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Hearth's Warming Eve. A day meant for spending time with those closest to you. For Applejack, that means her friends, one of which she has had her eye on for quite some time. Considering an old Hearth's Warming tradition, she decides that now is the time to make her move.

[A/N: Christmas AppleDash time! Much like last year's A Hearth's Warming to Remember, this is just meant to be a fluffy one shot. See y'all in the comments!]


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Comments ( 9 )

Aw, sweet! A bit on the short side, though. There isn't really much of a build-up. Aside from that, it was lovely!

5362523 yeah. Wasn't meant to be overly long. Just a short little fluff-ball.

An adorable little story you have there. Super cute and cuddly perfect for this time of year.

Nice job :ajsmug:

i did the same thing dude and im a peagasister so it doesnt make it random for me but i did that it was akward because my friends were with me ohhh nutz......

Oh my gosh yes. :pinkiehappy:
Short and sweet and quick to the point. Love it!
I find this story more adorable than romantic, but that was more than likely your intention.

(Also, I"M BACK :pinkiecrazy:)

Hallo! its me, Dan!

so horny for a big veiny brony cock in my ass

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