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There's a special clinic for unwed mares who want to have a foal. Everypony knows it exists, even if nopony really wants to talk about it--or to be seen visiting it.

It's called the Family Planning Center, and today, Twilight Sparkle is going there for the very first time.

Update, 23 October 2013:
The "Planningverse" is now officially open, and as such, this story has been retagged "Incomplete", as myself and others will be expanding upon the basic concept here within the core story.

(Rated Teen + Sex for obvious reasons, but this story is not technically clop.)

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 170 )

...... lol?
...... dont know to laugh or.... something......

Interesting, odd, and unique. Up vote from me :twilightsmile:

i love it and can you make more chapters for this story and if not then that is ok with me

Fertile Plot?!? I couldn't decide whether to laugh or groan at that pun.

Well, this would probably explain certain....things. (Assuming said 'certain things' being related to certain ponies :derpyderp1: are going to be canon in the Planningverse.)

Oh... Oh my...

An interesting idea that I had never actually thought of before... And it's handled very well. Can't wait to see more.

If the ratio is like that I'd think that ponies would at least be a bit more understanding. I mean how are future generations supposed to come about, if not for this clinic?

3344687 Well yes, that's why it exists. But still, would YOU want the whole town to know you just got humped by a random stallion?

You need to follow up on this. Great setup; Twilight's storyline, at least, needs to be written. :twilightsmile:

3344728 I'm not ruling out the possibility, but I have so much else on my plate that I'm opening up the "Planningverse" as a free playground.


Well they aren't whoring themselves out, and it has no emotional attachment. I mean it isn't that dirty a procedure, but then again it isn't a sperm bank. I mean people talk about that just fine.

Also I wanted to ask is that Platypus reference what I think it is?

3344824 It may not be an explicitly sexual gratification thing, but you have to admit it would STILL be embarrassing.

Also I wanted to ask is that Platypus reference what I think it is?

Yes. Yes it is.

The clinic is that place, you know, that place, the one nopony talks about and that nopony wants to be seen entering and leaving...
So naturally, the first thing Twilight does after visiting it is announce it to Princess Celestia! :twilightoops:
Typical Twilight.

3345186 There's no telling what kind of too-personal letters and reports Celestia has gotten from Twilight over the years.

Dear Princess Celestia,
Today I learned that eating too much Red Velvet Cake turns everything that comes out of your butt red!

3345190 Evidently, Celestia's lessons never covered the concept of TMI. :trollestia:

"Fertile Plot" is, of course, Button's mom.

Oh my gosh! :rainbowlaugh: I can't believe I missed that.
I found the names of the OC's very funny. :pinkiehappy: Kudos for being able to write such an innocent "clopfic" for lack of a better term. :moustache:

3345776 It should be impossible to MISS Button's mom in this. I mean, her cutie mark is in the cover art. :rainbowhuh:

Glad you enjoyed it!

An intriguing concept to say the least. Twilight expecting some romantic words or foreplay in a place that seemed so clinical was kinda amusing. Well Done.

The concept is OKish, but the story sorely lacks a point and has fridge logic issues. For instance, the way it's presented, Twilight appears to have woken up one day and without talking to anyone about it, decided to have a baby. Also, it's one thing when it's porn, or a response to a recent stallion deficit, but that kind of establishment isn't very logical - no species is going to evolve with all 3 of: unbalanced male:female ratio, monogamy (and a general lack of culture for casual impregnation, where it'd be a favor for a friend kind of deal rather than having professionals for that) and most females having a strong desire to have children.

Interesting concept and execution, nice to see another take on 'Horse Breeding' though I almost expected an AI type procedure or the like when you mentioned how much like a physician's office the cubicle was. I did a 'Horse Breeding' fic that turned into a interesting thing, and I know there's a fic about Derpy having a foal, the author's girlfirend being an Ag-vet, so it was very authentic in some capacities.

Good Work :twilightsmile:

Wow, that was so anticlimactic.

What were you expecting?

It's a bit painful to admit that the whole thing suits me perfectly.

It would. Probably explains why it was so anticlimactic.

3345888 She does mention that she had been making a list of pros and cons and writing to her mother, so its not entirely unplanned.

3345888 I think you missed something somewhere in the reading. In any case, the entire idea is intended to be blatantly absurdist, even though I feel I did indeed present the situation in a completely logical fashion. If in some way I failed to convey the logic of the situation adequately, then the fault is mine. However, considering you have thus far provided the sole dissenting voice concerning this story, I believe the fault lies in your comprehension of the material.

That aside, no writer can please everybody, so your opinion is most certainly as valid as any other.

3345190 Not to mention:

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I found out why you never let me have any alcohol. Rarity has informed me that I did the following things last night after having one too many gryphonic brandies:...


However, considering you have thus far provided the sole dissenting voice concerning this story,

You should be more aware of the hugbox nature of Fimfic, where there are smiles and sunshine for everyone. This is only the 26th comment here, a story such as this - merely kind of pointless and with a not very logical premise - would expect about 1 negative comment in 30-40. Stories with more serious problems can see 1 in 10, and abominations can get as far as 50:50.

3357225 I've been here almost a year and a half, with well over a dozen stories posted including one that made the feature box. I'm pretty sure I know how it works around here. You commented, I disagree with your comment and explained the reasons why. That's ALSO how it works around here.

"Of course, it'll be obvious sooner or later..."

Because one-night stands are illegal in Equestria?:trollestia:
:rainbowlaugh:Great fuc fic!

......... um........... not sure how feel.

I like the concept; however, it would have been nice that you had made the mounting scene with more detail, describing the sensations that Twilight experimented while beng mounted... But then I think that would make it a clopfic, ¿doesn't it?

Reading the description of this story had me worried as to how you would implement the impregnating process and could not be more happy for the way you did it. The way the pegasus instructed her made sure that if any mood had developed, it was annihilated immediately. I also liked the way you introduced other mares she knew, especially Fluttershy. One quick and weird question though, (you probably didn't think too in depth into this, but if you did, my apologies) when she get mounted, how does the stallion do the impregnating? I'm not asking for birds and bees, but rather if he goes in and builds into the ejaculation, or he builds up outside on his own and only enters for the "delivery". Weird question I know , but just wondered anyways. Good story and hope for some cute scenes of Twilight being preggers and being a mom, and even better, Spike being a big bro/uncle. :pinkiehappy:

3391565 Yes, that would have turned it into clop, and this isn't THAT kind of story. :facehoof:
3391650 I think that'd be kind of obvious. :derpytongue2:

It is my great pleasure to write something for your story and I hope I can again in the near future :twilightsmile: It's not often I can take part in the creations of others and I felt that this story should be given the attention it deserves :moustache:

3414606 Absolutely! I enjoy collaborating with authors who have fresh and interesting ideas. :twilightsmile:

I won't lie i wouldn't mind if this just went the route of following twilight and celstia while they go through motherhood. If thats not what is happening could you right one were they do?

I think that will be where the plot will progress, though you may want a second opinion from Mythril. I'm just here to do what I can :twilightsmile: Though if it's sorely desired, I can always tack on another story on my account lol

3414755 I'm absolutely certain we have NOT seen the end of the shared motherhood storyline, but you have to remember that what we have here is....

:rainbowdetermined2: pause for dramatic effect! :rainbowdetermined2:


Which means that there are dozens, perhaps HUNDREDS of stories to be told about the Family Planning Center, the crazy ponies who work there, the adventures and misadventures of mares venturing into motherhood, and the logical conclusion of events already portrayed.

In short, so long as writers can come up with ideas for the Planningverse, anything can happen.

This "playground" so quoted should be quite fun to play around in. Excellent work on the tone. Ah, dear Twilight. Such clinical, straightforward environments make you feel safe.

Your first week on the job as a Stud and you get the Mother of All Mothers.
I'd probably fainted when she walked in.

Can you imagin being at the bar with your pals, them ribbin ya bout your job, crackin jokes bout the mares you been servicing, and having to hold in that you had Princess Celestia come through.
So when do the ponies in black suits come in and explain the rules to Rock Soild?

It may be one of those self deleting memories where he retains that he did something really good, but can't remember why exactly because the memory was so traumatizing :trollestia:

Its always the Best stories you can't tell.

Exactly lol I'm glad you enjoyed my contribution :twilightsmile:

If she has an Earth Pony, she have to learn all the Earth Pony magic.
And how to conduct her magic through her fore legs instead of her horn.

Honestly, I'm kind of hoping that Twilight will have something other than a Unicorn (I'm partial to Earth Pony, myself). Having the baby learn from someone other than her would make for some good plotlines and character development for old Twilight, with her having to come to terms with missing out on a special portion of her child's life while enjoying what parts of it they can share.

Have this favorite.

How did you come up with Fertile Plot for an alt to Milan's name?

3449333 First off, her name isn't Milano. :P She doesn't actually HAVE a name.

She's an Earth pony, her special talent is related to babies, so...your basic really bad pun.

Bah, I really like the concept! It's really different, but believable. :derpyderp1: I really want to see where this goes.



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