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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!


You're an old stallion now. You've had a long, interesting life full of challenges and adventure, with precious little regret... except for one loose end that has haunted you for sixty years. And so you must go back to where it all began - Ponyville - to finally put these inner demons to rest. Will you finally be able to reconcile your matters with Annabelle "Granny" Smith all these years later?

With thanks to pre-reader Dragonas77.

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Comment posted by CyberCommand deleted Aug 18th, 2013

No, tears... remember tears, the foreshadowing made me promise not to cry...

Good story, though.

This looks really good :raritystarry:

Will Read this one later and tell you what i think:scootangel:

At least he died with dignity and not in the hotel pool or bathtub or anything involving water. :trollestia: It was nice to see Ditzy make a cameo. A very good story Crowley and as always worth the wait.

On a lighter side of things at least there wasn't any clop in this fic, old people are gross. :pinkiesick:

What a beautiful story, man.

Thumbs up and a favorite.

Just asking. But how did this get featured... o-o

The likes to dislikes ratio, yeah no dislikes, but not much of a diff yet, and with so little views. I think the feature box got broken again. Not hating on the story, its prolly really good. ut just sayin, by how it works the ratios SHOULD be bigger


Right after Bathtime for Ponies added Granny Smith, too. Good timing!

Good story :twilightsmile:,

Sad, but a over all good story/:pinkiesmile:

Hmm, Let me guess... This is linked to the story "What Happens In Pegasus" right?

At first I was this when I read that you had a new story. :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
While reading it. :pinkiesad2:
After reading it.::fluttercry:

“Of course you can stay here! Heck, we’d set you up in the guest room if it weren‘t already taken.

Lemme guess... "Her Whole Darn Heart"?

Interesting... :rainbowderp:

Yay! Another Crowley fic.

Time to get off my lazy ass and read.

Really? Right off the bat and that's happening? I mean, I expected it as the character would be old, but not that quick!

3063983 Yes indeed.

Hey look, it;s the human again...and smack to the face!!!
"Jus' what do you think yer doin' back 'ere?? Ah'm gonna whup yer flank real good!!"

Hmm... am 'I' related to Applejack and the others by any chance? And because it's semi related.

I like how all the Crowley stories are loosely connected to each other.
Also, this song fits the fic so well it's almost uncanny.

You’ve always had fond memories of that park.

Hmm... what did Annie and 'I' do there....
...thank you, Gilda.

And now is the time to start crying like a girl.
I hate you sometimes Crowley.
But it's a good hate. I mean, if you can make someone cry purely through words, then you're doing something right.
Atta boy Crowley, atta boy.

Okay... so maybe not yet then?

It's an everyone-rated fic. Gotta mix it up sometimes, y'know?

3065594 :facehoof::facehoof: I did not even notice that...oh well, back to the chess game!

Nice to see Derpy's still got her stallion, and Dinky's accepted him as well.

How many feathers left now, 2 or 3?

Happy day-we-met anniversary

... this is pre-Pinkie Pie, right? Or did they pick that up from Granny Pie?

...shit, there goes the last one.

And now Annie knows...

3062904 That's what I thought was going to happen. Glad to know it didn't.

Odd, any reason it was changed to "Reconciling "Granny" Smith"? Did people not even want to read it if it was Annabelle?

I figured people would think "Annabelle" was the name of an OC rather than an actual MLP character. Therefore I changed it to "Granny" just an hour or so ago, to avoid confusion. She's still Annabelle in the fic, and honestly, the fic itself was called "Goodbyes" until I changed it seconds before it was sent for pre-reading.

Amazing story this is now one of my favorites.

3067335 I seem to have some sort of technical error. ._. My eyes are leaking all over the place...

What an awesome story.

you did it again crowley, good job!!

Another great Crowley fic.


*Dramatic music plays*
Only one feather left...

I already got rid of all my tears on another fan-fiction, so all I can give you are some crying ponies
:raritycry: :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:

Get the shovel.

Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.


A beautiful ending to a beautiful story.

Very touching. You have my vote.

THE FEELS MAN! The feels...................:fluttershysad:

Well, that's a tearful way to start the day.

This fic actually killed me...

Interesting take an a first-pony (person) perspective.
"Dear Sir, you have my attention.":moustache:

Shit. Did I just "unf" for Granny Smith? :twilightoops:

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