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Equestria Noir Case 5 "Bonds of Madness" - Jacoboby1

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Chapter 2: "Bottom of the Well"

Chapter 2

“Bottom of the well”

I sat in front of the school yard checking my watch. 3:00 it said…just five minutes until Tailspin was set loose from the school. I must’ve looked like a dog waiting for his owner to come home just sitting there. I didn’t care; I was excited to hear how Tailspin’s first day went.

“Oh darling I didn’t expect to see you here” I heard a rather refined voice say next to me.

I looked over and there was Rarity smiling at me. I noticed she was wearing some more makeup than usual. I wonder why? I simply nodded in the direction of the white unicorn and said “Hello Rarity, here to pick up Sweetie Belle?”

She nodded “Yes, I have a day off today and thought I’d pick up my dear sister from school today” She then sat down beside me and looked at me with her soft blue eyes. “So who are you waiting for?”

I looked at the school again “My little brother Tailspin”

Rarity gasped “You never told me you had a sibling to! What a coincidence!”

I smiled a little “Yeah, siblings can be a handful I guess. Speaking of which how is Sweetie Belle doing?”

Rarity smiled at me “Oh just marvelous darling, we’ve gotten a lot closer ever since the whole Blueblood incident. Things have never been better between us”

“I’m happy to hear you two are doing well”

Rarity then looked at me “Private…I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something”

I raised an eyebrow “And that is?”

“It’s about…Twilight” Rarity confessed

“She told ya huh?” I said flatly

She nodded her white head “Yes Darling…she was rather distraught over the whole thing though…she’s now willing to talk to you about it”

“I appreciate it Rarity…but it’ll be a while before I can talk to her”

Rarity was smart not to push the Twilight issue further. We just waited with the other parents until the bell finally rang. I stood up and looked out in the sea of fillies and colts coming out of the school. I then spotted Tailspin talking to Dinky and I waved at him. He waved back excitedly and said something to Dinky before rolling out to me.

I ran to my little brother and smiled at him “So? How was your day?”

He smiled back at me and imitated Rainbow Dash “Best, Day, EVER!”

I nuzzled my brother gently “That’s good to hear…” I walked behind Tailspin and started pushing him along. I then felt a

bump on my leg and looked over. There was that orange Pegasus from earlier rubbing her head. “You alright?”

She looked up at me “Yeah I’m fine, sorry about that”

Tailspin suddenly rolled passed me and bent down to look at the Pegasus filly. “Scootaloo! Are you alright?!” He said frantically.

She frowned at him “I’m fine Tailspin; you don’t need to follow me around every time I trip!” She then huffed and marched straight passed him. Tailspin was absolutely dumbfounded.

I smiled slyly “Looks like the great Tailspin has lost his touch…”

Tailspin shook his head trying to comprehend what just happened “I don’t get it! I did everything right! I held the door for her! I gave her my extra cookie! I even complemented her! Private! Where did I go wrong?!”

Suddenly Scootaloo stopped in her tracks at my name. She zoomed back to me and looked up at me with bright purple eyes. “You’re Private Eye!? The detective that helped Rainbow Dash!?”

I smiled at the kid “You’re Scootaloo right?”

She nodded excitedly “Yeah! President and founder of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club! I just want to thank you for helping Rainbow Dash!”

I lowered my head to the filly’s level “You’re very welcome Scootaloo and if my brother gives you anymore trouble you let me know okay”

“Private!” Tailspin said his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

Scootaloo gave Tailspin a look then smiled at me “Anyways see you around Private!” She trotted off to a nearby scooter and rolled off.

Tailspin looked on dreamily at her “She’s amazing…”

I smirked “One school day and you’ve already got a crush”

“It’s not a crush!” Tailspin retorted way too fast.

“Suure my dear brother” I said sarcastically “And you looking at her like she’s an Alicorn descended from a above is just simple admiration”

Tailspin frowned “If you blab to anypony I’ll kill you in your sleep”

I laughed “I’ll let you know, I sleep with a gun Tailspin”

Tailspin sighed and we both started walking out when I saw a small crowd gathering. I noticed Applejack was there with Applebloom. I tapped the country mare on the shoulder and said. “What’s going on here?”

Applejack pointed to the center of the crowd “Ah’m not sure, Dinky and Cardinal we’re playing then Dawnbird went all ballistic and started insultin the poor filly”

I pushed my way through the crowd and saw Dinky and Cardinal standing on opposite sides hidden by their respective mothers. Ditzy was glaring at a golden colored unicorn that was standing protectively in front of Cardinal. I gathered that this Dawnbird was Cardinal’s mother.

Ditzy covered Dinky with a wing and glared back at Dawnbird “You apologize for what you said about her!”

Dawnbird glared back “Only if you keep that thing away from my daughter!”

“She’s not a thing Dawnbird! She’s my little filly! I won’t let anypony go around saying mean things about her like you did!”

Dawnbird fired back “Just keep her away from Cardinal! I don’t want her to catch stupidity from you or your daughter!”

I got between the two mothers and I glared at Dawnbird “That’s enough mam; I suggest you take your daughter and leave”

Cardinal spoke softly from behind her mother “I didn’t mean to cause trouble mommy…we were just playing”

Dawnbird turned to her daughter and her personality did a 180. “It’s alright dearest…you don’t have to stay here and be around ponies like” She glared at Ditzy and said with a voice filled with venom “Them…”

Ditzy kept her crossed eyes glaring at Dawnbird the entire time the golden unicorn left with her daughter. Ditzy turned to Dinky whose eyes we’re downcast. “Dinky are you okay? Dawnbird didn’t hurt you did she?”

Dinky shook her head “I was only playing with Cardinal…then that mean lady came out of nowhere and called me a…”

Ditzy hugged her daughter as the crowd started to leave. “You don’t have to say it again little filly…”

Dinky pressed herself into her mother and I noticed Tailspin rolling up to Dinky and he gently began rubbing her back. That seemed to get her calmed down enough for Ditzy to let her go.

I looked at the mother and daughter “If you guys ever have trouble with Dawnbird again, let me know”

Ditzy smiled and nodded “We’ll be okay Private; we’ve dealt with her before”

Tailspin looked at Dinky “I can’t believe she would insult you like that”

The little unicorn smiled at Tailspin “Thanks for being there Tailspin…it’s nice to know I got an awesome friend here”


Tailspin was barely digging into his dinner that night at our new house. I looked over at Tailspin worried. “Tailspin, you haven’t touched your hay fries…what’s wrong?”

My little brother sighed and looked up at me “I just don’t understand why bullies exist. How can somepony be so mean to everypony?”

I bit into my veggie patty and spoke sagely “Most bullies do it simply for attention…others because there’s something about somepony they just can’t stand”

Tailspin fiddled with his hay fries “It just bugs me is all…I just can’t stand it when somepony hurts somepony else because of something stupid”

I got up from my seat, walked to my brother and put a hoof on his shoulder “The world is pretty messed up Tailspin…not everypony can make it out of the fire without getting burned. Now there’s something else going on is there? You wouldn’t have brought this up if you hadn't”

Tailspin looked at me with his blue eyes “Private…somepony saw my wings today…”

“What happened?” I said trying not to look at his brittle wings.

“I was playing at recess with Applebloom and her friends; they wanted me to join some society all about getting their cutie marks. While trying to get our cutie marks in acrobatics I fell off my chair…everypony saw my wings…” A tear came into his eye “Everypony was just…staring at them…”

I hugged my brother close to me “Hey hey…don’t cry Tailspin. It’s okay I’m here now”

He pressed his muzzle into me and spoke a little muffled “Then that snobby one started calling me a chicken and suddenly everypony was laughing at me…”

I spoke frankly to him “You knew this was going to happen eventually…”

“Not in front of everypony in the entire class though…” He spoke as I felt his wet tears stain my grey coat. I didn’t care though, Tailspin needed me right now.

“What happened after that?”

“Dinky just…wailed on Diamond…” Tailspin said his sobs subsiding a little. “She helped me back into my chair and told Cherilee what happened…”

I smiled a little “That Dinky…she’s something alright”

Tailspin pulled away and looked up at me “Sorry bro…I didn’t mean to dump all this on you”

I ruffled his electric blue mane “Hey what are brothers for?”


I gently laid Tailspin onto his bed with my magic. He always loved it when I levitated him like that. He looked at me with his blue eyes smiling happily.

I returned his smile and pulled the covers up to him and tucked him in. “You just get some sleep alright? Tomorrow is a Saturday so you can rest easy”

He nodded and then looked at me “Say bro…can I ask you a favor?”

I looked at him “Sure, what do you need?”

“Could you…I mean if you don’t mind it…”

“Asking me to dress up in a chicken suit is where I draw the line Tailspin, I still remember high school”

We both laughed at that then Tailspin’s eyes looked at me. “I…I want you to sing that song…”

I pulled up a chair and sat down looking at my younger brother “The one that I said mom always sang?”

He nodded “Yeah that one, I don’t remember her but…I always liked hearing you sing it”

I smiled at him then I opened my mouth to sing a soft melody.

Hush now, quiet now

It’s time to lay your sleepy head

Hush now quiet now

It’s time to go to bed…


The new day dawned and I found myself standing in front of Twilight’s house. I wanted to knock on the door and talk to her. But every time I raised my hoof to knock on the door I just couldn’t do it.

What was wrong with me? I used to be able to talk to her all the time. When I was with her…I was willing to talk about things I never could with any other pony. I started imagining me running inside, picking her up in my hooves and pressing myself into that mane of hers. Telling her I loved her more than life itself. But couldn’t do it…I just kept staring at my hooves that just refused to go in.


I looked up from my hooves to see that Spike was holding the door open. “I haven’t seen you in a while” the baby dragon said “You want to talk to Twilight?”

I decided to be honest with my dragon friend “I…I’m not sure”

He nodded knowingly “I understand Private…look you know she misses you”

She missed me? What was this now? “She said misses me?”

Spike looked at me like I just said a gun couldn’t shoot bullets. “Yeah she did, she’s been looking for you ever since you left Cloudsdale”

I felt a faint blush come to my cheeks as I thought of Twilight looking for me. I shook my head and looked at the baby dragon. “Well if you see her just tell her I’m looking for her to”

“Will do” Spike said saluting, just then a blue bomb fell from the sky. Rainbow crash landed in front of me and looked up at me looking frantic.

“Private! You have to come with me it’s an emergency!”

I put a hoof on the rainbow maned mare “Calm down Rainbow, what happened?”

“Some filly fell down the well! We tried calling to her but she wouldn’t answer! I think she’s…” Dash couldn’t finish the sentence.

I nodded delving into detective mode. “Alright, take me to the crime scene. Spike you come with me too”

Spike nodded “I’ll just tell Owlowiscious to make up for my chores while I’m gone!” He ran inside. Well, this wasn’t how I expected my homecoming to be.


The well in question was an older one that nopony used. It was small and situated just on the border between Ponyville and the Everfree forest. I looked on as a large crowd had gathered around the well. I pushed my way through the crowd and came to the well in question.

Applejack was there among the crowd, she looked at me worried. “Sugercube, thank heaven ya came. The filly is down there and nopony is small enough to fit down there to get her”

I nodded and looked at Rainbow “You and Applejack get the crowd back from the well; I can’t investigate with everypony gawking at the scene”

Both mares nodded and turned to the crowd.

Rainbow spread her wings out to the crowd to drive home the point. “Everypony back off! Private is investigating what’s going on”

Applejack spoke up as well "Ain't nothin ya'll need ta be gawkin at!"

I smiled at both of them and turned to the well. I looked at the well, it was way too small for me to fit…I looked at Spike.

Spike knew exactly what I was thinking “Oh no! I’m not going down some creepy well with a dead body at the bottom!”

I smiled snidely “Well if not…I could always get a certain owl to help…”

Spike appeared with Applejack’s lasso tied around his belly. “Okay you hang on to the other end of the rope and lower me down”

I reached into my trench coat and pulled out a small flashlight. I hoofed it to Spike “Use this to help you see, tug twice when you want to come up”

Spike nodded as I took the end of the lasso in my teeth. Spike lowered himself down into the well slowly at first but soon he got the hang of it. I pulled as hard as I could to keep Spike from hitting the bottom too hard.

Spike’s rope went lax as he hit the bottom of the well. I looked down into the well. “Do you see anything Spike?”

I heard a yelp come from the bottom of the well. Spike spoke up a few minutes later “I found her! She hit her head on a
rock as she fell…she isn’t moving…”

I shouted down the well “Pick her up and I’ll pull you both up in a sec”

I heard him mumble something along the lines of “Slave driver” but I soon felt two tugs on the rope. I gestured for Applejack to help me and we both pulled hard on the rope. The two of us compensated for the extra weight and slowly but surely we got Spike up.

The body he was holding…was Cardinal’s