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Bass Flare, better known as DJ-N30N to the fine ponies of Manehattan, has everything a pony like her could want. Fame, fortune, and music!

But it only takes one person to make even the most confident pony doubt everything they know.

Especially when you're hiding a secret as large as Bass Flare's...

Artwork by Kyth

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Why hello there, new story. I'm going to read you.

...as soon as I've finished my TVTropes browsing.

Don't wait up.

Edit (21h, 7m after post)
I'm first post.
What is this sorcery?

Edit (21 h, 17m after post)
Did anybody get the number of that bitch?

Lol you stole that title from bakuman XD

crowd of people

Wouldn't ponies be better there? That goes for the part underneath as well.

Nope... don't like her. Sundowner needs to slap a filly, then get back to Cherry Blossom.

New story made by my favorite writer? Insta-like and favorite!:scootangel:

3970965 I what?

I had a really stupid story name previously. This story name fits perfectly for what the story is! :ajsleepy:

I hope no one else used the title already...

Bass Flare, likely pronounced base.

What has the internet done that that name, combined with the last sentence of the description made my mind go to weird places?

3970987 :pinkiecrazy:

I get it.

You have a disgusting mind.

I wish you would finish AotH Vol 4...

3971013 We all do, but if the man needs to write something else first he needs to write first. I mean trying to force yourself to write something even when you'd rather work on another thing for a little while sounds like a recipe for burning out.

Or random plot bunnies ran rampant in his head and wouldn't leave him alone till he wrote it. Whichever.

3970982 Ever watch the anime Bakuman? Check it out and you'll know what I mean.

[Can't wait for the secret to be revealed.]

3972349 You can probably guess it :pinkiecrazy:

Red sun
Red sun over paradise
Red sun
Red sun over paradise

If this story is long enough, you'll be force fed all of dem lyrics Peggy

[HOLY!!!...Did one of my favorite authors just reply to me!?]


3972389 Please tell me I guessed wrong...

While my mind initially went "there" too, I remembered something from recent blog posts. Go read them to be spoiled. :twilightsmile:

3972956 And my mind went to weirder places. I blame you for this.

I really want to like this story. I really do. But I just don't know if I can read this without thinking about cyborg ninjas and zandatsus.

I think I can see where this is going and I like it.

Oh, I see. I was actually hoping Bass was a stallion in disguise. Or was a mare with a schlong.:pinkiecrazy:

Wasn't this fic supposed to be rated 'mature'?:trixieshiftright: Not that I'm complaining, mind you, as it's pretty darn good so far.

Honeycrisp snorted once, before leaning in and whispering, “One. Thousand. Bits.”

Sundowner turned towards the mare, bowing humbly. “Apologies, madame, which bags were yours again?”

When money is mentioned, people change their minds at the drop of a hat. :ajsmug:

3974765 I'm still betting it happens. Just for the sake of puns. Or puns about it without it happening.

3972389 You have a thing for changelings so I will guess she a changeling?

>>Or random plot bunnies ran rampant in his head and wouldn't leave him alone till he wrote it
Oh, so that's how the creative people work. Good to know, good to know.

Another AnonPega story?


Well... so much for getting anything productive done. Now I have to stare at my computer until this updates.:pinkiehappy:

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