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Equestria Noir Case 11 "Picture Perfect" - Jacoboby1

A missing pony case set in Manehatten. Part of Equestria Noir series

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Case 11


The Police came about ten minutes after the fighting died down. Luckily none of the Minotaurs or griffins were hurt beyond repair. Shinebadge looked at me as Hoity was being loaded into a police carriage. “Listen, Private….”

“You don’t need to apologize, sir,” I said simply “I knew your hooves were tied. What is going to happen with the DA?”

“After this,” Shinebadge chuckled, “he’ll be lucky if he ever gets a job again. We’ll make sure that whatever mess he got us into is cleaned up” He gave me a stern look “Look the position is still open if you want it, I’d be happy to have you back on the force”

I shook my head “The offer is kind, Badge, but right now I don’t think this will restore faith in you guys. No offense, but I solved this case, not you guys…” I turned around leaving Shine to ponder what I said.

I hated insulting him like that but he deserved to be told like it is. He was just trying to do his job with all the bullshit that came with it. Maybe one day all that bullshit will stop interfering with pony’s lives. Until then, I only walk with ponies I trust.


“I must say, I’m mighty impressed,” Sapphire said as the police drove away with Hoity. Rarity walked up beside me as the pop star smiled “I was expecting you to come with help, but to get a mafia boss on your side. Private, you never cease to surprise me”

Rarity looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “How did you manage to convince them to come along anyway?”

“Miss Shores?” Grimwing said, walking with a pair of his relatively uninjured soldiers flanking him. “Some of mah boys were hopin' ya could do a favor fer us.”

“Well, you fine gentlemen just saved my life and those of the young ladies; so what can I do for you?”

One of the soldiers held out a small poster. He smiled nervously and spoke in a similar Bitallion accent as Grimwing “Would ya be so kind as ta sign our Sapphire Shores merchandise?”

Rarity’s jaw dropped as the other two griffins that came with Grimwing pulled out various pieces of Sapphire Shores items. T-Shirts, CDs, posters, and pictures all came from the griffins. Rarity looked at me with shocked blue eyes, “You’re telling me that these vicious griffins, who’ve all probably killed and committed all sorts of unsavory acts, are ALL Sapphire Shore Fans?!”

Grimwing shrugged as Sapphire went about signing the merchandise, “Bit of a guilty pleasure we have. Once Private mentioned they would be saving their idol well, I had to make a lot of griffins disappointed today”

Rarity fainted and I caught her with my magic. I think her mind has been broken far too much today. I set Rarity on the sidewalk and looked at Grimwing, “You know you could’ve just sent a group of your men. You didn’t have to put yourself on the line.”

Grimwing shrugged, “Ah needed the exercise, besides I wasn’t about to let you die on my watch.”

“Has the great Grimwing gone soft?” I asked, with a chuckle.

“Nah,” He said with a shake of his head “I just know you’re much more useful alive then dead.”

“Useful how?” I said with a raised eyebrow

“Let’s just say that yah don’t see a lotta good cops anymore,” he said with a small smile. “Yah keep the scum behind bars, Private, I’ll keep the scum you can’t get at off the streets”

“You’re awfully vague,” I said with narrowed eyes, “just what is going on in the underworld?”

“Let’s just say,” His yellow eyes met my grey ones, “it’s getting a lot harder to remain honorable this day and age” He turned around “Yah just keep doin' what ya do, Private.”

I nodded slowly, “You know one of these days I’m going to have to bring you in”

He smiled a little, “I look forward to that day. I wanna see how I stand up against yah in a fight…”

I gulped a little; the prospect of fighting a dangerous foe like Grimwing was not exactly exciting. Then again it probably won’t be a while until I had to face him. I wonder if I would have the heart to bring him in. After all he’s done for me and I for him… could we even fight?

Grimwing whistled and his boys looked up, “Come on boys, we gotta get back to the compound”

None of the griffins grumbled or complained, they just moved to stand beside their leader. Grimwing took off his black fedora and made a curt bow to Sapphire, “Thank ya kindly fer treatin my boys”

Sapphire smiled, “I’ll make arrangements for you boys to come to my concerts for free. I owe all of you gentlemen my life, and so do the rest of the girls.”

A couple griffins blushed in embarrassment at being addressed by their idol in such a manner. Grimwing simply chuckled, “Keep yerself safe, Sapphire, Ah don’t want tah have to save ya twice”

The griffins spread their wings and shot into the air with speed rivaling Rainbow Dash. I watched them leave with a smile on my face. Grimwing stopped midair and gave me a small salute. I recognized the gesture from reading about the Griffin Wars; he was addressing me as an equal.

I saluted back and the griffins flew into the clouds above Manehatten. I looked over at Sapphire, “Where are the girls?”

“Back at the convention center by now,” the pop star said, gesturing behind her, “Come on; let’s get acquainted with our kidnapee”


Sweetlight, her blond mane in disarray from being captured for so long, was being held by the design team. They were all crying and saying how happy they were to have her back. I walked in as Sweetlight spoke to them.

“I’m so lucky to have you all,” she said with a slight Hoofington accent, “I was so worried throughout the whole thing that I caused trouble for you all.”

Columbia put a hoof on her shoulder, “That’s Sweetlight for you; we were worried about you silly.”

High Style wiped tears from her eyes, “I can’t believe Stella would do this to you. I’m happy that that crazy mare is behind bars for what she did.”

Pretty Vision hugged her friend tight, “Just don’t scare us like that again.”

Sweetlight returned the hug, “I’m sorry for all of this. I promise never to get involved with anypony like Hoity again”

Powder Rose simply smiled and looked at me, “I believe your savior is here”

Sweetlight looked over at me and smiled wide. She ran to me and hugged me tight, “Thank you so much, sir!”

I gave a quick hug to the model and let her go “Just don’t go near strange bars again, okay? You’re holding up all right since the whole incident?”

She nodded, “I can’t believe I was being so selfish.” She shook her head a bit miserably, “When I was captured, I
realized just how much of a burden I was being to everypony else.”

“It’s hard to look at the big picture,” I explained to the teenaged model, “We always look at our own little lives, and we find it hard to see what others are going though.”

Sweetlight nodded again but then looked past me. Photo Finish walked into the booth uncharacteristically slowly. She walked to Sweetlight and simply frowned, “Sweetlight, we are zorry”

“For what, Photo?” Sweetlight asked confused, “I’m the one who caused all the trouble.”

“No,” Photo interrupted at her regular speed “It was I, Photo Finish, who has caused ze problem. Had I given you more time off you wouldn’t have gone to Hoity Toity”

Several designers just blinked in shock, I could tell this was unusual for Photo. The fashion star went on “I can only ask fer your forgiveness in zis disaster” She looked at Sweetlight, “I only vanted you to be ready for ze real world. You are young and this world can be," she lifted her glasses so only Sweetlight could see, “very cruel…”

“Photo,” Sweetlight said reaching over to hug the star. Photo replaced her glasses quickly before hugging Sweetlight.

“From now on” Photo said smiling a little, “You tellz me vhen it becomes too much. Ah will make you a ztar but I will not overburden you.”

I left the design team to hug and deal with the situation. They were like a family; they fight and get in trouble, but in the end the love they hold for each other keeps the family together.

They were going to be okay…


Rarity stood in front of the train station after we loaded up all her gear “I’m going to make a stop at Canterlot before heading home.”

“Sorry you didn’t get a chance to show off your fashions,” I said apologetically, “If you hadn’t come on this case…”

She held a hoof to silence me “Darling, as the Element of Generosity, it’s my duty to worry to put others above myself. The last couple of days have proven that more than anything. I’ll just hook up with Fancy Pants and see if he can’t help me get some of my fashions in the limelight.”

I smiled and nodded, “Say hi to him and Fleur for me”

She returned my smile then slowly frowned “While in Canterlot…I’m going to apologize to Twilight for what I did”

“Are you sure you want to tell her this?”

“The last time I kept a secret I almost lost Fluttershy,” Rarity said, her blue eyes becoming determined. “Sometimes secrets are best revealed for the good of all.”

I nodded “Alright, it’s your call Rarity. You take care of yourself.”

The conductor called “All aboard” and soon the train roared to life.

Rarity smiled and gave me a quick hug, “You take good care of Twilight, you hear?”

I hugged her back, “I promise, Rarity”

The white unicorn hopped onto the train and waved goodbye. I returned the wave. Rarity was really a good pony deep down, sometimes she just needed to realize she needed help too.

In a way, we’re kind of alike…


“You were just the sweetest little baby colt,” Sapphire said, as we sat in Starbucker together. It was about two days since the whole Toity business was dealt with. I decided to stay in Manehatten for the rest of Fashion week before heading home.

Sapphire was reminiscing about the old days “Hard to believe you’ve grown up so. I still remember when your mother would convince me to change your diapers as practice for when I have my own foals.”

I laughed a little, “So do you have any yourself?”

“Nah,” she said with a shake of her head, “too busy touring and running everywhere. I don’t think a foal would be a good idea anyway.”

“Darn shame,” I replied smiling, “You would’ve been a great mom.”

“Maybe,” she said with a small smile, “but it was yer mama that was the one I always pegged as being a mother someday. She had all the talent to become this big star, but she tossed it aside and decided that having foals was far more important. I guess I can see her logic nowadays.”

“She was really something,” I said, looking at my coffee, “I miss her so much…”

She reached over a hoof and put it on my shoulder “If she were alive now, she would be so proud of you, Private. Such a handsome, smart and brave stallion you’ve grown into”

“Thanks, Sapphire,” I said smiling at her. “It makes me feel a little better about all of this.”

“So have you talked to your daddy about all this?” Sapphire asked concerned “You know he-“

“Stop right there, Sapphire,” I said cutting her off. “I’m not ready to deal with my father yet.”

“Private, some day you’re gonna have to face him,” she said firmly “What happens during that confrontation will depend on your own ability to let go…”

I got up from the table and just walked away. I looked back at Sapphire and simply smiled “It was good seeing you again…”

She smiled in turn “I’m glad to see you again. Its ponies like you that make my life worthwhile”

“The feeling is mutual…” I said as I walked out of the Starbucker


It was late afternoon when I arrived at St. Ponel’s Cemetery. The leaves from the trees decorated the grass in orange and reds. I held the bouquet of blue roses in my hooves. I was sitting in front of a grave as the clouds gathered over my head.

Sparrowheart Eye
Beloved Mother and Wife
“May you fly in eternity”

I put the flowers on the grave and simply stared at it. Six feet beneath my hooves slept my mother…my best friend…

Tears fell from my eyes as I recalled memories of her…


It was a cold and rainy night and Mom was reading a book on her bed. Dad wasn’t there tonight as he was away on a business trip. He hated leaving his wife behind but he should be back by morning.

She looked up from her book and saw me enter. I was about five, grey eyes looked at mom. “Mommy…”

She smiled at me “Can’t sleep, Preventus?”

I shook my head “I don’t like the storm, it’s too loud”

As if by some cruel joke to exemplify my point a crash of thunder was heard. I ran to mom’s bed and leapt onto it. I buried myself under the covers and tried to hide from the storm.

I saw a hoof lift the covers and my mother’s face came into my view “The storm isn’t going to come and get you, Preventus.”

“I still don’t like it” I said looking away from her

I felt her shift until I was leaning against her side under the covers. She lifted a wing and put it over me like a protective blanket. She nuzzled me softly on my exposed head. “It’s okay Preventus; you don’t need to be scared. Mommy is here…”

I pressed myself into her hoping to find safety and warmth. I tried not to cry out when another crash of thunder was heard. I looked up to see Mom’s grey eyes looking at me lovingly. I tried to smile “Sorry Mom…”

“For what?” She said tilting her blue head.

“For not being a brave stallion,” I said letting my misery show. "Dad wouldn’t run under a blanket if he was scared.”

She smiled at me and nuzzled me again, “Just because your dad is a stallion doesn’t mean he’s invincible. All ponies are scared of something; they just don’t want to admit it.”

I looked up at her and smiled genuinely, “You’re the best mom ever.”

“I’m the only mom you have,” She said jokingly. “Your opinion is disqualified due to bias.”

We both laughed a little and when another crash came I barely noticed it. I looked at her “Mom, I hope I can become brave like Dad is,” I smiled at her. “So that one day I can keep the storm away from you”

She laughed a little “Oh you have a few years before that will happen, but one day you will find a filly that will look to you for bravery”

“Fillies?” I said my jaw dropping “Ew! I’m not going to go ga ga over some filly!”

“Wait till you’re a teenager and I don’t think I’ll be able to keep you off them” She said bemused “But remember this Preventus…when you do find that special somepony and become a couple. Remember that part of the deal is that you face everything in life together.”

I didn’t know all of what she meant at the time. I simply smiled and nodded, “One day I’m going to become a great stallion to make you proud!”


“Did I make you proud?” I said to the tombstone. The clouds didn’t give off rain but I could see them gathering.

I heard hoof steps on the leaves and turned to see Twilight walking with another bouquet of flowers. She smiled at me, “Sapphire told me what cemetery you were going to.

My eyes looked at her and I ran to her. I threw my forelegs around her and embraced her tightly. She held me for a minute before I kissed her on the forehead “I missed you Twilight…”

She kissed me back on the lips and held the bouquet before me “I thought it would be nice if I got some of my own.”

I gestured to Mom’s grave and she levitated the flowers beside my own. We sat down before the tombstone and Twilight leaned into me. “What was she like?”

I reached into my trench coat and handed her a picture of mom. Twilight looked at my mother with soft eyes “She’s beautiful Private, she looks a lot like Tailspin”

“Tailspin will argue that he got the looks” I said with a chuckle. I then went on “She was an actress like I told you. She was so beautiful and kind towards everypony. She was also funny as heck when she wanted to be. I miss her so much…”

Twilight nuzzled me on the shoulder and looked at me, “She would be proud of you, Private”

I looked up ahead of me “If she were alive she would’ve pulled you aside right after dinner. Talked your ear off about dresses and plays she went to. But also give you essentially the run down on me; she would’ve given you a Private 101 course” I laughed a little “You two would’ve gotten along so well”

“I’m glad you think that” Twilight said smiling at me “I would’ve loved to have met her”

Twilight then walked forward to the tombstone and spoke to it “Hello, I’m Twilight Sparkle. Private’s marefriend, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

I could just imagine Mom’s responses…

I’m Sparrowheart ,a pleasure to meet you too, Twilight.

“Private is a very special stallion, I’m glad to have met him.”

I’m glad you did, it’s about time he’s found his special somepony.

“I hope you think I’m a good mare to be with your son.”

Take good care of him, Twilight. He needs somepony like you.

“I love Private with all my heart.”

You’d better…

“I’ll keep an eye on him while you’re gone."

I’m glad he’s found a mare like you.

Twilight turned away from the tombstone and walked into my open forelegs. I embraced the mare I loved and tears trickled down from my eyes. Twilight looked up and wiped away my tears with a hoof.

“I’m sorry,” I said wiping my remaining tears away. “I’m just…”

“I know you miss her, Private” Twilight said caringly “I’m here now.”

Twilight gently pressed my head into her chest. I think this is the first time I’ve ever cried into Twilight. I didn’t care if she was the mare and I was the stallion. Right now I just wanted Twilight, my Twilight…

My tears stained her magenta coat and she ran a hoof along my back. She whispered in my ear, “I’m here for you, Preventus.”

“I love you Twilight,” I said tightening my forelegs around her. “I’m so happy you’re here right now.”

“Shh,” she said nuzzling my neck, “Preventus, I love you. Part of the deal is that we face whatever life throws at us together.”

I lifted my head and gazed into her amethyst eyes, “Never thought you would comfort me.”

She gazed back into my eyes lovingly, moving her head closer to me, “I'll always be here for you, my love.”

“I love you, Twilight, so much,” I then pressed my lips to hers.

We kissed right there in the cemetery together. I’m so blessed to have Twilight.

Take care of him, Twilight, when I can’t. He needs you now more than ever. May you two always find solace in each other’s embrace.

I love you, Preventus.

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