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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )


A collection of stories that take a quick look into the daily lives of high school student Sunset Shimmer and her friends.

Set in the Equestria Girls world.

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Another awesome story Yuki!

Is the title supposed to be plural?

3429549 Looks like it, considering it's featuring both the Equestrian SS and the native-human SS.

I'll follow this to see where both paths go, especially the native Sunset. I'm liking her and her dynamic as the native Twilight's outgoing friend (and not just because of the flirting, though I don't mind that either :raritywink:).

You should probably go over both chapters again, though, because I noticed a lot of jumps between past- and present-tense. It felt pretty jarring to me.


Yup ^_^ It was a clever little joke I came up with. Like, people would look at it and think "lol dude put an extra s on there what a noob", then they'd read the story and be like "oooooh, that's what the extra s is for. Man, this guy's clever!"

... Okay, so maybe it won't quite go that way :twilightblush: Still, it's good to dream, right? :derpytongue2:

Well this is going to be different. Got to be honest, I am more interested in human Sunset and Twilight's plot line than pony Sunset.

I like it! You're human Sunset is very amusing, and your Equestrian Sunset is... well she's still evil. But I love her anyways. :heart:

Why am i now wishing she gets punched in the face hard?


Wow, lots o' hate for half this story's protagonist :applejackunsure:

3430624 Well, sorry but... she's not exactly engendering a lot of sympathy or any reason for me to get behind her and/or cheer her on. So far she's been very unpleasant at best.

Sorry, dude.


Oh, no need to apologise. Though I do intend to hopefully change that as the story progresses :derpytongue2:

3430715 I have confidence in you able to do that... hopefully. :coolphoto:

When I saw the cover art for this I was thinking "Gary Fucking Oak" and his ten badges from pokemon.

I'm liking this set up. It'll be interesting to see where you're going with this.

Couple of things, "The taxi driver had told her to hurry up with whatever she was doing, but she cared little for what a lovely driver had to say to her."
Is this supposed to be lowly, lonely, or is it some Freudian slip from Sunset :raritywink:

Second thing: she bought at least a couple of cases of strawberry milk and a bottle of gin for 5 BUCKS!
I need to either get to that store... oravoid it, because this story's going to be pretty short from Sunset's death at the hands of really, really cheap gin (and milk). :pinkiesick:



There are six Elements of Harmony. She has ten, and she still doesn't have two of the actual six.

Okay... now this looks pretty damned clever now.

I suspect this is going to be very entertaining, really looking forward to more.

Ok, this is genius.
Two Sunset Shimmers. Two different lives. One same world.
Awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Fascinating concept, and well written. Shall follow with interest.


Do you not have dollar stores where you're from?

Granted, they usually don't sell alcohol, but...


*Slaps Pinkie upside the head. With a brick*

Okay, some sympathy there for Sunset. Not a ton, but some.

I cried a little.
But it's also because I'm having a bad day.

3464705 I usually try t avoid buying foodstuffs there though :twilightsheepish: Had a bad case of food poisoning once that turned me off to it. As well, I dunno who buys strawberry milk by the case, lt alone for a fiver :rainbowlaugh:

Spotted a couple typos, maybe snag a prereader t lend a hand? I apologize for not hunting them down myself. ><

Just wanted to chime in and say I'm really enjoying what you've done so far. I wish there we're more Sunset stories out there and one that actually dealt with the issues you'r writing about such as where she would live and I love that you put Celestia as her guardian so hope to see more of their interactions as well with luna. Also Sunset wouldn't change and be friendly right after twilight left it's going to take time and she won't deal with the give and take of these relationship's the same way Twi would either. If I could also say what I would like to see down the road besides the meeting of counterparts would be for one of the other EQ girls to be going through something and Shimmer being the one who has to help them out.

So, Chrysalis isn't a bad guy and instead works as a field agent in the FBI.
Nice idea. I wouldn't have thought of that. :rainbowlaugh:
Master spy huzzah! :yay:

Sunset is still herself, but at least a lot nicer while Twilight is her original personality when she still lived in Canterlot instead of Ponyville. Amazing, that's for sure. :rainbowkiss:
Cadence and Shining works in the FBI as well but I'm not sure what Cadence does anyway.
I'll keep on reading. :pinkiehappy:

I'm really loving the duo of the human Twilight and Sunset. They are a great pair.

Interesting use of Chrysalis.

I really like the Twilight and Sunset dynamic.

I do wish you would write a pure bad girls go out story. (Sunset, Trixie, Gilda, Lightning Dust).

Still, this is great.

Sunset and Twilight's friendship is beautiful!

And for some reason, every time I picture human Chrysalis I see Ezma from the Emperor's New Groove.

“… When you grow up, you’re going to become my delicious dinner,” she said with a grin, licking her lips and shaking her foot to get the piglet away from her.


So who does this Sunset live with?

Count me as another who likes this pair. Ah, what might have been between their pony versions. I like Chrysalis here, too.


She lives with her parents? How? She came through the portal, she wouldn't have parents on this side.:rainbowderp:

Deny it all you want, Sunset. We know you care.


... Two different Sunsets. The Equestrian one lives with Principal Celestia, the American one lives with her parents.

im going to guess here and say that twilight and her sunset go to a different school? where exactly do the other sunset and twilight live? is it still the same town? why does no one ever meet her if they do live in the same town? if twilight and sunset were popular wouldn't the others have known of them if they lived in the same town? sorry, just trying to understand some things in this. :twilightsheepish:

I'm kinda hoping we learn those Shadowbolt punks get arrested for assault...

Slowly but surely those six girls are corrupting Sunset with their.... Ugh! Friendship.


Big city. The other Sunset and Twilight live on the rich side, and attend Canterlot Private Academy for Girls (mentioned in Chapter 2). They're popular in their own school, not throughout the entire city.

I think I reffered to Canterlot as a town previously, which was a mistake that I will correct now ^_^;;

ok thank you for the clarity, i must have missed the thing about the private school.

“T-Twilight, what-”

“First we have to go to the arcade,” Twilight said. “Then we get ice-cream, then we go to a clothing outlet and shoplift a few sweaters!”

“What?!” Sunset shouted as she forced her wrist out of Twilight’s hold and stopped.

Twilight also stopped and turned to her friend. “… Well, maybe we don’t have to go shoplifting,” she said with a sheepish grin and a squee. “But we do have to do the other things typical of a day playing hookey from school!”

:rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh: Okay, Twi, no need to steal stuff just because you're out of school. Seriously though, she's the last person I'd expect to say something like that. :facehoof:

I like this version of sunset shimmer so much

Yikes, poor Twilight's hair.

And if you aren't cutting class by the book, you must be doing it wrong! :twilightblush:

“First we have to go to the arcade,” Twilight said. “Then we get ice-cream, then we go to a clothing outlet and shoplift a few sweaters!”

:duck: Twilight, darling, which book was that in again?

:twilightsmile: 1001 things to do while playing hookey from school!

:duck: Very well. Thanks for the information.

-one hour later-

A severe case of Arson was reported today at Didactic Tomes, a publisher well known for it's controversial book, '1001 things to do while playing hookey from school'. The only evidence the police have to investigate the cause is this footage from a security camera in the area:

:duck: Tell them to steal my sweaters, will you!? Take this!

I love this dynamic between Sunset and Twilight. It's adorable and inspiring.

Yay ice-cream! Wait, I don't like ice-cream... :facehoof:

Ah, gum in the hair. Not a fun experience. Thought you can use a little WD 40 to get it out, but usually is just for carpet.

A super cute chapter. I really prefer the human Sunset chapters.

Twilight blushed and lowered her head, but smiled nonetheless. “I see… So it doesn’t look… dorky, or anything?”

“… Wellll,” Sunset said, circling Twilight to get a good look at the new haircut from every angle, “Maybe a little, but hey, that could just be your natural darkness factor, anyway!”

Did you mean 'dorkiness factor' here? The sentence doesn't seem to parse right with the word darkness.

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