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Equestria Noir Case 11 "Picture Perfect" - Jacoboby1

A missing pony case set in Manehatten. Part of Equestria Noir series

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Chapter 4 "Generosity"

Chapter 4


Rarity and I decided to stay in a hotel that night. I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the cops pulling me from the case. There was literally nothing I could do, and I hated it. I was glad Twilight didn’t see me lash out like that.

As I sat on one of the hotel beds I pondered what Shinebadge was going through. He had his hooves tied for some reason. Maybe something was keeping me off the case? Seems odd that Shinebadge would suddenly get on my case when I got so close. I was sure that somepony was holding something over him.

I removed my hat and set it with my trench coat on a nearby couch. Rarity had been in the shower for an awfully long time. For some reason she was insistent we get one room instead of two separate rooms. I was starting to get a very uneasy feeling down my spine.

I sat back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. I was starting to miss Twilight among other thoughts. She would know what to do. She would know what I could do…

But she was in Canterlot now with Celestia. There was no way I could bring her here in time. I was on my own and I felt myself unconsciously reaching a hoof for the other side of the bed. Twilight never joined me in the bedroom but for a minute I imagined she was there.

That was when the bathroom door opened.

I looked up and saw Rarity peeking her head from behind the corner into the bedroom. Her damp, violet mane hung around her head and her blue eyes gazed at me. I was suddenly conscious of the fact I was naked. I tried to keep my attention to the TV channel list.

“Private,” Rarity spoke in a low throaty voice, “have I ever told you how handsome you look?”

“Um… no” I said awkwardly, trying not to look at her. “Rarity, shouldn’t you dry your mane off?”

“I was told by many a stallion it looked better this way” Rarity said and I felt her climb onto the bed with me. I looked up to see Rarity crawling towards me seductively… her eyes burning with lust.

I looked away and backed into the wall “Rarity, um, your bed is the other one”

“It gets so very cold at night in the city,” Rarity crawled closer towards me. She was backing me against the wall like a cat with a mouse. I found myself turning scarlet as I felt Rarity’s hoof run along one of my forelegs.

“Rarity, what’s gotten into you?” I asked frantically, looking for an escape from this situation.

“You certainly are muscular,” Rarity observed “Not like Big Macintosh but you’re much… smoother”

“Rarity I-“

Don’t be a fool…

What? You again?

Twilight would never appreciate you like this.

Rarity gently pushed me down. Her blue eyes looking almost hungry. She smiled seductively, “Private, I’ve always admired you from afar”

“You-You have?!” I stuttered trying to get up but to no avail

“Yes,” She said, running a hoof along my muzzle “You’re so sexy, strong, and brave, in spite of everything that life throws at you”

“You know I’m-“

Look at her. See how badly she wants you.

Her eyes did want me.

Twilight would never give you those eyes.

Rarity nuzzled me along the cheek, “Twilight is so lucky to have you but she isn't here. Surely you would let me offer some comfort after today’s long day?”

Let her! She’ll give you what you want out of a mare…

But Twilight.

Will never know…She’s in Canterlot remember?

But if she ever found out.

Then she’s not worth it.

Rarity’s lips almost touched mine before I finally broke free. In desperation I fired a shockwave with my horn sending Rarity flying off me. I glared at her as she picked herself off the floor where she landed “Rarity, you know I’m dating Twilight!!!”

She blinked and then looked at me confused. “Private, what happened?”

“You tried to seduce me,” I yelled. “Knowing full well I’m Twilight’s coltfriend!”

“Private…I…oh Luna I can’t believe I” She suddenly started crying. My anger subsided a little “I can’t believe I did this! In the darkest part of my heart I knew it could happen, but to see it actually…” She kept crying, tears streaming down her face.

“Rarity, why?” I asked, desperate for answers “Why did you do it?”

“It’s just…” She looked up at me “I’ve always been jealous”

“Of what, Rarity?”

“Of Twilight…” She confessed, shaking her head “It’s just I couldn’t believe it that she had you! This entire trip I kept wondering what Twilight saw in you. Then I realized just how impeccable of a stallion you were and… I wanted you”


“I know it was wrong!” She said with tear stained eyes “It’s just Twilight has everything I could ever want! Living like royalty, having a family that doesn’t fight, and you above all. She wouldn’t even have known she was in love if I didn’t blatantly tell her! I just wanted something for myself for once… some Element of Generosity I am”

Then it hit me. I wasn’t happy about what she did but anger wasn’t going to help. She didn’t need more ponies telling her what she did was wrong “Rarity, you are the element of Generosity but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from feeling selfish. You’re still a pony; you’re allowed to make mistakes”

“All my life, I’ve had to earn everything I got” Rarity said shaking her head “Twilight had everything hoofed to her. It was just so frustrating that Twilight of all ponies would be the first of us six to fall in love and have it returned. At first, I simply tried to help you two get closer from the shadows: but over time, I felt like Twilight didn’t know what she had”

She looked up at me “I just… I want somepony willing to give to me for once…I give so much…I’d like somepony to give to me”

“How can you be so blind?” I asked with a sigh

“What are you talking about, darling?” Rarity replied, with surprise. “Are you saying there’s a stallion who wants me?”

“Not a stallion, a dragon” I said my grey eyes trained on her “I’m talking about Spike, for Pete’s sake, Rarity!”

Realization greeted her eyes “Spiky-Wiky…”

“He’s done everything you’ve asked without complaint or fuss! He’s loved you since the first moment he saw you! He’s always been there for you! How can you not see that?”

“Spiky…Wiky…” New tears filled her eyes as she buried her face in a pillow. “It’s true! I’ve been so terribly selfish to him! I’ve been so terribly selfish to everypony! How could I possibly call myself an element when I do something as horrible as this!?”

I put a hoof on her back and gently patted it. “Rarity, I have to ask, do you care for Spike like he cares for you?”

Rarity looked up from her tear soaked pillow. Her blue eyes seemed to ponder my question for a minute or two. Then she slowly nodded “At first I thought it was just an adorable little crush. Over time, however, I’ve grown to care for him too. He’s the most generous and sweet little darling I’ve ever known. He isn’t like the absolute brutes his kind are known to be. I guess you could say I’ve grown fond of him.”

“You've known for a long time he’s had a crush on you?”

“I did, but I was afraid. I was worried about what everypony would think if I started showing my feelings for Spiky. After all, I am a pony and he is a dragon. Could it even work?”

I smiled a little “Yeah, in ancient times ponies have fallen for dragons and vice versa. I’m sure you can work something out.” My grey eyes became serious “But sooner or later Rarity you’re going to have to give him a real answer”

Rarity thought for a long moment then nodded “Once this case is over I will return to Ponyville and tell Spiky Wiky exactly how I feel, and how sorry I am for everything I’ve done to him.” She looked up at me not with tears but with determination “Celestia as my witness, I swear this!”

I nodded and we finally got to sleep that night. I wondered what that voice wanted with me. It had appeared twice in my life, once when I was debating whether to save Dinky or catch Glimmer. The other time was when I considered killing myself to stop that mare; Littlepip was it, from coming to be born. Both times I refused him.

This time, though, he seems to have grown stronger.


We went back to the convention center the next day only to discover a bunch of cops all over the place. It was going to be impossible to get anywhere near the place without being discovered. Rarity and I peeked out from a street corner at the place.

“No good, if I get anywhere near the place I won’t be able to get in”

“Such brutes,” Rarity huffed. “How are we going to solve the case if we can’t get in?”

I got an idea “Wait, I can’t get in but I know somepony who can”

“Who darling?” Rarity asked looking at me curiously.

“A certain favorite aunt of mine…”


We were waiting inside a Starbucker café when Sapphire Shores entered. She was dressed a little less flashy in a simple jacket and shades. Her trademark strange hat was still on though. I guess you can only ask so much from the pop star.

I waved for her to come and sit at the table with Rarity and I. She sat down with a smile on her face, “Darling, I did a little digging and you’ll never guess what I found out”

“Photo actually does have a dress made of lobsters?” Rarity suggested, trying to make a joke.

Sapphire chuckled and shook her head “Nah, but I found out that Hoity actually did talk to Sweetlight before she was captured”

“Tri-Star mentioned that” I said taking a sip of my espresso. Oh Caffeine you are my best friend during cases! I continued “He said they talked about taking Photo down”

“Well as it turns out she never mentioned where she was from” Sapphire explained “I thought it was kind of odd that Hoity would know she was a long way from home if she never mentioned where she came from.”

“He could’ve found out by other means,” Rarity suggested, sipping her tea daintily. “She did have interviews right? Somepony must’ve asked where she was from”

“Sweetlight is still fairly new,” Sapphire pointed out. “She’s only had a couple of shows. Photo never had her do any interviews yet. She said it would-“She imitated Photo’s Berman accent “Keep her from gettzing too much pride in zer ead!”

I laughed at Sapphire’s impression but then moved on “Who else knew about Sweetlight being from Hoofington?”

“Only her design staff” Sapphire said firmly “I only found out when she went missing. I even asked some of the other ponies at the convention. Nopony knew where she was from until I told them”

Rarity tapped her hoof on her chin “That can only mean one thing. Hoity got the information from somepony on the inside”

I nodded and got up “I’m going to go back to the bar that Sweetlight was kidnapped at. You figure out how Hoity knew she was going to be there”

Sapphire smiled “All this detective work is making me feel” She opened her mouth to sing her famous line.


At least it’s better than Rainbow’s running gag. I feel its run its course…

Wait no! That wasn’t meant to be-


Damn it…


I got back to the Prancing Dragon and walked up the bar. I was greeted by a smiling earth pony stallion. “What can I get you good sir?” He said in a Lyrish accent.

“Information” I said flashing my badge. I could get in trouble if he decided to blab to other cops. Right now, though, just the thought of a cop in a bar was never a good sign. I got his attention and that’s what counted.

His eyes grew wide as dinner plates, “I’m not under arrest or anything am I, officer?”

“No, my good pony,” I said reassuringly. “I just want to know where you were a couple of nights ago. Somepony went missing in the alley by your bar”

“I wasn't here, officer” He said with a slight smile “I was on a trip”

“A friend of mine said you were visiting family in New Jockey” I said suspiciously

“I was but you wouldn’t believe how I was able to do so” He said with a shake of his head “Truth is this job has been bloody hell for the past few weeks. Then out of nowhere I win this week long trip to New Jockey, just a couple of miles from mah family home”

“You didn’t question how you won this trip?” I questioned leaning a little closer

“Look when somepony is willing to give me a trip from this hell hole I’m not willing to question it”

“Did it come with a flyer or anything?” I said

He reached into his jacket and pulled out a small colorful flyer “Got this about two weeks ago. I keep it on me fer good luck”

I examined the flyer closely. It showed some pictures of New Jockey and explained in huge letters that he won. It seemed legit but I would need somepony to examine it. This was just far too convenient.

I looked up at the bartender “You don’t mind if I borrow this for the investigation, do you? It could help me find who I’m looking for”

“Just be sure to give it back when you’re done with it” He said firmly “I want to keep my luck thank you very much”

I walked outside to the alley nearby. Before I entered it I heard some cello music playing. I stepped into the alley and saw Octavia playing her cello with a look of absolute focus on her face.

“You play well” I said with a smile “Neightovan?”

“Buch,” She corrected with a small smile, “but you were close, so I’ll give you credit.” She stopped playing and set her cello back in a large case.

She looked at me, “I trust you found out about what happened with the bartender as well?”

“That he got a free trip to New Jockey that just happened to take place during the week when Sweetlight was kidnapped?” I nodded, “Yeah, this seems way too convenient for me”

“Well, I met him last night,” Octavia said closing her case with a push of her hoof. .“I did a little digging into the company that he supposedly got the trip from. It doesn’t exist”

“You’re saying there’s no such company as ‘Happy Times Travel’?” I said looking at the flyer. “So somepony wanted him gone”

“So that he wouldn’t able to witness Sweetlight get captured” Octavia said firmly “You’re missing friend was supposed to be here. The question is who knew she came here to hang out?”

“It would have to be somepony who knew her movements” I pondered, nodding slowly, “Somepony who would make sure she ended up here”

“Private!” I heard a voice cry behind me. I turned to see Rarity running to me. “I just got back from a conversation with Sapphire. Turns out somepony told her to go there during the night of the kidnapping”


“Stella, darling! She’s the manager of the design team. She told Sweetlight to head to the bar to cool off. Pretty Vision heard this information when she asked Stella where Sweetlight went that night”

“A pony who knew movements, who knew the bartender wouldn’t be there that night,” I muttered to myself as the pieces fell together.

We had our kidnapper!

“Thanks for helping Octa-“I said turning to where I thought Octavia was, but when I looked the cello player was gone.

Just who is she?