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A guy with crazy ideas and a little free time.


Going to clubs may seem rather odd for you, but you find enjoyment from it because of a certain DJ. You get the chance to meet her after a show, but would she ever feel anything for somepony with your condition?


More experimenting than anything. This was both a challenge and fun to do. Big thanks to slashe720 and Mustank for helping me with this story.

Art by yalcahoon.

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First viewer and first comment yay! :pinkiehappy:
Good story! Keep it up! I await the next chapter :twilightsmile:

This is awesome, partially because I'm deaf myself! You got some of our difficulties in life spot-on. Instant like and fav, although I'm little sad that this is complete, also probably there won't be anymore chapters haha. Good work!

This is a wonderful, intriguing story.
I'll never know how hard it can be to live without sound.
I can't think of anything else to say.

A deaf stallion with Vinyl... That's a very clever pairing. I like it. This was wonderful. Oh, and "USE ME." Totally seems like something a horny DJ would write. :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderful, cute and that pictures with words - nice touch to atmosphere. I liked it.

Wonderfully written!
It's the feature worth!

great story. i'd love to see more, but you have it as completed, so i guess i'm out of luck there. lol :eeyup:


Heh, "Use me" Had to laugh there.
Gotta love Vinyl's ending line, even if he couldn't hear it. "I love you." :twilightsmile:

I love these 2nd person romance stories and I love Vinyl Scratch. I really liked this.

This is good... and for once, we have a pairing that actually makes sense.

I've not seen many instances where ponies are portrayed deaf. But you pull it off very nicely.
Nice work!

i really love this story it touches my heart :rainbowkiss:

I'm going to be honest. I'm not much of a fan of second person. On the other hand, I found the premise and perspective to be very unique. The romance was a tad sudden, but at least you didn't turn it into a clopfic. In all, very well done.


planning to write a fanfic about deaf pony, still figuring the fine details though haha. Planning to base it off by myself, my experience and such. I agree. There isn't many instance where deaf pony is portrayed. There is one up in least- Silence is Bittersweet.

It's about mute mare, she can hear but can't speak. Check that one out.

I am glad i could help.

This was good :twilightsmile:
I never expected a deaf stallion. This was brilliant. :pinkiegasp:

I love how you didn't make it a clopfic.
Yet I'm sure horny bronies out there are looking for a cloppy version of this story . . .
:facehoof: :facehoof: :moustache: :unsuresweetie:
Anyways, great story.

Who's gonna be the first idiot to give a thumbs down?
But who? . . .
*thinker position, strokes imaginary beard*

242750 I agree. Definitively cute, but weird-ass scene at the end :rainbowhuh:
Still, very good stuff. It's something new! I don't think I've heard about a pony being deaf before... The closest must be a story where Vinyl is blind... :pinkiehappy:
You know? I think you got yourself a thumbs up, a favorite and a new follower :twilightsmile:

That was a fantastic story. I don't cry much, and I didn't, but I could feel them sheen over. When you can make an emotional connection with just your ideas, you've done something amazing. Top notch story.

Wow. Just... wow. Amazing story. It isn't really easy to make a second person story work, but you did it awesomely. As many others already said, I'd like to read some more about this couple, but I guess you already decided to not continue it.
I love how you write, anyway. I couldn't find any flaws. Favorited, and a big thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

That was amazing. I hope you're planning on doing more.:pinkiehappy: Please?

a step towards different, but in a good way. im glad it didn't end up all cloppy, so good job on that

At first I was like :rainbowhuh:

And then I was like :eeyup:

And then I was like :pinkiesad2::heart::heart:

Awesome. Just awesome. Another good reason why Scratch is best pony.:heart::twilightsmile:


giving you 5 sta- I mean a thumbs up, yeah a thumbs up :twilightsheepish:

As someone who has hearing problems, I really enjoyed this.

While OctaviaxVinyl is still my favorite, I would really like to see a continuation of a pairing like this. It's unique and could allow for some interesting conflict.

This hurt. Pulled at heartstrings.
Noy lile the sharp stab of a tragedy, but the crushing, innatentive bearhug of raw D'AAWWW:heart::fluttershyouch:

This also really reminded me of Ziggy Stardust, with a blind Vinyl. Go read it all ye who see this post, 'tis also quite good.

20% cooler than all the vinyl pairings :twilightsmile:

Damn 70+ likes!
You totally deserve it!

Damn... at first, i thought you were crazy. Then i found out he was deaf and it clicked, beautiful and original story bro. Great pairing, and i am glad this didn't turn into a clopfic, but i am upset now, because this is it... Fav'd and thumbs up!


Alright! time for some smooooooth jazz

that was cute :heart::twilightsmile: I particularlly liked the part where they found eachothers heart beats

Wow what an odd but very fitting story Amazing work

Thank you so much for not turning this into a clop fic.
In all honesty, as soon as I read "A bed with white linen sheets" I scrolled down, saw "USE ME" and sort of gave up on it, closed the window and everything. But at the time I had absolutely nothing else to do, so I came back and read it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it felt, very happy, joyful, not so much as lustful as I imagined.
Very enjoyable, I'll be watching you for more.

243471 will do. And i wouldn't mind reading your's when you finish it. :twilightsmile:

I kind of like how the protagonist's gender remains anonymous, so it's all reader's interpretation about who the deaf pony is.

good story hope to read your next story

... Damn good story man, dam good story. From you, sir or madame, I demand a brohoof! /)
Don't leave me hanging man!

242400 there is no next chapter u might want to edit that coment :unsuresweetie:


And to the rest of you, thank you all so much! I can't believe the kind of response this has gotten.

I'm going to toss you a Favorite and a Thumbs Up.


Alright, you're getting onto a list on which only 3 people currently reside, so take this as a sign of how much I loved this story and want to see more fantastic work like this. But I'm going to click on that little eye.

This story is beautiful, good luck in all your future work.

I felt my heart rise and fall during the part where he said to find another pony. You put so much emotion into that scene it felt awkwardly amazing! I can't really describe it.
I guess it's because I've said something like that to someone that was special to me too :/ too bad I wasn't special to them :(

Anywho kudos! :pinkiehappy:

I loved this. I'm going to be watching the F*CK out of you. :coolphoto:

I always found something endearing about the heartbeat, it's calming all telling and knowing nature just seems to be one of the best things in life. Now put that into a coherent story with a great...er...plot...and make one of the most smile inducing things ever concieved. BOOM.



WOAH. That was good. And I thought I hated shipping/romance. *whatevs!* :pinkiehappy:
Really well done, as far as perspective in particular, though there are some grammatical errors sprinkled throughout, mostly toward the beginning. Also, you occasionally slip from present to past tense, which is confusing. Anyhay, great story! :yay:

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