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Rated (R) for Reboot.

Sequel to Transcend

Raindrop needs the scattered Elements of Harmony to fix her changeling heritage. But the search will require a journey that the young pegasus might not be ready for.

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Just skimming through it, it looks really interesting. I'll have to give it a more thorough read-through when I'm not obsessing over finishing my new story. :rainbowlaugh:

So you were able to get this up. That's good news.

Didn't read the original, so I might read this one and it should be an entirely new experience for me. Knowing your work, though, I'm sure it will be fantastic.

*Adds to read later.*

Yay! Drama complete, and new Antecedent!!

Now, just waiting on Ingress: Vacation...


This got changed:rainbowderp:

I'd call this awesome, but then I'd have to cut off my hands for inadequately describing this, so I'll have to make one up.

This story is Radicalifawesomisticfunandcoolbodacious.

Shine! And he's not an ass!

“Changelings caused the death of Shining Armor, my brother and her wife. She never forgave changelings for that.”

Interesting... Long term consequences of his time as a food source for Chrysalis, perhaps?

Seems like less immediate hostility from Sentinel.

Nice (re)start.

Honestly sir, this was well done, but the large changes have been a little bothersome.
This was definitely better.:raritystarry:

Just read... and I'm not sure how I like this new version. The princesses seem a bit colder than they should be, and it feels... kinda rushed. Like maybe you thought you dragged too much on the first version and now you want it to move faster.

Might think about tapping the brakes a bit.

Interesting but they act tragically OOC.

I must say, this is massively improved, and I really liked the first one. Way to go! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter..
One thing I noticed.


Should be "...Politics?" but aside from that, amazing job.

Why in the world do I get a notification that this story has been added? I'm not following AnonymousPegasus, nor any group this has been posted to as far as I can see. Weird.

And then things were never the same...

Noticed a couple of hiccups.

Cadance is... perhaps impartial.

"Impartial" means "not biased", which the following quote pretty much refutes.

Changelings caused the death of Shining Armor, my brother and her wife.

"Wife"? So, did Shining get a sex change at some point for kinkyness? :rainbowderp:

But, yeah. Change "impartial" to "biased" and "wife" to "husband", and everything should be good.

I like the fact that Shine isn't such a douche to Raindrop in this timeline. The relationship between her and Sentinal in the original wasn't exactly healthy.

Much better this time around, except for one problem.

Shining Armor, my brother and her wife

Say wha?

Well, it's a new start, and it's nice to see that Shine is no longer a massive dick.

Though, I have a horrible feeling about what is going to happen to him in the future...

On an unrelated note, it's 'practice' not 'practise'. Right there in the first sentence of the chapter.


This is... wow. Drastically changed. Kinda jaw-dropped after seeing just how much it did change from the original. Withholding remarks until a bit more comes out for now.

So far, I think I will enjoy this story. I didn't read the one that was up because I didn't want to spoil anything in this read.:pinkiesmile:

Wow this is a stronger start than the original. Looking eagerly forward to more.

Shining Armor, my brother and her wife.

Either you meant "husband" or I just learned more about Cadence and Shining Armor's relationship than I actually wanted to know.

Interesting restart. Not sure about Cadence holding it against her when she didn't even know. I can understand Luna's hatred for anything evil.
And Twilight.....not sure about renaming her "Aurora", but she seemed to be a bit of a bitch.......for the sake of being a bitch. I mean first when all four of them were there she seemed slightly sympathetic, but when in the room and Raindrop said "Luna and Cadence" she interrupted with "Princess". Yes it was a breech of protocol, but considering the emotional roller-coaster she has just been on, you'd think they cut her a little slack. She just found out she's part freaking changeling!!!

2152013 Possible he was killed in battle, or an assassination attempt. Maybe not to himself, but one of the princesses and he made the ultimate sacrifice. Or as you say,the after effects of when he was under Chrysalis's spell.

Yes, this is changed. You gave its badass stat an upgrade! :heart:

I'm interested to know, however, how changelings caused Shining Armor to die. Last we saw him in canon as late as the Crystal Empire episodes, he was a healthy horse.

yay, think i will wait until it is done to start. have this problem where i can't remember stuff so good. so with this being a reboot, i would just end up confusing the new story with the old while waiting for new chapters. can't wait for it!

interesting changes... it's obvious the story is gonna be drastically different

I like the fact that Shine didn't completely freak-out this time around.

Interesting start, and it's nice seeing Twilight alive even if she is being slightly douche-y.:twilightsheepish: Though Cadence and Luna make her look like a ray of sunshine by comparison. Hope to see more soon!

I like the changes you made, the emotions present are more vivid.
I don't like how Luna, Cadance, & Twilight are such total bitches to Raindrop, she just found out all these horrible things going on that she has
no control over and they are chastising her over not calling them "princess"?
I could see Luna being the total B**** here but Twilight? Really?

But all this adds more emotion to the story, so you're off to a great start. :pinkiehappy:

I also like how shine is way more supportive of her than being the total d*ck bag he was in the previous fic.

daMN THIS IS WAY DIFFERENT i approve:twilightsmile:

All right everyone or pony however you see it, let’s do our part to get this “bitch” featured. Let the up-voting BEGAN!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

2153847 It won't get features, and if it does, I'll revoke it for a day or two. It's a reboot, it doesn't deserve to get featured.

2153943 =P Don't be so hard on yourself even it is a reboot. Granted i don't know if there is some rule of the sight you are fallowing keeping it off the front page or if its just your code of conduct.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."


so who cares if it is a reboot, so long as progress is made and you continue to better your self you will just have to take all the bad and good that comes with it. If it makes front page be proud that you have made it better that before. I apologies if what i say is out off line, but one can only truly fail if they stop attempting to better them self's.

Be proud of what you accomplish and if you accomplish nothing be proud that you had the balls to get up and fight the odds.

2154409 It's deliberately kept off the front page. :twilightsmile: And I will obey the rules because it was very nice of them to even allow me to post this.

2154422 Well looks like i was out of line and made an ass of my self................ Again, oh well i said what was on my mind and regret nothing.
So anyhow aside from my self induced feels ass-ury i look forward to the reboot with as much if not more anticipation as the original.:rainbowkiss:


Ooh, can't wait to read! Thanks again for not giving up!



So what's the difference in the reboot version ?

"Cadance is... perhaps impartial. Do not let her actions reflect upon the comittee.”

Committee. Also, "impartial" means "without bias".

This is a very interesting continuity compared to the old one (which wasn't bad itself), I look forward to more.

2155814 It would be easier to ask what is the same. :derpyderp1:

The main protagonist is Raindrop. They're gonna end up in gryphon homelands. Wisp will still be a tech-griffon. Other than that, not a whole lot is the same.

Everything else changes? Does that mean no more sentinel whacking?

2156236 Oh, that'll definitely happen! In more ways than one. :trollestia:

“Changelings caused the death of Shining Armor, my brother and her wife. She never forgave changelings for that.”

I'm pretty sure you meant "husband" there :twilightsmile:

Anyway, :yay: for the rewrite passing moderation! Instafave :pinkiehappy:

Wow. just wow. I'm speechless. That was a major improvement. I really don't know what else there is to say.

definitely different, not sure about better yet.

This is much better than before. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


Why can't you just put the "Alternate Universe" tag on the original Antecedent ?


Okay looks like her brother committed suicide. What would happen if Alicorn Twilight never happen and you continue with the current story, what are the fates of Raindrop's family ?
And who is Aurora ? Shining Armour is dead because of a Changeling ? How ?

Some things I gotta say:

Why the name "Aurora"?

How long has it been since "Transcend"?

“Changelings caused the death of Shining Armor, my brother and her wife. She never forgave changelings for that.”

Wife Spelling mistake.
Also, didn't the last of them all die in Transcend?



The northern lights (aurora borealis) or southern lights (aurora australis), a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the...
The dawn.

dawn - daybreak - morning

It is a while since Transcend.

And obviously the last of the changelings didn't die out or Shining Armor wouldn't have been able to be killed by one, neh?

Sorry, but didn't Transcend point out that Chrysalis was the last of the changeling's at the end of the story?

(And is Twilight an immortal)?

To all of you going "But didn't all the changelings die in the last story" You are forgetting one important detail.

There are more than one hive of changelings around. To quote Cee or Chrysalis, "If I just leave my changelings they will most likely go join another queen.

So Shining Armor had to be killed by a changeling from another hive.

2153352Twilight has probably turned at least a little bitter over the years having to watch her friends grow old and die, it is concivable that this could turn her into something of a bitch, or at least seem that way to those who try to get close to her now...

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