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Shorty Sparkle

I am a Brony from Florida here to spread the Fanficion love. I plan on writing some awesome stuff for at least the next month. I hope you all enjoy my pony stuff.


Origins of a Rainbow Preview! · 2:29am Oct 8th, 2012

Hello my fellow Bronies! Shorty here with a bit of news! As it turns out I am getting a bit carried away with the next chapter of Rainbow and so I am putting a delay on the output of it. You see, there are multiple reasons why this delay has occurred. I happen to have about four certain hours of writing each week now and that is all fine and dandy but today was one of my two hour days and my Allergies came back with a vengeance for the fifth time this month. (Still no idea what is causing it).

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Thanks for the fave on Viva Las Pegasus!

304090 Yeah, but they messed it all up with that update that made the read later the Favorites button and I am too lazy to go switch all my other stories over.


Ah. :twilightoops: You know there's a "Read it later" thing, right?

303205 Have yet to actually read it. Faved it cause that is where I put all my stories to read in the future. My like is what will decide if I like it or not. :ajsmug:

Thanks for the fave on Fragment! :twilightsmile:

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