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A series of side stories to warewolves' A little loopy.

The sudden disappearance of countless lives. The birth of a new, clean holiday. The night that may actually last forever. Sweetie Belle has caused some trouble in various timelines. These are the results.

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First story is a bit short, but I'm planning on adding additional parts to it. The next one will be much longer, I assure you.

Fairly good, except for one thing;

All ponies, and only ponies, who were outside began to age, and collapse.

But don't worry too much, ^^ creative freedom and all that.

Well darn, I knew I should've reread that chapter to make sure I got everything correct :applecry:. But hey! That just means I get to rewrite it (which'll be fun), and I can keep the old one there in case people liked it (and, you know, want more *wink wink nudge nudge* :ajsmug:).

I like the bunch-of-aftermath-oneshots idea, even if that's not going to be your focus. Well, in every fic only one path is ever explored, so I guess you couldn't. Not sure if that description applies to this one though...

I'll be reading!


Thanks! As for the general nature of the stories, they're all taking place sometime after the end of each loop as detailed in "A little loopy.", but will vary in the amount of time. For example, one story could take place directly after the loop ends while another might take place in the distant future. It all depends on how I think it will fit best in the story.

I am pretty sure that even if all plants suddenly disappeared life could survive up to fifty years quite easily with leftover air
Food would be problem but that's completely different problem

Dammit I'm writer, not a mathematician :pinkiecrazy:! But seriously, I considered making it much longer, but I thought the urgency would have died off by then. Besides, I'm rewriting that story to more accurately reflect the source, so don't worry your pretty little head.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not all the stories are gonna be dark, just some of them. Aside from the rewrite of Divergence L13 that I'm working on, the other stories I have currently planned will be much lighter.


Let us silence any doubts you may have in your head: this world is doomed. That is the harsh reality that we face.”
“But that doesn’t mean that this is the end. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and myself have a way to ensure the survival of life on this planet.

Am I the only one who had this playing in my mind till the end of the chapter?

Will you settle for a cheesy, cliche-filled, male power-trip fantasy involving aliens, ninjas, and cyborgs?

Hauntingly beautiful music. Never seen Interstellar, but if the rest of the soundtrack is like that then even more reason for me to go and check it out.

Maybe you can mention the loops where sweetie was preparing to prank pinkie and rainbow dash as well.

6292257 or the ones where she died/others died and how others'd react to that

Cokcatrices, Elements of Harmony, and other ways of turning animals to stone would also help.

Cockatrices are probably the best pick; can probably hatch them in various places without magic and grt them to petrify-age before too long. As a bonus, those stoned would no longer breathe.

That doesn't seem to jibe with the tree-in-her-room aging and dying, though, unless that was just StB meddling.

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