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Sunset had hoped that showing the Rainbooms what she'd written about them would remind them of the good times they'd had and the kind of person she'd become. That if she could just get them to listen they'd realize she would never betray them.

She was partially right. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash believed her, but --with no likely suspects-- Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie were unmoved.

The Rainbooms split. Sunset's group become targets for the students of CHS to vent their frustrations on. And Anon-a-Miss keeps posting.

Yeah, another Anon-a-Miss story. It comes from a lot of things. A lot of it is just trying to answer some, but not all, of the questions posed by Dainn when he wrote his seminal work:

But what if things happened differently?
What if Sunset never figured out who Anon-a-Miss really was?
What if her friends refused to listen after her little chat with Twilight?

What if Sunset's friends did listen but Sunset didn't figure out (and the CMC didn't confess)?

The conversation in the comic is open to interpretation, but it looks to me like Sunset was able to convince Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash of her innocence but failed to convince the other three.

And what happens then? What happens when the guilt of Sunset Shimmer is a split decision? What if things don't die down or escalate but instead drag on into the new year without a clear end in sight? What does Scootaloo do when Rainbow Dash is the one being bullied in the halls?

So many stories put their major point of divergence at the exact same place: Things might differ before that point, but they don't go off the comic's rails until Sunset goes to Sugarcube Corner / The Sweet Shoppe in a last attempt to get the girls to listen to her, and it utterly fails.

This pushes things back just a page and a half, but that little bit of difference will make everything change.

(Main Seven tag is because I can't tag six characters. There is no plan to include Sci-Twi at this time)

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apple Jack going to be kicking her own ass for a long time once the truth is out, and hating herself more for helping destroy their friendship for good, along with Rarity.

And don't forget Pinkie as well.

Happy 4th birthday, Anon-a-Miss. Here's to the 5th.

Interesting story, also I disagree with the idea that the story would be better if it’s set before Rainbow Rocks because of several things: Twilight being friends with Sunset, Sunset’s confidence and the journal itself. Without being friends with Princess Twilight, Sunset would have no need to use the journal to keep in touch with her. Not to mention that before Rainbow Rocks, Sunset wasn’t as confident as she is now. Without her confidence, Sunset wouldn’t have been able to deal with everyone’s increase hostility. Then there is the Rainbooms themselves, in Rainbow Rocks, they didn’t fully trust Sunset. If Anon-A-Miss happened before Rainbow Rocks, then the Rainbooms would have no reason to listen to Sunset and join the student body in driving her out or worse, suicide.

And then there’s the reason for Anon-A-Miss, the Crusaders started Anon-A-Miss because they were jealous that their sisters were spending more time with Sunset than them. We all saw in Rainbow Rocks how Sunset was barely included in any or their activities, so I doubt they would be spending more time with her than them.

Anyway, interesting idea and your author’s note really got me thinking. Keep up the good work.

The problems with anon-a-miss being before Rainbow Rocks just doesn't make sense.

And there are multiple reasons why here I'll list them.

1 sunset is hated and despised for the she demon at fall formal( anon-a-miss started when some of the students forgave her after the sirens.)

2 sunset was an unemotional zombie. You can tell she was just going through the normal motions.

3 she got very emotional at the accusations which is the opposite of an emotional void.

4 not enough time has passed by.

5 no friendship to be broken or nearly.

6 the biggest piece of evidence is the journal to equestria is shown in the comic.

7 cranky is the detention teacher and who do we see in the same room in friendship games? Glida, Lightning Dust, Snips and Snails and the Cmcs.

And Daydream Summer is a powered up from for sunset. That hasn't appeared because they don't need it right now because the bond is strong.

9 people flinch when there is yelling involving people who don't fully trust. And both Sunset and the Rainbooms are doing that in friendship games. And to even prove it farther Sci-twi does it in legend of the everfree.

And to have friendship you need to have honesty, kindness and Trust.

For what it's worth, here's why I think the general story would work better before Rainbow Rocks:

The human five turn on Sunset because they think she was only pretending to be their friend. The longer Sunset has been their friend, the more absurd this idea becomes. If she's been with them for a short time then it's believable that she was just pretending, if she's been with them long enough for them to from a band, write some songs for it, and save the world, it's not as credible.

Sunset is shown being completely isolated without the five. That makes sense before Rainbow Rocks. The five were the only people putting up with her then, take them away and she's on her own. Simple as that. After Rainbow Rocks the whole school warmed up to her. Her being alone doesn't mean "One group (with only five people in it) bought into Anon-a-Miss" but instead "Everyone turned on Sunset" which less realistic.

I think the Sunset in the comic is more in line with the timid Sunset from the beginning of Rainbow Rocks than the confident one from the end. Take the second time she's left crying on the floor: when she's knocked down she looks afraid, and all it takes to set her crying is some dirty looks and someone saying that "Maybe it was Anon-a-Miss" who did it.

The CMC's motive makes more sense if it's not long after the Fall Formal. Before the formal, Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash were friendless. That means they probably had a lot of time for Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Rainbow Dash respectively. After the formal they have five friends each, which means a lot less time for the younger sisters (honorary in Scootaloo's case.)

The time the older siblings spent with the CMC would have dropped off dramatically, and it would have coincided with them becoming friends with Sunset. From there it's a lot easier for the CMC to blame Sunset than it is to blame the the others. She was a bully then a literal demon. By contrast, three of the five are the very people the CMC want to spend time with.

Setting it after Rainbow Rocks means that that's been going on long enough for them to have gotten used to it, and another thing eating up their sister's time is more recent than Sunset. They'd be far more likely to identify the band as the reason their sisters are spending less time with them than they would be to identify their sisters being friends with Sunset as the culprit. Break up the band, and they get more time. Don't even need to hurt anyone because everyone was happy before the band existed.

Well, in theory they wouldn't need to hurt anyone, in practice breaking up the band wouldn't be without collateral.

Before Rainbow Rocks everyone, CMC included, has Sunset becoming a monster at the Fall Formal as their most recent major memory of Sunset. That makes it a lot easier for things to go wrong for Sunset. After Rainbow Rocks the most recent major memory of Sunset is Sunset saving them. That should make it more difficult for the CMC to justify slimeing Sunset, and it should make everyone less likely to assume the worst of Sunset.

There's also a ton of little details, like how Sunset is acts like she's never been to a sleepover (and explicitly states that the ones in the comic are her first and second sleepovers with the five.)

All of that said, it's definitely the case that the story couldn't end the same way without the journal. It was Twilight writing "find your family" that sent to Sunset to try to convince the five again. It was what she'd written to Twilight that she used to do it. The ending, as written, is completely dependent upon the journal.

It's everything before the ending that I think works better before Rainbow Rocks.

Oh, and thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.

You make some interesting points, however another thing I picked up from your explanation is that the whole comic is very flawed and doesn't make any sense. And like you said, the journal is the key in all of this. That and being friends with Twilight. So without the journal, everything falls apart, Sunset will be completely and utter alone with no one to support her. And then there's the aftermath, the Dazzlings will swoop right in and absorb all that negative energy and there will be no one to stop them, Sunset will probably leave CHS or like I stated commit suicide to escape the pain.

If I recall from what I've heard, it was SUPPOSED to take place before Rainbow Rocks, release date and everything but something happened and it got delayed til some time before Friendship Games aired and reworked to fit then despite how the events by that point don't make sense on a timeline scale.

You may be a cynic, my friend, but you write one hell of a story. And that's the truth. I might contact you if I ever need advice.

This is an interesting start.


Yeah, the most reasonable charitable explanation I've heard was that it was a case of getting the details of the journal mixed up and not catching the error until it was too late.

If you don't remember the exact circumstances of Sunset using the journal to contact Twilight in Rainbow Rocks (it's gathering dust, she doesn't know if it still works, she thinks Celestia has the other copy) then it's not too unreasonable to suppose that Sunset and Twilight might have been using the journal to keep in touch between the movies. Then you get a pre-Rainbow Rocks story in which the journal plays a pivotal role, and when the mistake is noticed it's easier to swap Twilight's scenes into the Castle of Friendship than it is to rebuild the entire story from the ground up.

It's still a major mistake (if something provides the foundation for your plot; look it up to check) but it's better than, "They didn't give a damn. Not a single one."

When will the story be finished

When will the next chapter be done

When will the story be finished

When will the story be finish

Are you gonna update or...?

Yes. My depression is basically the worst it's ever been, which is the reason none of my fics have been updated recently, but I haven't abandoned this. I've actually got 971 words of the next chapter written already.

Oh okay, you take care of yourself first. Sorry for being pushy.

When will you update next?

His depression is really bad currently so he isn’t updating but he will be when it gets better as he already has most of the next chapter written

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