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Equestria Noir Case 5 "Bonds of Madness" - Jacoboby1

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Chapter 1 "School"

Equestria Noir

Case 5

“Bonds of Madness”

Chapter 1


Dear Private Eye,

I am happy to hear about your success in Cloudsdale. Your service to your homeland and friends is something to behold. I’m glad I made the decision to invest in you, my dear detective. As a reward for your continued service to the law and your efforts to root out corruption in Equestria, I have made arrangements for housing. I am granting you a house in Ponyville so that you and your brother may have a home to call your own. Before you protest, know that I do not give this without expectation. I expect you to continue to perform to the best of your ability. Make me proud I chose you my detective.


Princess Celestia

P.S. I’m also glad to hear that your brother is being discharged from the hospital today. Say hello to him for me, and tell him I wish him all the best as he moves on with his life.

I probably read this letter at least a dozen times as I was riding the train back to Manehatten. I just couldn’t believe that the monarch of the entire known world was willing to give me a house. I would usually argue against such charity, but I wasn’t about to argue with somepony who could banish me to the moon. The little pony in my head was questioning why the Princess was doing all this for me.

I put that pony inside a box. How anypony can tolerate that pony inside their head is beyond me. Nothing could sully the mood today. Tailspin was getting out of the hospital today and I couldn’t be happier. I looked outside as Manehatten came into view. I could just imagine Tailspin itching to get out of that hospital.


Tailspin wheeled out to me in the hospital lobby. His bright blue eyes beamed at me with absolute glee. I smiled and ran to my brother and nuzzled him gently.

“Hey bro,” Tailspin said, pressing his muzzle into mine. “About time you sprung me from this dump!”

I conked my brother on the head. “I would think you would be a little more grateful.”

He rubbed his head where I hit him and he smiled. “I am, though if you hit me any harder you’ll put me back in this place.”

I looked Tailspin over; he was sitting in the wheelchair with his hind legs dangling over the edge of the seat. His dark blue coat had recently been groomed, possibly by one of the nurses. I shook my head bemused “You get the nurses wrapped around your hoof again?”

Tailspin grinned and waved to a nearby nurse. “I can’t help it if I’m adorable.”

I frowned. “You’re going to be trouble when you’re a teenager.” I turned around and started pushing Tailspin’s wheelchair out of the hospital. Several nurses cried upon seeing my little brother leave…I couldn’t blame them to be honest. Tailspin had that effect on ponies. I guess it was one of the reasons I’ve held onto him for so long. He’s my brother and I couldn’t forget about him. Everything I did was for this young Pegasus colt and I was happy to have him get on with life.

I wonder if Dad thought the same…


As the train rode back to Ponyville, I looked over the pictures of our new house. Celestia was kind enough to send over pictures along with her letter and I had to say the house was everything I could’ve asked for. It was one story complex that was wheelchair accessible with two bedrooms and a full kitchen. Everything I could’ve asked for to raise Tailspin in.

Tailspin leaned over and looked at the pictures. “Is that our new place?”

nodded. “Yeah, you’re going to love Ponyville. All the ponies there are very friendly and the small town atmosphere is good for you.”

Tailspin smiled and looked up at me. “I can’t wait to see it! You talk about it in all the calls you make to me!”

I smiled and rubbed the young colt on the head. “I’m glad you’re excited, when we get there we’ll unpack everything and see about your schooling. I was planning on homeschooling you just like we used to.”

At that Tailspin frowned and looked down. I looked at my brother with eyes of concern. “Tailspin? What’s wrong?”

Tailspin turned to look at me his bright blue eyes earnest. “I, Private, I want to go to a normal school.”

My grey eyes grew wide at this sudden spout of information. To say I wasn’t prepared for this was like saying the sky was blue. I just stared at my little brother. “What brought this on Tailspin? You’ve never been to a normal school before in your life…”

Tailspin kept his blue eyes on me. “It’s just," He paused and then said, "You remember Poppyseed?”

I nodded. “Your old roommate with the broken leg?”

He nodded “Yeah, all his classmates came to sign his cast back a few weeks ago…I just saw all the friends who cared about him…I want that.”

I wanted to say no…I really did. I didn’t know if my brother could handle going to a school where everypony was normal except for him. Maybe it was just me being overprotective of him or something. Either way, I couldn’t say no to Tailspin when he wanted something that anypony would want. Friends, that’s all he really wanted.

I sighed and relented. “Alright…I’ll see what I can do…” I then put a hoof in front of him to exemplify my point. “But if it becomes too much for you…you let me know.”

Tailspin nodded. “Thank you bro!”

He pressed himself into my chest in affection. I slowly hugged my little brother, grinning. I guess he had me around his hoof too.



That was the greeting we got when we arrived at Ponyville. This friendly welcome back was provided by Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie: your one stop pony for all your party needs.

The Pink ball of sugar powered energy was jumping up and down upon seeing me step off the train. Her bright blue eyes we’re filled with absolute joy upon seeing me.

“Private it’s so good to see you! Rainbow Dash told me you went to Cloudsdale with her two days ago and I was like WHAT!!!?? But then I heard you locked up that meanie Gilda and all was forgiven. Did I mention its soooo good to see you again!?”

I shoved a hoof into Pinkie’s mouth and said firmly, “Pinkie, there’s this brand new concept…its called breathing.”

I made the mistake of removing my hoof from her mouth. “Oh but I can’t stand being quiet! I remember when I got hit by poison joke and I couldn’t talk for almost an entire episode! It was the worst thing ever!”

Episode? I shook my head and smiled at her “Well it’s good to see you again.”

Pinkie turned her attention to my wheelchair bound brother. Her eyes lit up “Hi there! What’s your name? I’m Pinkie Pie!”

Tailspin smiled at the pink fireball. “I’m Tailspin, Private’s little brother.”

Pinkie let out a gasp of air. “Oh my gosh! Private you didn’t tell me you we’re going to bring your brother along! Now I have to prepare a welcome back to Ponyville party as well as a welcome to Ponyville party!”

Tailspin lifted a hoof to stave off the earnest earth pony. “You don’t have to do that…”

Pinkie got really close to my brother “Are you kidding me!? It would be incredibly OOC for me not to create an awesome party for you! Ooh I hope Mrs. Cake still has the oven on! It was nice meeting you Tailspin! You look so cute and it’s no wonder Private thinks the world of you! Now I gotta get going and make that party!”

And with that she ran off, Tailspin looked at me with an eyebrow raised. “Is she always like that?”

I frowned. “This is her on one of her milder days…”


Ponyville only really had two schools, an elementary school and a high school. I was at the former just as the school let out for the day. I left Tailspin at our new house and hoped to talk to the teacher before I enrolled Tailspin.

I entered the classroom to find a young earth pony about Big Mac’s age. She was grape violet with a pink and lighter pink mane. She held this aura of sweetness that reminded me of my mother a little. I guess I recognized that aura because my teacher mother had a similar aura about her. She looked up from grading her papers and looked at me with bright green eyes. “You must be Private Eye, the new detective in town.”

I nodded. “Yeah, you must be Miss Cherilee. I was told by the principal of the school that you’ll be teaching my brother.”

She smiled at me. “Yes, and how can I help you detective?”

I decided to come clean with her. “Are you aware of…his condition…?”

She gave me a look then nodded. “Yes Private, I was made well aware of Tailspin’s medical conditions.”

“Then you know what I could be concerned about… I just want to be sure he’ll be fine here.”

She held up a hoof to stop me from speaking anymore. “You have nothing to worry about Private, Tailspin is in good hooves. I promise to make his experience here at school as free of bullying as possible.”

I nodded slowly; she really knew what she was doing. I reached into my trench coat and withdrew a small list of papers. I levitated the papers onto her desk. “Here is all the information about Tailspin, all the medication he requires and what to do if anything should happen to him.”

Cherilee smiled at me. “Tailspin must be wonderful if he has a brother like you.”

I smiled at her, accepting the compliment gratefully. “Just a word of warning… he will try and flirt with you, just so that you know before it happens in the middle of class.”

Cherilee frowned. “Oh believe me I’ve dealt with my fair share of student crushes before…”

We both laughed a little at that. I left the school building feeling a little better about the whole arrangement.


Tailspin rolled beside me giddy as ever when his first day at a normal school rolled around. He looked at me with eyes filled with glee. “I can’t wait Private! It’s going to be so awesome!”

Most colts would try to saw their legs off if it meant they could get out of school. Not my brother though, he’s been waiting for the day when he could go to a normal school for a long time.

As we walked down the path together I was greeted by a yellow filly that ran up to me. Applebloom looked up at me excitedly.

“Howdy Private! When were you gonna tell us you were back in town?” She said looking up at me.

Applejack rubbed her sister’s head as she walked to us. Applejack smiled at me “You’ll have to excuse mah sister Private. Ever since ya helped us with Big Mac, she’s been talkin about ya nonstop!”

Applebloom flushed and glared at her sister. “Ah was not!”

I chuckled. “It’s good to see you guys to. How’s Big Mac?”

Applejack smiled. “Prime tootin’ ever since he got outta that jail cell. Been workin’ harder than ever to try and make up for his jail time during that case. Sweet Apple Acres will be ready for Applebuckin’ season soon.”

I smiled “I wish you the best of luck Applejack.”

Applebloom turned her attention to Tailspin. “Howdy! Ah’m Applebloom!”

Tailspin returned the smile. “I’m Tailspin, I’m going to school for the first time!”

The yellow filly raised an eyebrow.“Ya mean you ain’t never been to a regular school before?”

Tailspin shook his head. “Nope, I’ve been homeschooled all my life.”

Applebloom looked at Tailspin as if he spoke another language. “Homeschoolin’? Why wasn’t Ah told ya could stay at home and learn?”

Applejack conked her sister on the head. “Because ya don’t have the grades to afford somethin’ like that.”

Applebloom rubbed her head in annoyance. “Just askin’…”

Applejack looked at me. “Well, it was good seein’ ya again Private, but Ah gotta pick up somethin’ with Applebloom here. Maybe you’d be willin’ to stop by the farm fer somethin’ to eat?”

My stomach growled in response. Once you’ve had one of the Apple Family’s pies, your stomach became programmed for more. I watched the two country gals walk off and smiled. Well Tailspin made one friend today. So far so good.


I watched all the other foals enter the school. Their parents or relatives were waving them goodbye. They were all used to their children staying somewhere for half a day while they worked. I wasn’t, so I held Tailspin back a little.

I looked at my brother who just stared at the school. “Tailspin…you don’t have to go ya know…I can still teach you.”

He looked at me with earnest eyes. “I appreciate your concern Private…I just...I don’t want you to have to worry about watching me all the time.”

My grey eyes turned to him. “Is that what this is all about?”

Tailspin’s head slowly nodded. “A little bit…It’s just…you’ve done so much for me and I…I’ve been nothing but a burden on you.”

I shook my head. “Don’t say that…” I gently nuzzled my little brother who pressed himself into me for comfort. “You aren’t a burden to me Tailspin… you’re the best thing to ever happen to me…”

Tailspin pulled away and nodded. “Alright…I’m gonna make ya proud bro…”

I hugged my brother one last time. “You already have…”

I let him go and watched him go into the school building. I fought the urge to run after him and take him back. Tailspin needed this…he needed to learn and this was the best setting for him. That didn’t mean I didn’t miss him terribly already.

“Hiya Private!” I heard a voice suddenly speak up behind me.

I turned, and there was Ditzy standing there mailbag over her shoulder. I smiled at her “Hi Ditzy...”

She looked past me with those crossed eyes of hers. “You have somepony going here Private?”

I nodded. “My little brother…Tailspin.”

Her yellow eyes were laced with sympathy. “Your first time seeing him go to a school huh?”

I looked at her wide eyed. “How did you guess?”

She smiled at me. “I felt the same when Dinky went to school for the first time.”

“Who’s Dinky?” I said curious. “Your sister?”

Ditzy shook her head and gestured for me to follow her. We both snuck our way under the classroom window and peeked inside. Ditzy pointed at a periwinkle colored unicorn filly in the back row talking to Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

“She’s my little filly.” Ditzy said proudly.

I looked at her, wide eyed. “She’s your…daughter?”

“Uh huh!” Ditzy replied happily.

“You’re awfully young to be having a filly…” I observed.

Ditzy looked down. “I had her when I was very young…”

“Oh,” I said, shuffling my mind frantically to change the subject. “Well, she’s lucky to have a mom like you.”

Ditzy smiled at me and looked back at Dinky, who was listening to Cherilee talking about Tailspin. “I’m lucky to have her…”

I opened one of the windows a little so I could hear and see at the same time. I watched as Cherilee let Tailspin talk.

My little brother spoke. “Well, I’m from Manehatten and I came here with my brother to come to school.”

Sweetie Belle spoke out. “You’re a blank flank too?”

Tailspin turned himself in his wheelchair to reveal that he was indeed a blank flank. He smiled. “I’m still on the lookout for my cutie mark; I hope it’s something awesome like a rocket or something!”

Cherilee smiled and gestured to a seat by Dinky. “Why don’t you take a seat over there Tailspin, we have a test today but you don’t have to take it. Just sit back and relax while the rest of you take the math test.”

Groans escaped several of the fillies and colts present in the room. Tailspin didn’t see me or Ditzy as he rolled over to his seat. I watched as Tailspin started talking to Dinky while Cherilee was handing out tests.

“I’m Dinky,” She said smiling at Tailspin. “Welcome to Ponyville!”

Tailspin returned her smile. “Well, if all the ponies in this town are as awesome and good looking as you then I’ll fit in nicely.”

Dinky flushed at the compliment and smiled at Tailspin. Dang it! Five minutes into the school year and Tailspin’s sly flirts were already coming out. The two started talking, but then I noticed a scarlet filly sitting in front of Tailspin raise her hoof.

Cherilee shook her head and came to the red filly. “Cardinal…are you having trouble reading the test again?”

Cardinal nodded a little embarrassed. “Yes Miss Cherilee…”

Some foals giggled at her, Cherilee just sighed. “You can finish your test whenever you get around to it. If you need any more help you just tell me alright?”

Cardinal slowly nodded. “Yeah…”

A rather snooty looking pink earth pony with a tiara on her head spoke. “When will that be? When my grandfoals are born?”

Some laughed at that, Tailspin fired back at the snotty filly. “You leave her alone you snot!”

The snooty one glared back at him. “What are you going to do about it blank flank?!”

Tailspin was about to roll out from his desk when Dinky stopped him. She smiled at the snooty filly. “Well Diamond Tiara, when you get better grades you can start making fun of the rest of us and not have Daddy shell out a wad of bits every year to send you here.”

An orange Pegasus with a violet mane spoke out as the rest of the class ‘oooooh’ed. “You just got roasted Diamond!”

Everypony laughed at that and Cherilee looked at both of them. “Diamond, you will keep your comments about others to yourself…and Dinky, while I appreciate you standing up for Cardinal, I don’t want you egging on Diamond like that.”

Dinky hung her head. “I’m sorry Miss Cherilee.”

Diamond mumbled something along the lines of an apology. I admired the amount of control Cherilee could exercise over her class when she set her hoof down. I smiled at the whole scene.

Tailspin looked over at Dinky. “That was amazing how you roasted her like that!”

Dinky shrugged. “I’ve dealt with bullies like Diamond before.”

Tailspin smiled. “Either way it’s still awesome!”

I walked away from the window, all my fears and doubts about the whole thing just melting away. Tailspin really was in good hooves. I looked over to Ditzy as she hovered beside me. “You got a good kid.”

Ditzy smiled proudly. “She’s really something…my little filly.”