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This story is a sequel to Antipodes

Several decades after the heroic actions of Jigsaw, Tiptoe, and Incendia restored the princesses, the world has begun the slow process of healing. Spectrum is a headstrong young stallion from Totemhoof who signs up with an excavation team in the hopes of experiencing a life changing adventure. What he finds will send him into a head-on collision with forces he can't begin to comprehend- and, perhaps, a chance to fulfill his destiny.

Sequel to Antipodes- though you don't need to have read it to enjoy this, I hope.

AKA An2podes

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I didn't even read Antipodes.


HUZZAH FOR A NEW STORY !!! :pinkiehappy:

I just finished Antipodes a few weeks ago and SEQUEL!

Comment posted by Sparklight deleted Jan 7th, 2013

1917280 fix'd, thanks

Oh, excellent! Very much looking forward to another brilliant story from you!

ahhh, zombie pony

Bam. That's a hell of a to start off a story. Good show, I say!

Gets offered a job from a shady stranger in a bar? Sign me up!
And whoa! That ending, I am hooked!:heart: thumbs up!

Comment posted by Mr Pones deleted Jan 10th, 2014

Holy crap, a sequel to Antipodes?
Well, I guess i'll need to get my lazy ass in gear and go read that thing, i've been putting it off for months!

(btw PK: this is just a personal quirk of mine, but you should convert "sequel to Antipodes" to "Sequel to Antipodes" with the hyperlink, just so it's easier on people to go look at the first one. Totally optional, just one of those tiny things that OCD people like myself appreciate)

I'm not even sure what happened... he fell, then he died, but he didn't die? Or something?

Moments later, the unicorn from the truck came through the door, scroll clasped in his mouth. He trotted over to me and dropped the tent on the desk.

I think you mean scroll.


1918145 pffffahahaha yeah that's... a pretty bad one, good catch.

And to make this story perfect, I just figured I'd mention the only typo::twilightsheepish: a city’s worth or crystals,

Wow, so did the Crystal Shard from Tantalus' Phylactery save his life or something? Or did he leave that back in Totemhoof?


1918481 He brought it with him. As for what powers it may or may not posses, well...

1918499So it is coincidence that a Shard of one of the most power(in nature if not in ability) magical artifacts and him scaring a doctor when he came back from the dead. That somehow, he just better?

I know, I know, as the author currently writing this story, you don't want to spoil any thing.

And to think I totally wasn't expecting you to write any more in the Antipodes universe. Needless to say, you have made me a very happy pony.

And I approve of the Daedric text in the title pic.



Some moustaches, in thanks::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I have the same problem with people, especially when people thumb up a story based on the cover image. However, in this situation I feel we can let it slide. Emerald Frost read the previous story, which he liked, so and this story is a direct sequel, by the same author and set in the same universe. It's a pretty safe bet that if you enjoyed the last one, you'll enjoy this one, and if it is terrible you can just switch the vote.

It do agree that you should refrain from liking before reading, but with familiar authors and especially with sequels it should be fine.

But under no circumstances will I tolerate likes based on the cover image. Those people are morons. :ajbemused:

Daedric! Nice catch.

So, before I start... ids this going to take almost a year to finish like Antipodes? Maybe I should just wait...

I like it I really like it, but one question are tiptoe and Incendia still alive?


1921212 I sure hope not :P




Well, due to me not reading incomplete stories, this one will have to wait :ajsleepy:

*Finally finishes reading Antipodes yesterday* FINALLY finished it.

EQD story update - Story: Antipodes (Update Sequel Part 1!)

Welp, so much for my life.


...Are you like, everywhere now? :rainbowlaugh:

Drill Sergeant is always watching you...

i was hoping antipodes would have a sequel the first one left many questions that i hope will be answered in this one and i am sure ill enjoy the sequel as much as i did for the original story:twilightsmile:

Time for me to test my psychic powers! (AKA A Wild Mass Guess Appeared!)

Black, vaguely crystalline thing sealed up tight in the frozen north and inhibiting magic? Related to Sombra, either as the original source of his powers or the last remnant of them.
I'm thinking it reacted with the phylactery shard to release a pulse of dark magic that bound Spectrum's soul to the shard and start up a zompony apocalypse and it will be up to Spectrum to save the day before the chill of death snuffs out his humanity (ponamity?).
I like how you made it hard to tell if he succeeds.
I seriously do have psychic powers, though.:eeyup:

I completely forgot about this. I decide to write an RPG campaign of your universe and you just HAD to troll me with a sequel. Expect more PM's in the future regarding (non-spoliered) lore questions. :trixieshiftleft:

On another note, HELL YES A SEQUEL! I'm already hooked after reading just the first chapter and will be awaiting more. :pinkiehappy:

They better be.




I'm still just kind of floored that there exist people that like my writing enough to assume that it's going to be good.

Anyways, I can't fault them for their enthusiasm, but I do want to come from people that genuinely like the story!

A sequel to Antipodes?! Disregard studying, acquire fanfic. Also, I really hope this doesn't end painfully. Antipodes ended on a sad note, and from the description Spectrum wrote early on in this chapter, the fit has hit the shan. I can only pray that PK will see fit to spare me from the feels.

Oh hey, look! A sequel to my favorite story!:twilightsmile:

Antipodes sequel, alright I will give it a go :moustache:

There is only one way to describe how I feel about this new fic from you PK:

just read the first chapter and i was not disappointed makes me want to read it moar!

Crystal kept T alive. Now....

Hm. Not a bad start, I suppose.

Sweet, a continuation of the first fanfic I ever read. I like it so far, good job PK.

new one. :yay: Yay.

1917146 You really should even read Antipodes.

so far i like

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