustache:moustache:

Ok so I'm starting to read your other fic's and this one was better than mine, "Bailing Out" which was a terrible freak of nature, but that's the second time I've seen a life saved by a hospital machine anticlimactically.

3624276 wasn't really meant to be climactic... Just to be a cute story

Yeah... Just wish it worked with my dad.

3646981 :rainbowhuh: I don't know what you mean by that...

Cancer killed my dad 2 weeks after my birth. Happy now? :ajbemused:

3647574 woah... I'm sorry to hear that... :fluttercry:

Don't sweat it. :eeyup: You didn't know. Besides, he was a marine and was going to be stationed in combat before we found out... :ajsleepy: He probably would have died anyway. Or have just been still alive. In Iraq, or Afghanistan or whatever fuck hole the US decides to shit on next. Really. I couldn't give a fuck.
Thanks for your condolences though. :pinkiesmile:

Loved the story! It was sad, but not too sad. Just the right amount of feels.:heart:

3690740 Sad? How so?

3694508 Well, I just think it's sad whenever any character in anything gets even somewhere close to dying. Also it's labeled as "sad" on the thing, so yeah. But I loved the story! :heart:

3695309 glad to hear it! :pinkiehappy:

Nice story bro, I like this kind of stuff.

3896752 thanks. It's the little things like that that help to fix my broken heart... (And no I'm not going into it)

3897102 :twilightsmile:. I don't want you to go in to ok man.

I loooove this yay for :ajsmug:and:rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by ICantThinkOfAGoodName deleted Dec 13th, 2014

Remember first time I saw this fimfic, the Grammar was absolutely horrible. Glad to see you fixed it.

5378831 umm... Haven't changed a thing in the year and few days since it's been published. So I have no clue what you're talking about.

Huh, could've sworn it was this fiction. Great story anyhow!

5379123 might've been a similar story by another person.

Short but still amazing and d'awww :rainbowkiss:

3597470 *remembers back in the day when we first met* long time has passed.

6866281 that comment was around 2 years and six weeks ago. God it doesn't feel that long ago at all :pinkiegasp:

Hello there, I liked this fanfic so I narrated it! Hope you don't mind. :twilightsmile:

Well then... I wrote this a long time ago but damn, I'm honoured. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it enough :twilightsmile:

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